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Bomb Explosion in Kabul Kills 80 People, Injures 100s, Near the Presidential Palace and Foreign Embassies, May 31, 2017 Hundreds of Iraqis Killed Daily, by US-Iraqi Government Air Strikes, Bombardment, 600,000 Civilian Refugees from Mosul, May 31, 2017  



Hundreds of Syrians Killed Daily in the Genocidal War Against them by Russia-NATO-Iran-Regime Forces, May 31, 2017   Scores of Yemenis Killed Daily by Saudi-Led Coalition, Rival Governments, Diseases, and Malnutrition, May 31, 2017



Palestinian Factions Condemn Trump's Statement Against Hamas in his Riyadh Speech, While Ignoring Israeli Daily Terrorism, May 22, 2017  Palestinian Political Prisoners on 36th Day of Hunger Strike, in Protest Against Israeli Occupation Government Mistreatment, May 22, 2017  Israeli Theft of Palestinian Land and Natural Gas Continues, Without Objection or Condemnation from the US and International Community, May 22, 2017 




Hundreds of Syrians Killed Daily by US-Russian-Regime Air Strikes, Bombardment, May 16, 2017 Scores of Yemenis Killed in Saudi-Led Air Strikes, and Clashes, May 16, 2017   





Thousands Killed in Western Mosul, Half a Million Civilians Forced to Leave City Under US-Iraqi Government Air Strikes, Bombardment Protest in California Against Israeli Brutality and Mistreatment of Palestinian Political Prisoners, May 13, 2017  




5,014 Americans Killed, 9,893 Injured by Other Americans, in Gun Violence During the First Four Months of 2017 Warmongering Islamophobia in the US: Incitement and Attacks on Islam and Muslims, May 1-9, 2017, CAIR Reports  


























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