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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Scores of Yemenis Killed Daily by Saudi-Led Coalition, Rival Governments, Diseases, and Malnutrition

May 31, 2017 

Editor's Note:

The war in Yemen is fought internally by the forces of the elected President, Hadi, and the allied Houthi-Salih forces. The Hadi forces are supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces, which are also supported by the United States. The Houthi-Salih forces are supported by Iran, which is also supported by Russia.

Thus the war in Yemen has its internal, regional, and global rivals, who are interested in keeping it going on for their own benefits (of course, no body cares about the dispensable, cannon-fodder Yemenis).

The larger context for understanding the Yemeni war (and other wars in Syria and Iraq) is that it contributes to the implementation of the Zionist-Israeli plan of destroying the Arab Middle Eastern states in preparation for the establishment of the greater Israeli empire, from the Nile of Egypt to the Euphrates of Iraq. 

For a background, read: 

Zionist Creative Destruction of the Middle East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime


A Yemeni child sitting on the rubble of his house, May 31, 2017 Site of a Saudi air strike on Sa'ada, Yemen, May 31, 2017


U.S. Forces Kill 7 Militants in Yemen Raid

DoD News, Defense Media Activity

WASHINGTON, May 23, 2017 —

U.S. forces yesterday killed seven al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula militants during a raid against a compound associated with the group in Yemen's Marib governorate, U.S. Central Command officials said today.

Operations such as this provide insight into the terror organization's disposition, capabilities and intentions, which allows the U.S. to continue to pursue, disrupt and degrade, officials said in a statement announcing the raid.

During the operation, U.S. forces killed seven militants through a combination of small-arms fire and precision airstrikes. This operation was conducted with the support of Yemen's government, officials said.


The following news stories are from the pro-Saudi website Al-Masdar (  ):


Dhamar General Hospital Refrigerator receive 35 Houthis dead bodies killed in Taiz – source

A medical source in the province of Dhamar, central Yemen, said on Monday that Dhamar General Hospital had received 35 dead bodies of militants from the Houthis-Saleh forces, coming from the city of Taiz, southwest of Yemen.
Since the beginning of last week, the fighting between pro-government forces and the Houthis-Saleh forces have been intensifying east of Taiz, where the pro-government forces have achieved military gains and took control of several sites, including the headquarters of the Central Bank and the Faculty of Medicine.
“The fighting has resulted in casualties among the Houthis and allied forces.”
The source told Almasdaronline that the hospital's refrigerator was receiving dozens of dead bodies of militants belonging to the Houthis and Saleh's forces on a daily basis, that it had become overcrowded with many bodies and was unable to receive more.

Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts kill eight civilians in Taiz city

Eight civilians, including three children, were killed on Sunday evening by an air raid launched by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts in al Arish area of Maqabnah district west of Taiz city, southwestern Yemen. Eyewitness said.  
The eyewitnesses told Almasdaronline that the aircrafts bombed shops in al Arish area, in coincidence with aerial bombardment on sites of the Houthis-Saleh forces in Maqbanah, Mozza, and al Mocha districts.
The aircrafts also launched two air raids on Houthis’ reinforcements in Maqbanah, and two air raids on Aqar mountain in Mozza, which resulted in casualties.
In addition, the aircrafts launched five air raids on the northern area of al Mocha, killing five Houthi militants and wounding nine others.

Taiz: Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts bomb Houthis sites, sniper shoots two civilians

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts launched Saturday evening several air raids on reinforcements of the the Houthi militants and forces loyal to former president Saleh in northern al Mocha district western Taiz, southwestern Yemen.
A source in the field told Almasdaronline that the aircrafts launched five air raids on Houthis reinforcements in northern al Mocha, while they were coming from al Khocha district southern Hodeida province.
“Nine militants were killed and 13 others injured in the aerial bombardment, and four military vehicles destroyed.”
The aircrafts also launched a number of air raids on the rebels’ sites eastern Khalid military camp and near the center of the Mozza district, killing 5 and wounding 10 others.
On the other hand, the Houthis launched artillery shelling on residential neighborhoods in eastern Taiz city, from their positions in al Sallal and Softiel hills in al Hoban area. Added the source.
Meanwhile, the 18 year-old Najmi Abdulkarim Saif was killed and Amira Ismail was injured by a Houthi sniper fire. According to a local source 


