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News, March 2016

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Israeli Terrorist Soldier Murders a Palestinian Youngman in Al-Khalil, While He Was Fallen Wounded on the Ground

March 25, 2016

VIDEO: Israeli soldier executes wounded Palestinian after shooting and killing another Palestinian

author Friday March 25, 2016 01:11author by IMEMC News Report post 

Two Palestinians were killed Thursday morning in Hebron, one of whom was executed by a shot to the head while lying wounded on the ground.
Israeli occupation soldier murdering a wounded Palestinian teenager, Abdul Fattah Al-Sharif, in Al-Khalil, March 24, 2016

The video shows Israeli soldiers and paramilitary settlers milling around, with two Palestinians lying on the ground. One is wounded, and the other is apparently already deceased.

As an ambulance carts away the Israeli soldier who was mildly wounded by a small knife wound, one of the soldiers lifts his gun and shoots the prone, wounded Palestinian in the head, killing him.

At about 1:55 in the video, the soldier lifts his gun and shoots the young man.

According to B'Tselem, which posted the video, a prominent settler from Hebron can be heard telling soldiers, “this dog is still alive.”

The group states on their website that "Extrajudicial killings are the direct result of inflammatory remarks by politicians and a public atmosphere of dehumanization. The message is clear: attempting to injure an Israeli means a death sentence."

Israeli occupation soldiers shot and killed, on Thursday morning, two young Palestinian men, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, allegedly after they attacked Israeli soldiers, mildly wounding one.

According to the Israeli occupation army, the soldiers opened fire on the two Palestinians, and killed them, after they stabbed one soldier in Tal Romeida neighborhood.

They have been identified as Ramzi Aziz Qasrawi, 21, and Abdul-Fattah Yosri Sharif, 21.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers opened fire at random, wounding several Palestinians who were walking in the area during the reported attack.

Talking to Maan News, an eyewitness said he heard the gunshots, stepped out of his home and saw several soldiers surrounding the two wounded Palestinians as they were on the ground, bleeding, before a soldier walked close to one of them, who was still moving, and shot him in the head.

Israeli media sources said the incident took place near a military roadblock in Tal Romeida neighborhood, in Hebron city.

Israeli medics of the Magen David Adom said the soldier was attacked at the entrance of Tal Romeida, and suffered moderate stab wounds in his arm and shoulder, before he was moved to a hospital in a stable condition.

The army closed the Shuhada roadblock, completely sealed the Shuhada Street, and prevented Palestinian medics, who rushed to the scene, from reaching the two Palestinians.

It is worth mentioning that the army has killed 61 Palestinian, in Hebron, since October 1st, 2015.

Earlier on Thursday, the soldiers invaded Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, and kidnapped a former political prisoner, identified as Sufian Zaki Odah Bahar, 44, after breaking into his home and searching it. Bahar is a director of the Beit Ummar Society for Orphans.

The Israeli occupation army also summoned Mohammad Mahmoud Awad, 26, Issam Mohammad Bahar, 19, and Mohammad Abdul-Jawad Ekhlayyel, 24, for interrogation in the Etzion military base.

It is worth mentioning that the army has kidnaped fifteen Palestinians, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, on Thursday at dawn; three were kidnapped in Ya’bad near Jenin, one in Nablus, two in Salfit, seven in Ramallah and two in Hebron.

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