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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

Palestinians Demand Ending the Israeli Aggression, Lifting the Siege on Gaza, Including Opening Airport and Seaport, August 15, 2014


Al-Hayya: There's a real chance for an agreement

[ 14/08/2014 - 08:35 PM ]


Hamas political bureau member Khalil al-Hayya said on Thursday that some progress has been witnessed in the ongoing negotiations between Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation government, under Egyptian mediation.

He stressed that an agreement could be reached soon if the Israelis would stop their manipulation.

“We will not accept any agreement that would not meet our people’s demands”, he said.

In a press conference held in Rafah border crossing after his return from Cairo, al-Hayya said that they conducted difficult and serious negotiations over 13 days, stressing the Palestinian delegation’s adherence to their demands.

We have agreed upon a new ceasefire in order to give a chance to reach a durable truce agreement soon and to force Israeli occupation government to meet our demands, he continued.

He stressed the delegation’s total adherence to Palestinian demands, pointing out that the airport had been already established in Gaza before being destroyed by Israeli forces while the seaport was mentioned during previous accords with the PA.

He added that the Egyptian government promised to provide new facilities regarding the Rafah border crossing.

Al-Hayya stressed the Palestinian resistance readiness for a second confrontation with the occupation.

He praised Egyptian efforts made during the negotiation, saying that Palestinians need more guarantees for any new agreement.

The leader in Hamas Movement hailed the Palestinian people’s sacrifices and resistance’s determination during the war.

He said that the Palestinian delegation came to Cairo to discuss a number of important issues mainly putting an end to the Israeli aggression and lifting the siege on Gaza.

For his part, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdullah stressed that the Palestinian delegation to Cairo is united behind Palestinian demands, saying that Hamas’s conditions to a ceasefire represent the Palestinian people’s demands.

The Palestinian negotiating team represents all of the Palestinian people at home and in the diaspora. Our demands are mainly lifting the siege on Gaza and opening the crossings, he added.

“We are ready to control the border crossings and the airport. I think we can manage to oversee the airport and seaport”, the Prime Minister continued.

He accused the Israelis of procrastinating in dealing with Palestinian demands. “I think this is an appropriate opportunity to prosecute Israeli leaders over their war crimes and massacres.”

The ongoing Israeli aggression aims to liquidate the Palestinian unity government, he said, charging Israel with conspiring to deepen the Palestinian divisions.

Al Nakhaala: Long-term Truce to Be Announced

Friday August 15, 2014 04:18 by Chris Carlson - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

Deputy Secretary-Deneral of the Palestinian faction of the Islamic Jihad, Ziad al-Nakhaala, said Thursday that a long-term ceasefire to include the lifting of the siege on Gaza would be announced soon, stressing that "great progress" had been made in negotiations.

Palestinians walk through a destroyed neighborhood in Gaza in mid-July (MaanImages).

According to Ma'an News Agency: "The announcement comes after Israel reportedly dropped its demand that Palestinian militant groups inside Gaza disarm, while apparently acceding to demands by the Palestinian delegation that the eight-year long economic blockade of the Strip be lifted."

Al-Nakhaala said, additionally on Thursday, that progress has been made in ongoing Cairo negotiations, and that agreements had been reached on the opening of Gaza crossings, which would serve to faciliate the entry of goods, expansion of the fishing zone, and an end to the Israeli imposed "security buffer zone" which encompasses nearly 20 percent of the Gaza Strip's territory.

Al-Nakhaala also stated, according to Ma'an, that Israel has agreed to commence talks on the re-opening of an airport and seaport in Gaza in a month, among other key demands.

The Israeli ceasefire delegation is to return to Cairo, from Saturday evening until Monday night, to continue talks for a lasting ceasefire.

Search IMEMC: "demands", for a recap on age-old discrepancies between relevant parties.

Gaza death toll rises to 1,962 after finding new dead body

[ 15/08/2014 - 09:59 AM ]


A dead body of an elderly man was pulled out on Thursday evening from beneath the rubble of a building bombed by the Israeli occupation army during its recent military attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.   The victim was identified as 64-year-old Ibrahim Ismail Abu Awda, from Beit Hanoun, north of Gaza.

Abu Awda was killed in the ongoing Israeli offensive that has been targeting the Strip for 35 uninterrupted days, bringing Gaza death toll to 1,962, mostly children and women.

10,193 others suffered different injuries, many of them are in critical conditions.

Dozens of heinous massacres committed by the Israeli army in the Strip and hundreds of civilian homes and buildings were razed to the ground during indiscriminate aerial and artillery attacks on the densely-populated enclave.

IOA extends administrative detention of 18 Palestinians

[ 15/08/2014 - 10:36 AM ]


The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) extended the administrative detention of at least 18 Palestinian detainees, including two lawmakers and one journalist.

Al-Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies said in a statement on Friday that the IOA extended the detention of Palestinian lawmakers Khaled Said and Ayman Daraghmeh.

The IOA issued other extension orders against 15 more administrative prisoners.

The Ofer military court renewed the administrative detention of Palestinian journalist Mohamed Anwar Mouna, from Nablus, for the third time in a row, Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies reported Thursday.

Mouna has been held in custody since August 7, 2013 after Israeli troops raided and ransacked his family home.

At least 14 Palestinian journalists, working for local and international news agencies, are still locked up behind Israeli bars.

Jewish settler deliberately kills Palestinian young man in hit-and-run crime

[ 14/08/2014 - 03:11 PM ]


 A Palestinian young man died after a fanatic Jewish settler driving a car ran him over on the main road near Hares town in the northern West Bank city of Salfit.

Medical sources and eyewitnesses told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that 24-year-old Mohamed Abu Salim was killed intentionally by a speedy car as he was en route to his workplace in the industrial settlement Barkan.   The eyewitnesses elaborated that a female settler driving a yellow car with an Israeli registration plate perpetrated the crime.

The Israeli police, in turn, handed the body of the victim to the Palestinian authorities, which transferred it to Yasser Arafat hospital in Salfit before giving it to his family.

Mohamed Abu Salim was about to get married soon after he finished his wedding arrangements, according to his family.


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