The following news stories are from the pro-Houthi website Yemen Extra (


Saudi-led Coalition Drive Yemen into Total Collapse

May 31, 2017


Yemen is descending into total collapse, its people facing war, air raids , famine and a deadly outbreak of cholera, as the world watches, the UN aid chief said on Tuesday. Speaking to the UN Security Council, Stephen O’Brien said “the time is now” to end the world’s largest food emergency and put Yemen back on the path to survival.

“Crisis is not coming, it is not looming, it is here today – on our watch and ordinary people are paying the price,” said O’Brien, the UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs. “The people of Yemen are being subjected to deprivation, disease and death as the world watches.”

The crisis is spiralling towards “total social, economic and institutional collapse” in the poor Arab country, O’Brien added. His remarks reflected frustration with the Security Council’s failure to pressure the warring sides in Yemen to pull back from the brink and engage in serious negotiations on ending the two-year war.

More than 8,000 people have been killed since a Saudi-led coalition launched a military campaign in March 2015 against civilians. The war on Yemen has left 17 million people facing dire food shortages including nearly seven million who are one step away from famine in the country, which is heavily dependent on food imports.

Since late April, a cholera outbreak has killed 500 people while 55,206 Yemenis – one third of them children – are ill, according to UN figures. Another 150,000 cases of cholera are expected in the next six months. After the Saudi-backed government moved the central bank from Sanaa to Aden, more than one million civil servants stopped receiving their salaries, pushing more families toward starvation, said O’Brien.

He singled out the Saudi-led coalition for criticism, saying its threat of attacks on  port of Hodeida – a “lifeline” for Yemen’s imports – coupled with clearance delays for ships had sapped traders’ confidence. “Giving rising costs, major shipping companies are now simply avoiding the Red Sea ports, thereby depriving the Yemeni people of desperately needed food and fuel,” said the UN aid chief.

They called on the council, in particular Britain which has the lead for addressing the war at the top UN body, to “end its year-long inaction on Yemen, and move decisively to end what is now the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.”

Saudi American bombs continue rocking Yemeni provinces

May 30, 2017

YemenExtra, M.A.

The Saudi-led coalition kept its bombardment ongoing against Yemeni provinces on Monday since it first began on the 26th of March, 2015. The designated coalition claims to be returning “legitimacy” to an ousted and twice resigned president, Hadi, by forcing the Ansar Allah revolutionaries to step down.

To start with the province of Saada, the warplanes of the coalition targeted Shda district using a single air raid. Saada has been reportedly targeted on a daily basis, and is the number one province that is now tuned into rubble by the US-backed coalition raids. Annihilation from the Saudi led coalition in Saada.

According to local sources, the Saudi attacks included schools, hospitals, roads, cars and even civilian homes. Going to Hajjah province, a total of seven airstrikes rocked the districts of Haridh and Medi. In Nehm, which is close to the capital city of Sana’a, the coalition fighter jets waged six air raids on different regions in the district.

Nehm currently witnesses an internal conflict between the Saudi paid militia on one hand and the Yemeni joint military on the other. The latter states to be carrying out retaliatory assaults against the Saudi paid fighters for committing war crimes both by air and on ground. Yemeni allied forces depicted in a group photo.

Even though the Saudi authority confirmed in confidence that “it will only take weeks to reach the capital Sana’a and defeat Houthis”, its military operation is now entering its third year, with the capital still being under the control of Ansar Allah aka Houthis.

Concluding it with coastal areas, particularly Hodeidah, three airstrikes bombarded Kilo 16 area. Hodeidah is the home for a vital port dubbed “Hodeidah Port”, Yemenis describe it as “the only left lifeline”, as the other ports have been targets of Saudi raids. The UN has warned against the escalating military action in the province in fear of total harm inflicted by the port, as it has been partially damaged, however; the coalition maintains its reckless airstrikes despite the international humanitarian warnings.

