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Israeli Terrorist Soldier Murders a Palestinian Youngman in Al-Khalil, While He Was Fallen Wounded on the Ground, March 25, 2016 
Daily Killing of Americans By the Terrorism Industry:
30 Americans Killed, 64 Injured in 36 Hours, in Gun Shootings, 2,776 Killed in 2016 So Far, March 21, 2016 



The   "Creative   Destruction"  of   the   Middle   East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime
Israeli Terrorist Soldiers Murder Two Palestinian Youngmen in Al-Khalil, One of them Was Fallen Wounded on the Ground, March 25, 2016 Israeli Occupation Overkill Palestinian Protesters, Demolish Homes in Jordan Valley, Illegal Settlers Burn Palestinian Homes, Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, March 21, 2016     




65 Yemenis Killed in US and Saudi Air Strikes on Mukalla and Jawf, March 23, 2016  Scores of Civilians Killed in US-Led Air Strikes on Mosul, Hundreds Killed in Fighting Between Iraqi Forces and Islamic State, March 21, 2016  Syrian Holocaust Continues: Hundreds of Civilians Massacred, Including 55 by Russian Air Strikes on Raqqa, March 21, 2016   





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Isramophobia in the US, March 8-13, 2016, CAIR Reports

Isramophobia in the US, March 1-7, 2016, CAIR Reports

15 Americans Killed, 43 Injured in 11 Daily Gun Mass Shootings, During the First 12 Days of March 2016  2,427 Americans Killed, 9,655 Injured By Gun Violence, Including 48 Mass Shootings in 2016, Till March 13, 2016










ISRAEL'S INFLUENCE: Good or Bad for America? A Conference in Washington, DC - on March 18, 2016, at the National Press Club 





2 Palestinian Children Killed in a Terrorist Israeli Air Strike on Gaza, Scores Injured in the West Bank, March 13, 2016. Angela Merkel's Syrian Refugee Policy Tested in German Local Elections of March 13, 2016 Scores of Syrian Sunni Muslim Arabs Continue to be Killed Daily By Regime and NATO Attacks, March 13, 2016 Scores of Iraqi Sunni Muslim Arabs Continue to be Killed Daily by Regime Forces and NATO Air Strikes, March 13, 2016




4 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Including 50-Year Old Woman Near Al-Aqsa Mosque, March 9, 2016

Islamophobia in the US, February 22-29, 2016, CAIR Reports

2,058 Americans Killed, 4,030 Injured Due to Gun Violence in January and February 2016, March 2, 2016 Trump in US and Le Pin in France Are Threat to World Peace and Prosperity, Says German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, March 6, 2016



US-Led Air Strikes Continue on Sunni Arab Areas in Iraq and Syria, Car Bombing in Hilla, March 6, 2016 OIC Summit on Palestine and Jerusalem in Jakarta, More Israeli Violations of Palestinian Rights, March 6, 2016. The Syrian Holocaust Continues in the Sunni Arab Areas, Scores Killed, Hundreds of Thousands Continue to Flee to Europe, March 6, 2016 Libyan Government Forces Target Islamic State in Sirte with Air Strikes, March 6, 2016





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