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72 Palestinians Killed, Hundreds Injured, Hundreds Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Soldiers During October 2015  In Just One Day in Iraq, 15 Air Strikes, Bombing Attacks, Assassinations, Protests, and Flooded Streets, October 31, 2015 21 US-Led Air Strikes, Kurdish Land Attacks on Sunni Muslim Arab Areas in Syria and Iraq, October 31, 2015






3 More Palestinians Killed By Israeli Occupation Soldiers, 64 in October, Including 14 Children, October 28, 2015    



59 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Settlers, Hundreds Injured, Kidnapped, and Mistreated, October 26, 2015 Zionist Operative, Tony Blair, Admits That US-UK 2003 Invasion of Iraq Led to the Rise of the Islamic, October 26, 2015 US-Russian Attacks Intensify on the Islamic State, Suicide Bombing in Saudi Arabia, and Helicopter Downing in Libya, October 28, 2015



Paranoid Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill 3 Palestinians (53 so far) and Even a Jewish Israeli, Injure and Kidnap Scores of People, October 22, 2015 Russian Air Raids Kill 300 Syrians, Israel Officially Announced Part of NATO-Russian-Iranian Alliance Against Sunni Muslim Syrians, October 22, 2015 Scores of Yemenis Killed, Hundreds Injured in Saudi Air Strikes and Clashes All Over the Country, October 22, 2015



43 Palestinians Killed, 1500 Injured by Israeli Occupation Forces, Protests Against Israeli Brutality in Washington and Pretoria, October 18, 2015 Eviction of Sunni Muslim Arabs from Syria and Iraq to Germany Continues Despite Some Resistance in Eastern Europe, October 18, 2015 Iraqi Sectarian Regime Continues its Attacks on the Sunni Muslim Arab Areas, Bomb Explosions in Baghdad Areas, October 18, 2015



27 Palestinians Killed, 1400 Injured by Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers, October 13, 2015 Death and Destruction Continue in Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, October 13, 2015. Turkey warns US and Russia Against Backing Kurdish Militia, Syrian Army and  Russian Air Strikes Drive Back Opposition Forces, October 13, 2015





A Palestinian child killed by Israeli occupation forces Palestinian child,14-year-old Ahmed Manasrah, was exposed to appalling abuse by Israeli police officers, paramedics and settlers while bleeding to death

Palestinian Schoolgirl Seriously Injured by Israeli Fire

Israeli predawn abduction-sweep rocks West Bank provinces

New anti-occupation stabbing in Tel Aviv in response to Israeli terrorism

Abdul Fattah Yahya and his Palestinian family aggressively attacked by Israeli troops in Erka, Jenin

2 Israelis killed, 17 injured in two separate attacks in O.J 5 Palestinians injured during fresh clashes at Gaza borders

Palestinian subjected to Israeli Jewish settler attack in al-Khalil


27 Palestinians Killed, 1400 Injured by Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers, October 13, 2015



7 Palestinians Killed, 153 Injured By Israeli Occupation Forces on Friday, October 9, 2015 30 Turkish People Killed by Twin Bombs Targeting a Pro-Kurdish Rally in Ankara, October 10, 2015 Russia Steps Up Air Strikes Expediting Ethnic Cleansing of Sunni Muslim Arabs from Syria, Talks Coordination with US, October 10, 2015



Netanyahu Gives Israeli Occupation Forces Free Hand to Carry Out On-Site Executions of Palestinians, Detain and Exile them, and Demolish their Homes, October 5, 2015



717 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, 1216 Injured in September, Protests Against Government Corruption All Over the Country, 5,000 US Soldiers in Iraq, October 3, 2015 President Obama Says More Americans Killed in Shooting than in Terrorist Attacks, Speech Text on Oregon College Shooting, October 1, 2015 Chris Harper-Mercer Kills 9 People in a Shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, October 1, 2015














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