Saudi Warplanes Commit Another War Crime, Kill 4 and Wound 2 in Ramadan

May 29, 2017

YemenExtra, M.A.

The warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition perpetrated another war crime on Sunday night in Mawza’a district.

The airstrike rocked the district and resulted in a total of 6 victims between killed and wounded following another crime that killed two in the same district, local source reported to YemenExtra.

Initial death toll reported four civilians killed, while two sustained injuries in the Saudi air raid targeting a house in Al-Areesh region, Mawza’a district.

The search for victims under the rubble is still ongoing, according to local residents.

Earlier on Sunday, another US-backed Saudi attack took the lives of two Yemeni citizens, which hit a car on Aqar mountain in the same aforementioned district.

Various Yemeni provinces remain under Saudi bombardment despite the arrival of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Saudi-led coalition also possesses paid-fighters on ground in Taiz, confronted by the Yemeni joint military, forcing more people to relocate due to internal conflict as well as the constant airstrikes. 


The following news stories are from the anti-Saudi website Al-Motamar (


Saudi airstrike hits Marib
Tuesday, 23-May-2017
Saudi warplanes waged a strikes on Serwah district of Marib province, an official said on Monday.

The strikes struck a house of citizen in Al Radhmah area.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched an artillery shelling on different areas in the same district, added the official.

Aggression launches nine raids o Sa'ada
Monday, 22-May-2017
Saudi Aggression warplanes launched on Monday nine raids on the district of Magaz in Sa'ada province.

A security official in Sa'ada said that the aggression warplanes launched nine raids on several areas in the district causing severe damage to the property of citizens.

Dozens of mercenaries killed in Midi
Monday, 22-May-2017
Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries, as well as Sudanese soldiers, were killed and others injured when the army and popular forces repelled an attempt to infiltrate toward northern Midi desert, a military official said on
Four citizens killed in Saudi airstrikes on Sanaa
Sunday, 21-May-2017

Four citizens were killed and others wounded in two Saudi airstrikes on Bani Hushish district of Sanaa province, a military official said on Monday.

The strikes hit Rajam valley area, killing the four citizens and wounding the others, the official added.

Ten citizens killed in Saudi airstrikes on Hajja
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Seven children of one family, as well as three citizens, were killed in two Saudi airstrikes on Hajja province, an official said on Sunday.

The strike hit a farm of citizen, killing the seven children, and the other hit Bani Hassan area of Absa district, killing the three citizens, the official added.

Ten citizens killed in Saudi airstrikes on Hajja
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Seven children of one family, as well as three citizens, were killed in two Saudi airstrikes on Hajja province, an official said on Sunday.

The strike hit a farm of citizen, killing the seven children, and the other hit Bani Hassan area of Absa district, killing the three citizens, the official added.

Saudi warplanes drops cluster bombs on Saada
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Saudi fighter jets on Sunday dropped six cluster bombs on Saada city and separate areas of Saada province, a security official said.

The bombs dropped three bombs on Al Atfain
Mercenaries' shelling kills child in Marib
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Saudi-paid mercenaries waged an artillery shelling on Harib Al Qaramish district of Marib province, killing a child, a military official said on Sunday.

The shelling hit houses of citizens in Bani Rabaih village, killing the child, the official added.

Air defenses downs coalition F-15 aircraft in Najran
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Air defenses of the army and the people's committees shot down a Saudi-led aggression coalition F-15 aircraft in Najran province, a military official said on Sunday.

The official said that the air defenses targeted the F-15 aircraft on Saturday in north of Saada province and that the fighter jet then crashed in Najran.

Air aggression launches 3 raids on Marib
Sunday, 21-May-2017
Saudi aggression waged three air raids on separate areas in Marib province, a security official said on Sunday.
The strikes hit al-Makhdra and al-Mashjah areas in Sirwah district, as well as Harib al – Qaramish district. 


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