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Nisreen Zaqout speaks about Gaza to Americans in English
(Beginning with 40 seconds in Arabic)

42 Palestinians Killed, Scores Injured, Death Toll Reaching 2091, with 10,500 Injuries, in Resumed Israeli Terrorist Air Strikes on Gaza Strip, August 22, 2014

Hamas Is a Legitimate National Liberation Movement But Israel Is a Terrorist, Murderous, Apartheid State By Khalid Amayreh

Israeli War Criminals Murder 19 Palestinians, Injure Dozens of Civilians in Gaza, in an Assassination Attempt on Muhammed Dhayf, August 20, 2014

Palestinian Appeals for Launching Investigation Into Israel's Use of Chemical Weapons in Gaza, August 20, 2014

Abu Marzouq and Al-Reshq

Palestinian Struggle for Freedom Arab and Muslim Worlds World System Comments & Opinions
Palestinians Demand Ending the Israeli Aggression, Lifting the Siege on Gaza, Including Opening Airport and Seaport, August 15, 2014
US Military Aid to Israel Is Illegal Due to Horrendous Israeli War Crimes Against Palestinian Civilians in Gaza, in July-August, 2014
2 Palestinian Civilians Killed Dozens Injured in More Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies for Lack of Electricity and Running Water, August 10, 2014
The US helped the Egyptian army in destroying 1,659 border tunnels to tighten the Israeli siege of Gaza Strip
Israeli Air Strike on Al-Qassam Mosque in Al-Nussayrat, Death Toll Tops 1900, as the Israeli Terrorist War on Gaza in July-August 2014
Fighting Intensifies in Syria Between Regime and Rebel Forces in the South, ISIS and Tribesmen in the Northeast, August 11, 2014
Erdogan Wins First Direct Turkish Presidential Election, Ushering More Political Stability and Economic Growth
ISIS Captures Mosul Dam, US Bombing Kills 10 Iraqi Fighters, Aid Dropped on Yazidi Refugees, August 9, 2014
Egyptian Court Dissolves Freedom and Justice Party, Excluding the Muslim Brotherhood from Formal Participation in Parliamentary Elections
14 Yemeni Soldiers Killed by Rebels, 3 Rebels Killed by a US Drone Attacks, August 9, 2014
Obama Administration Announces a TEMPORARY Delay of Missile Shipment to Israel, But the Pentagon Announced it Restocked Israel with Weapons!
Britain suspends 12 army export licenses used by Israel in Gaza offensive
Russia, Ukraine Discuss Humanitarian Cargo Handover, August 15, 2014
Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh Leaders Concerned with Humanitarian Crisis in East Ukraine, as Death Toll Rises Sharply, August 14, 2014
China Says Over 150 Economic Fugitives at Large in the U.S.
A Response to Critics of the Nazi-Zionist Analogy By Khalid Amayreh

Israelis Behave and Act Very Much like Nazis Did By Khalid Amayreh

On Heroes and Preachers: Gaza's New Resistance Paradigm By Ramzy Baroud

The Palestinians in Gaza Love Life but with Dignity by Hasan Afif El-Hasan  

The Hypocrisy of Israel's Stooges in Britain By Stuart Littlewood

US Played a Decisive Role in Israelís Attack on Gaza By Jonathan Cook

Zionist Totalitarian Control of US Media During the Savage Israeli War on Gaza, a Reminiscent of Nazi-Orwellian Doublespeak and Doublethink By Jamal Kanj

Every Israeli Missile Strike on Gaza Is a War Crime By Jonathan Cook

Israel and the Erosion of International Law By Lawrence Davidson

Israeli Forces Murdered 130 Palestinians to Prevent Capture of an Israeli Soldier Alive By Gilad Atzmon

Israeli Deceptions and Western Collusion By Jonathan Cook

The Hannibal Directive: How Israel Murders its Soldiers to Prevent their Capture By Gilad Atzmon and Richard Silverstein

Israeli TV Stations and Aljazeera TV Showed Two Different Wars, Happening on Two Different Planets By Uri Avnery



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