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Israeli Brutal Siege of Gaza Protested World-Wide on May 31, Israeli  Soldiers and Settlers Continue Violations of Palestinian Human Rights, May 29, 2016. Syrian Holocaust Reaches 400,000, as NATO-Regime Forces Continue Targeting Sunni Muslim Cities, May 29, 2016 (Above: US soldiers fighting in Syria)
American Holocaust: NBA Player Bryce Dejean-Jones Killed in Dallas Shooting, 11 Americans Killed, 28 Injured in Gun Violence on May 28, 2016 Islamophobia in the US, May 22-30, 2016, a CAIR Report.



Palestinians March, Hold Funeral Processions, Pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque Despite Israeli Forces' Restrictions and Crack Down, May 21, 2016 French Investigators Say Smoke Detected on Crashed Egypt Air Flight, May 21, 2016
As Trump Wins NRA Endorsement, 5013 Americans Have Been Killed by Gun Violence in 2016 So Far, May 21, 2016 Islamophobia in the US, May 13-21, 2016, a CAIR Report.
The   "Creative   Destruction"  of   the   Middle   East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime
202 Iraqis Killed in US-Led Coalition Air Strikes and Bombardment Targeting Islamic State Cities, May 21, 2016 Scores of Syrians Killed in US-Led Air Strikes and Regime Attacks, May 22, 2016 Saudi-Led Air Strikes and Fighting Continue in Yemen While Talks Resume in Kuwait, May 22, 2016 As Haftar Puts Conditions to Work with Libyan Unity Government, US Special Forces Battle Islamic State Fighters, May 22, 2016




Iraqi Holocaust Continues with Killing of Hundreds in One Day, May 11, 2016 Dozens of Syrians Killed in Clashes Despite the Ceasefire, May 12, 2016 Saudi Air Raids on Yemeni Cities Continue Despite Kuwait Talks, May 12, 2016 One Libyan Killed, 8 Injured in Clashes between Sert and Musrata fighters, May 12, 2016



Israeli Apartheid Regime Imprisons Shaikh Raed Salah for a 2007 Sermon, Cuts More Olive Trees, Escorts Lunatic Settlers to Al-Aqsa Mosque, May 10, 2016 10 Americans Killed by Gun Violence on May 9, Which Brought the Total to 4,620 Gun Killings of Americans, in 2016 So Far, May 10, 2016
Islamophobia in the US Now Has a Face Called Donald Trump, May 5-9, 2016, a CAIR Report China Warns US Against Sending Warship Near its Claimed Reef, in the South China Sea, May 10, 2016




 Trump                                                    CHINA-BEIJING-XI JINPING-RUSSIA-SERGEI NARYSHKIN-MEETING(CN)
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Border Area, Illegal Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Attack Palestinian School Children in Al-Khalil, May 4, 2016 10 Americans Killed by Gun Violence on May 4, 2016, Including 2 in Texas Workplace Shooting, May 4, 2016  Islamophobia in the US, May 1- 4, 2016, a CAIR Report ... Islamophobia has a face now, called Trump! Xi Jinping urges China, Russia to translate political ties advantage to more pragmatic cooperation outcomes, May 5, 2016.



At least 34 killed in new attacks in Syrian city of Aleppo
Palestinian Young Man Shot and Killed After Allegedly Injuring 3 Israeli Occupation Soldiers, May 4, 2016 Syrian Holocaust Claims 3,116 Lives in April 2016, With Hundreds in Aleppo Alone, May 5, 2016 Hundreds of Sunni Muslim Iraqis Killed by US-Led Air Strikes, Shi'i Government, and Kurdish Forces, May 4, 2016 Turkish Ruling Party Preparing to Replace PM Davutoglu Over Differences with President Erdogan, May 4, 2016



















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