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November 2003

The Promise Land

The Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Nov 29 Every Year

Are Muslim women second-class citizens? By Hassan El-Najjar, Donna Jmsn, and Tim Symonds

October 2003

Europeans as sub-contractors for Israel By Hassan El-Najjar

August 2003

Who should really apologize: Palestinians or Kuwaitis? Hassan El-Najjar

July 2003

Nobody in the world is of Jewish, Christian, or Muslim Descent, By Hassan El-Najjar and Michael Bokarelli (7/12/03)

June 2003

Israeli aggression in the past and present, By Hassan El-Najjar and Michael Bokerelli

55 Years of Israeli Oppression II, by Hassan El-Najjar and Rich Maurice

June 5, 2003: 36 years of Israeli occupation terrorism and world hypocrisy, by Hassan El-Najjar

May 2003

Propaganda and truth, in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, By Hassan El-Najjar and Michael Bokareli

55 Years of Israeli Oppression, By Hassan El-Najjar and Rich Maurice

Five Islamic Issues, predestination and choice, position toward other religions, angels, and the End of Days, by Hassan El-Najjar and Chris Hatcher

April, 2003

Al-Jazeerah editor threatened, media campaign against Al-Jazeerah

February 2003

The murder of Feras Al-Mabrouki, By Hassan El-Najjar and Jane Christensen

Why do some Arab states collaborate with the US against each other, By Hassan El-Najjar and Husna Naim

January 2003

The role of religion in Cold War II, by Hassan El-Najjar, Juan Bertucci, and Zafar Khan

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