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The Promised Land By Hassan El-Najjar

December 2006

Persons of the Year 2006

Olmert Admits Possession of Nuclear Weapons: A Call to Action

Israel-Firsters  in US House of Representatives, Led by Lantos, Weiner, and Lehinen, Pass Yet Another Anti-Palestinian Legislation

Neither Civil War Nor Sectarian Violence. It's Ethnic Cleansing Before the Partition of Iraq

The Five-Day Olmert Peace Stunt: A Proof Israelis Not Ready for Peace Yet

November 2006

The Olmert Peace Stunt: Blackmailing  Palestinians to Give Up their Inalienable Right of Return to their Homeland

September 2006

Ibrahim Haroon A Palestinian American Who Died in Kuwait By Hassan El-Najjar

Palestine is still the core of the conflict - Resources for Speakers

Lowered Oil and Gas Prices Stage Three of the Bush October Surprise

The Root Cause of America's Problems in the Middle East The Palestinian Suffering

August 2006

Chronology of the Conflict

The British Terrorist Plot: Stage Two of the October Surprise

Zionist-Supported Hank Johnson of Georgia Accuses Arab Americans and Muslim Americans of Terrorism

Connecticut Leads America in the Democratic Revolution Against Israel-Firster War Entrepreneurs

July 2006

Natanyaho, Bush, and Blair Astounding Israeli Views About Causes of the Conflict By Hassan El-Najjar

Nassrullah and Peres The War Was Supposed to Be October Surprise, and to Weaken Iran By Hassan El-Najjar

The American People Are the Target for Corporate Media Censorship By Hassan El-Najjar

Oil Prices Settle at $77 a Barrel, This Time Caused By Israeli Attacks on Lebanon By Hassan El-Najjar

It Is the Occupation, STUPID! That's Spreading Fire Around the World By Hassan El-Najjar

Fateh Resumes Temporary Control Over the Palestinian Authority By Hassan El-Najjar

US Uproar Over North Korean Missile Launch and the Iranian Nuclear Program A Distraction from the Israeli Terrorist Campaign on Gaza Strip By Hassan El-Najjar

June 2006

AIPAC-Controlled US Senate Follows the House in Blindly Supporting Israeli Occupation Policies Towards the Palestinian People By Hassan El-Najjar

For Israel, the US Willing to Cooperate with Iran By Hassan El-Najjar

Great News for Future Palestinian Lawsuits Against the Israeli State Compensation for Deportation By Hassan El-Najjar

Members of US House of Representatives Insist on Making Fools of Themselves, This Time Cutting US Aid to Saudi Arabia By Hassan El-Najjar

May 2006

Bush Supports Israeli Unilateral Plan, Inviting a Prolonged Conflict By Hassan El-Najjar

Jerusalem on Alert over Long-Awaited Israeli-Planned Palestinian Suicide Attack By Hassan El-Najjar

Unconditional Negotiations Better than Israeli Ultimatums to Annex Palestinian Lands, A News Commentary By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah: A Test of Freedom of Speech in the United States By Hassan El-Najjar 

April 2006

Bush and Rice Statements about War on Iran Behind Pushing Oil Prices to $75 Per Barrel By Hassan El-Najjar

US Invasion of Iraq Was a Strategic Error, Despite Rice-Rumsfeld Denials By Hassan El-Najjar 

March 2006

Israeli Elections: Occupation Continues, More Sadism, Savagery, and Slavery Against the Palestinian People By Hassan El-Najjar 

State of the Zionist Empire Three Years After the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq By Hassan A El-Njajjar 

February 2006

Flemming Rose Cartoons: Faking an Islamic-Christian Conflict to Fuel the Permanent War Strategy An Interactive Dialog Between Hassan El-Najjar and Patti Leslie 

January 2006

US Secretary of State Rice Can Do Better Than Beating on Hamas and Punishing the Palestinian People By Hassan El-Najjar 

Hamas Victory and the Old Israeli Trick of Renouncing Terrorism By Hassan El-Najjar 

Al-Jazeerah Enters its 5th Year: Hope Continues Despite Challenges and Distractions By Hassan Ali El-Najjar 

In Memory of Martin Luther King Jr: I Have a Dream  for America and Arabia By Hassan El-Najjar 

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