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October-December 2005

Islam Is Not the Enemy of the American Empire By Hassan El-Najjar 

Iraqi Constitution Adopted Despite Two-Third  Rejection in Sunni Provinces ! By Hassan El-Najjar 

Pakistan and New Orleans Victims: Is God angry with them? An Interactive Op Ed By Hassan El-Najjar 

August 2005

Ahmed Deedat: A Relentless Caller to Islam With Wisdom By Hassan El-Najjar 

The Sean Hewitt Testimony of How Powerful People Have Been Making Fortunes in Crude Oil Trading By Hassan El-Najjar 

The Conflict Did Not Start on August 2, 1990 By Hassan El-Najjar 

Bolton UN Appointment: Empire Interests Supersede US National Interests ... Again By Hassan El-Najjar 

May 2005

A Call for Support and Volunteer Arabic Translators By Hassan El-Najjar 

March 2005

Rice's Embarrassment Reflects Confusion Among the Empire's Zionist Leadership By Hassan El-Najjar 

Did Iraqi Police Truly Kill 85 Resistance Fighters in a Camp? By Hassan El-Najjar 

The Mother of All British Scandals By Hassan El-Najjar 

February 2005

Donald Rumsfeld, George Orwell, and the Near Collapse of the Empire By Hassan El-Najjar 

The Dispute About the Persian/Arabian Gulf Name: How Should it Be Resolved? By Hassan El-Najjar and Nader Habibi 

The Zionist Empire Is Sacrificing Its American Colony By Hassan El-Najjar 

An Open Letter to President Bush: Set Timetables For Iraq and Palestine By Hassan El-Najjar 

January 2005

Al-Jazeerah Enters its 4th Year: Challenges, Hope and Peace, I By Hassan Ali El-Najjar 

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