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Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Border Area, Illegal Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Attack Palestinian School Children in Al-Khalil

May 4, 2016 

Editor's Note:

The following news stories are just few examples of the Israeli occupation government's violation of Palestinian human rights, which cannot continue without the full financial and military support from the US-EU.


3 Palestinian Jerusalemites arrested over alleged stabbing attack, May 4, 2016 Israeli air strike on Gaza City border area, May 4, 2016
Israeli vandals, soldiers attack Palestinian schoolchildren at Qurtuba School, Al-Khalil, May 4, 2016  


Israeli airstrikes, shells target Gaza borders

May 4, 2016, GAZA, (PIC)--

 Israeli artillery and jets targeted Wednesday evening different areas along the borders of Gaza Strip, mainly in Rafah and Gaza cities.

Local sources said that Israeli jets launched several airstrikes on an open area near the Rafah closed airport, causing material damage. No casualties were initially reported.

Two Israeli artillery shells were also fired at Shujayya and al-Tufah neighborhoods east of Gaza city with no reported injuries.

Israeli artillery also shelled a reported military training site for the Palestinian resistance to the east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses said.

More Israeli shells also fell on a residential building near the border fence.

Israeli military officials claimed that “the airstrikes were in retaliation for five mortar rounds fired at Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip since Tuesday.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry affirmed that no injuries were reported during the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Hamas Movement issued a statement following the airstrikes, holding the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the recent escalation and its serious implications.

Israel declares state of high alert on the borders of Gaza

May 4, 2016, GAZA, (PIC)--

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shelled Wednesday afternoon a number of watchtowers used by Hamas’s armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, in Shujayya neighborhood of Gaza City in the eastern Gaza Strip.

Local sources affirmed to the PIC reporter that two watchtowers were shelled since the morning hours in Shujayya neighborhood on the eastern borders of Gaza Strip.

In response to the Israeli shelling, the armed wing fired a mortar shell at an Israeli bulldozer while carrying out combing operations in the area.

Israeli media sources claimed that two Israeli patrols were targeted in two separate shelling since the early morning hours with no reported injuries.

The Israeli army declared a state of high alert on the border of Gaza following Wednesday’s escalation.

The Hebrew newspaper Maariv said that Israelis living in settlements in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip were told to stay indoors for fear of possible escalation.

IOF opens fire at Palestinian with special needs

May 4, 2016, AL-KHALIL, (PIC)--

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire Wednesday evening at a Palestinian young man with special needs north of al-Khalil to the south of the West Bank, causing him moderate injuries.

Local sources affirmed to the PIC reporter that Israeli soldiers asked Aref Jaradat to stop while walking near Seir town. However, he didn’t understand what they said and continued to walk as he suffers mental illness.

The IOF soldiers suddenly opened fire at the mentally-disturbed young man, wounding him in his abdomen and left him bleeding.

He was then taken to hospital for treatment.

3 Jerusalemites arrested over alleged stabbing attack


Three young men in occupied Jerusalem were rounded up on Wednesday evening for allegedly attempting a stabbing attack.

Hebrew media sources claimed that a knife was found with one of the detainees while a sledgehammer was found with another.

The sources said that the attack was planned in northern Jerusalem and that the suspects were being investigated.

Israeli vandals, soldiers attack Palestinian schoolchildren

May 4, 2016, AL-KHALIL, (PIC)--

Members of the Israeli Anat Cohen settler gang and soldiers aggressively attacked Palestinian schoolchildren and instructors at the Qurtuba school in al-Khalil city on Wednesday morning.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli fanatic settlers violently assaulted the Palestinian schoolchildren at the same time as the occupation soldiers cracked down on instructors and prevented them from getting to school.

The Israeli Anat Cohen gang is notorious for its crimes and aggressions on Palestinian civilians and children.  


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