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65 Yemenis Killed in US and Saudi Air Strikes on Mukalla and Jawf,

March 23, 2016 


Four people were killed on Monday by Saudi bombings in Jawf province, March 21, 2016 US air strike on Mukalla, Yemen, March 23, 2016 al

Saudi air strikes kill 11 Yemenis, in Jawf

Monday, 21-March-2016 -

Four people were killed on Monday by Saudi bombings in Jawf province, a local official said.

The two hostile raids targeted a truck loaded with food and another one loaded with home gas in Souk al-Ethnain (Souk of Monday), in Moton district, the official explained.

Meanwhile, the Saudi war jets attacked al-Dahoq Institute for Teaching Religious Sciences in al-Mouton district, killing at least seven people. Five people were injured near the institute, , he said.

In Sana'a province, the Saudi war jets launched two air raids on Arhab district targeting al-Sama'a Mount.

In Dhamar province, the Saudi war jets waged a raid on al-Abaseyah area in al-Hadda district.

The Saudi warplanes pounded Aqbat Qanda'a in Shabwa province with three raids, causing damage to pastures.

In Mareb province, the Saudi war planes waged 12 sorties on Serwah district, targeting three trucks parking near a house.

The war jets also targeted Hailan Mount, al-Mashga'a and Kawfal areas in the province.

Six people killed in Taiz

Sunday, 20-March-2016 -

Six people were killed on Sunday by Saudi airstrikes on Taiz province, a local official said.

Four women and two children were killed in Saudi raids targeted their home in al-Dhabab area western Taiz province, the official added.

The Saudi fighter jets also targeted a house in Bahih area in the west of Taiz city, causing injuries to many people, he said.

The Saudi warplanes launched sorties on Jabal Habashi, causing damage to many public and private facilities in the area.

Earlier last night, four civilians have been killed by artillery shells launched by Riyadh's hirelings on many neighborhoods in the Taiz city.

The artillery shells fired at neighborhoods in 26th September Street in downtown Taiz, and in al-Batool and Wadi al-Qadhi areas, where many houses were damaged, he said.

Saudi warplanes launch sorties on Mareb, Shabwah

Saturday, 19-March-2016 -

The Saudi warplanes waged on Saturday 15 air raids on different areas in Baihan district of Shabwah province.

A security official said that the war jets targeted Asailan, al-Safra, al-Mablaqa and the main road in Baihan.

Meanwhile, the Saudi aggression fighter jets pounded a telecommunications network in Hareb-Baihan district in Mareb province, the official added.

The aggression waged a raid on Hareb historical castle, causing big damage to it, the official said, adding the warplanes hit with many raids al-Wase'a, al-Rasa in Hareb-Baihan district.

The war jets also targeted Aqib area in Magzar district in Mareb.

No human casualties were reported in the raids.

Strikes kill at least 50 at Qaeda Yemen camp: medics, official

 Reuters Wed Mar 23, 2016, 4:50am EDT


At least 50 militants were killed in a U.S. air strike on an al Qaeda training camp in the mountains of southern Yemen, medics and a local official said on Wednesday.

The attack took place as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) recruits queued for dinner at the camp, west of the port city of Mukalla on Yemen's south coast.

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that a U.S. air strike on an AQAP training camp had killed dozens of fighters but it gave no further details.

The Yemeni sources said that at least 50 people were killed and 30 wounded. The air strikes set off huge fires inside the camp, residents said.

"The planes struck as al Qaeda people stood in line to receive their dinner meal," a local official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters by telephone.

Yemeni residents had earlier said the attack on the base was carried out by war planes from a Saudi-led coalition which over the past year had been trying to stop the Iran-allied Houthi group from completing its takeover of the country.

AQAP has exploited the war to expand its control in Yemen, seizing control of Mukalla, capital of Hadramout province, last year and recruiting more followers.

The United States regards AQAP, formed by the merger of the Saudi and Yemeni wings of the group in 2009. 


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