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France Launches its First Air Strikes on Northern Iraq, Part of NATO-Led War III on Iraq, September 19, 2014

54% of Scots Voted to Stay in United Kingdom, September 19, 2014

31 Killed, Including 24 Children, in Government Airstrike on School Sheltering Displaced People in Tikrit, September 14, 2014, HRW Report  

Dozens of Palestinians Drown off Alexandria Coast After Leaving Besieged Gaza, September 14, 2014  

US-Led Coalition of 30 Countries Meet in Paris for Fighting Oil-Rich ISIS, AKA Third War on Iraq, September 15, 2014  

Swedish Center-Left Opposition of Social Democrats and Greens Wins General Elections, September 15, 2014

Video of Yemen as a Failed State Due to the US "War on Terror", Houthi Rebellion, and Southern Secessionism

President Obama lays out the strategy to degrade and destroy ISIS, September 10, 2014  

Referendum on Independence of Scotland on September 18, Cameron Begs Scots Not to Break Away from Britain, September 10, 2014

Members of European Parliament Call for Stepping Up Boycott of Israel Campaigns in Reaction to Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, September 10, 2014  

Syrian Rebel Group Names Hashem Al-Shaikh New Leader After Deadly Blast, September 10, 2014  

Obama Pledges to Defend Baltic Allies Against Russia, With 'Boots on the Ground', September 3, 2014

Putin Lays Out 7-Step Plan to Stop Hostilities in East Ukraine, September 03, 2014
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The Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic 911 Conspiracy By Graeme MacQueen

The US "Smart" Global Empire Wars Trigger Violent Resistance, Lead to Failing States, Cost Trillions of Dollars By James Petras

Breaking the Last Taboo: Gaza and the Threat of World War By John Pilger

NATO in Search of New Animosity: Obama's Phase Two of the "War of Terror" By Mahboob A Khawaja

Ukraine, Truce or Trojan Horse: Retreat, Re-Armament and Relaunch By James Petras  

Video of Yemen as a Failed State Due to the US "War on Terror", Houthi Rebellion, and Southern Secessionism

Suppression of the Innocent Inside Ethiopia By Graham Peebles

Israeli Wehrmacht's Violence Against Peaceful Protest in Palestinian Village of Wadi Fuqeen By Nureddin Sabir

Declassified Records About How Kissinger Initiated and Supported the Coup Against Elected Chilean President Salvador Allende By Peter Kornbluh

British Zionist Stooge, Michael Gove, Doesn't Like Comparison of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza with Nazi War Crimes! By Gilad Atzmon

31 Killed, Including 24 Children, in Government Airstrike on School Sheltering Displaced People in Tikrit, September 14, 2014, HRW Report

Audio Conversation Between Gilad Atzmon and Walid Darab on Gaza and Israel

American Anthropologists Announce New Task Force on AAA Engagement with Israel-Palestine

Preparing To Asset-strip Local Government? The Fed's Bizarre New Rules By Ellen Brown

Islam   World System Analysis


Islam: God's Message of Guidance to Humanity


By Dr. Hassan Ali  El-Najjar:


Part I: Basic Information and Principles


1. Islam: A Brief Introduction


2. Performing Islamic Prayers


3. Three Levels of Faith: Islam, Iman, and Ihsan


4. The Scientific Evidence That God Exists and the Holy Qur'an Is His Message to Humanity 


5. Creation and Evolution in the Holy Qur'an


6. Humans, As God's Caliphs on Earth 


7. Adam's Contest With the Angels, and Getting Out of Paradise


8. The Relationship Between the Spiritual and the Physical in Islamic Teachings  


9. Mind, Self, Soul, Spirit, and Happiness from an Islamic Perspective 


10. Heart-Mind Relationship in the Holy Qur'an 


11. Worshippers By Choice Or Forced Slaves?


12. Introduction to Islamic Law, (Shari'a), Part I: Prohibition, Don't Do, and Do Commands in the Holy Quran


Part II: Allah and His Messengers


1. Allah, As He Described Himself in the Holy Quran 


2. A. Muhammed  


2. B. Prophet Muhammed's Night Journey and Ascent to Heavens, Al-Issra Wal Mi'raj


3. 'Eissa, Jesus Christ


4. Moussa, Moses


5. Ibrahim, Abraham


6. Noo'h, Noah




Articles with Islamic Perspective:


Suicide and Mass Shooting: An Islamic Perspective


Health Care Crisis in the US: An Islamic Perspective


"Terrorism" & "Islamo-Fascism" Propaganda Campaigns: An Interactive Lecture


Six Questions About Islam, Muslims and Jews


Five Islamic Issues: Predestination and choice, position toward other religions, angels, and the End of Days

Food Islamic Rules and Teachings  

Are Muslim women second-class citizens


The French Ban on Islamic Headscarf, an Interview with

US National Debt
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Direct Costs of Iraq & Afghan Wars on States


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Uncovering Israel Lobby in the US


Creative Destruction: The Name of the Game in the Middle East 


Arabs Revolting Against Brutal Regimes of the Zionist Empire


US Military Spending and the National Debt: Roots of the 2008 “Crash” of the Global Capitalist Financial System


Zionism: The Highest Stage of Imperialism


The Gulf War: Overreaction & Excessiveness


"Terrorism" & "Islamo-Fascism" Propaganda Campaigns  


GROUPTHINK: The Disastrous Power Elite Tunnel Vision, to Which a Population Is Indoctrinated


Report Card for US Invasion of Iraq


Obama's Cairo Speech


The Promised Land


Uncovering the Israel Lobby in the US


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Uncovering Israel Lobby in the US




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