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"Silent Victims: The Plight of Arab & Muslim Americans in Post 9/11 America " By Aladdin Elaasar



The Gulf War: Overreaction & Excessiveness, by Hassan El-Najjar, a book that investigates the roots of the conflict between the US and the Arab and Muslim worlds.


 I have posted Chapter One of my new novel set in Iraq in April, 2004 -
AL-DUNYA - at my web site:
David Lawrence Cade

The Gulf War Syndrome by James Moss

One Nation Under Israel By Andrew Hurley Reviewed by Richard H. Curtiss

Rethinking the national security of Pakistan, by Ahmad Faruqui

Addicted to War: Why the US can't kick militarism, by Joel Andreas.

Not My Words But Theirs, By Mark Glenn:


What I've learned about US foreign policy: The war against the Third World, A Video compilation by Frank Dorrel


A Must Watch Flash Presentation: Remind Us: Why Did The U.S. Invade Iraq? :




   انقر هنا لشراء الكتاب

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Sabra and Shatila, September 1982, by Bayan Nuwayhid al-Hout

This book chronicles three painful days in the history of the Palestinian and Lebanese people, known as the Sabra and Shatila massacre. The first part, "Testimonies and Eyewitness Accounts", consists of six chapters which rely mainly on oral history.
Survivors and victims’ relatives narrate what they witnessed, beginning with the Israeli army’s siege of the area, followed by the conduct of the massacre by Lebanese militiamen, and ending with the search for victims that was carried out by humanitarian organizations.



This is about 4-minute anti war song by The Used Johnnys?
It's gathering a lot of interest on the net.

It takes few seconds to download. It's worth hearing something about W and his loser liar in London.
















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