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History of Al-Jazeerah


Al-Jazeerah ( was founded on January 24, 2002 as an educational publication. For five years, it was a forum for intellectuals from the US and other countries, who educated readers about peace and horrors of war.

Pro-war forces did not like Al-Jazeerah and kept trying to silence it until they succeeded temporarily for few months, starting on March 22, 2007, when they conducted an internet and letter-writing campaign against the educational institution employing the Al-Jazeerah editor and founder.

In order to protect his academic institution from the blackmail and the smearing campaign of the pro-war forces, the editor of Al-Jazeerah stopped the publication as a forum for news and views, for few months but resumed publication as the smearing pro-war propaganda campaign faded away.

Hopefully, the era of Neo-McCarthyism, Neo-Con Zionism, and tyranny will end soon. When freedom of expression is restored and different opinions are tolerated and celebrated, Al-Jazeerah will be resumed in full as it was before.

Nobody could express this situation better than General Patton (a man of war!!!), who once said, "When war breaks out, the first casualty is the truth." Hopefully, the war and its culture will come into an end one day for the truth to come out and reach everybody.

It seems that the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim reactionary forces have a problem with the Arabic name of Al-Jazeerah. They seem not to mind the existence of other US anti-war publications, with English names.

A new publication has been founded to replace Al-Jazeerah in publishing news and views about the wars in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, with an English name this time, "Cross-Cultural Understanding" (, with the goal of bridging the gap of communication across conflicting cultures.

Al-Jazeerah, however, has continued as a an archive of past issues but also as a front page mirror of Islamic topics will continue to be published at Al-Jazeerah in order to educate people about Islam, as it was apparent that the pro-war forces have been trying to smear humanity's greatest religion.  

The following are articles written by Al-Jazeerah Editor, recording development and history of Al-Jazeerah:

The Promised Land

April 2007

From Editor to Readers

It's the United States that has been under attack, not just

May 2006

Al-Jazeerah: A Test of Freedom of Speech in the United States

January 2006

Al-Jazeerah Enters its 5th Year: Hope Continues Despite Challenges and Distractions

In Memory of Martin Luther King Jr: I Have a Dream  for America and Arabia

February 2005

The Zionist Empire Is Sacrificing Its American Colony

An Open Letter to President Bush: Set Timetables For Iraq and Palestine

January 2005

Al-Jazeerah Enters its 4th Year: Challenges, Hope and Peace, I

Conflict Terminology A Note For Editors, Journalists, and Readers

April, 2003

Al-Jazeerah editor threatened, media campaign against Al-Jazeerah

August 2002

 Fairness and balance in policies, views, and reporting (8/18/02)              

May 2002

 Zionism, the highest stage of imperialism

February 2002

Mission & Name of Al-Jazeerah (2/22/02)  

The rest of Dr. El-Najjar's articles can be found on the following link:

US Foreign Policy (Dr. El-Najjar's Articles)  



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