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59 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Settlers, Hundreds Injured, Kidnapped, and Mistreated

October 26, 2015


Massive participation in funeral of martyr Khalil Abu Obeid who was killed by Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza border fence.

Palestinian 15-year-old youngman, Majd al-A’war, from Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood was mistreated by Israeli occupation soldiers.
The slain Palestinian youngman, Raed Saket Abdul-Rahim Jaradat, from Sa'ir town, is a student of the Al-Quds Open University, who was executed with cold blood by Israeli occupation soldiers.


Massive participation in funeral of martyr Khalil Abu Obeid in Gaza

October 26, 2015, GAZA, (PIC)--

 Scores of citizens on Sunday afternoon participated in the funeral procession of Khalil Abu Obeid, a 26-year-old young man from Khan Younis who died of a serious injury he had sustained in a recent pro-Aqsa protest east of the Gaza Strip.  

The participants marched in the funeral from a Mosque in Khan Younis while chanting slogans against the occupation and calling for avenging the martyr.

Sheikh Ahmed Hamdan, a noted religious figure from the Islamic Movement, gave a speech during the funeral and hailed Abu Obeid for his anger for the Aqsa Mosque and the great fortitude he had showed during his suffering from the injury.

Khalil Abu Obeid died last Saturday after he succumbed to an injury he had sustained during recent clashes between young men and Israeli soldiers east of al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza.

Abu Obeid had suffered health complications that led later to his death after an Israeli tear gas canister was surgically removed from his body. 

Israeli Occupation Soldiers kill Young Palestinian Man, Raed Saket Abdul-Rahim Jaradat, In Hebron

Monday October 26, 2015 14:18 by IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Monday morning, a young Palestinian man, at the Beit ‘Einoun Junction, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli media sources said the Palestinian was shot dead after stabbing a soldier.

The slain Palestinian, Raed Saket Abdul-Rahim Jaradat, 22 years of age, from Sa'ir town, is a student of the Al-Quds Open University.

He suffered multiple gunshot injuries, and was left to bleed to death, eyewitnesses said.

The “Jewish Press” News Agency said the Palestinian stabbed a soldier, 19 years of age, injuring in the throat, causing suffered life-threatening wounds. He was moved to the Sha'arei Tzedek medical center.

The Al-Jazeera office in Jerusalem said the soldiers fired a large number of bullets on the Palestinian, and left him to bleed to death.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said 59, including 14 children, Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since the beginning of this month.

41 of them have been killed in the occupied West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem, 17 in the Gaza Strip, including a pregnant woman and her two years of age child, and one in Houra, in the Negev.

On Sunday, the Israeli Border Police shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian girl, identified as Dania Ersheid, near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank, on Sunday, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.

IOF soldiers kill Palestinian youth in cold-blood

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired at and killed a Palestinian youth in cold-blood at the northern entrance of al-Khalil city on Monday morning.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC that IOF soldiers opened fire at the young man in front of a girls’ school in the area of Beit Einun and left him bleed to death.

The soldiers claimed that the youth stabbed an Israeli soldier before they fired at him nine bullets and left him bleeding, the witnesses elaborated.

They said that the soldiers declared the area a closed military zone and blocked arrival of ambulances to evacuate him.

Resistance attacks military post in al-Khalil


Some Israeli soldiers might have suffered injuries when Palestinian resistance fighters on Sunday evening showered their military post in al-Khalil city with bullets, according to Palestinian eyewitnesses.

Hebrew news websites said that a military watch point near Beit Hadassah settlement outpost in al-Khalil city came under gunfire attack by Palestinian gunmen, without stating if there were wounded soldiers.

However, eyewitnesses said they heard soldiers screaming and asking for help and Israeli ambulances coming to the place before the Israeli army switched off all the lights in the area.

In an earlier incident, Palestinian young men attacked on the same day an Israeli military roadblock in al-Khalil with eight Molotov cocktails.

The Hebrew news website 0404 said that the youths threw an incendiary bombs at Abul Rish checkpoint near the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil, without causing injuries among the soldiers there.

Palestinian worker injured in Israeli stabbing attack


A Palestinian worker afternoon Sunday was stabbed and injured by an Israeli extremist settler near the illegal settlement of Ariel, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Local medics said 22-year-old Tamer Khdeir, a native of Nablus’ southern town of Beita, sustained wounds in his shoulder after he was stabbed by an Israeli settler.

According to local sources, Khdeir was aggressively attacked by a gang of Israeli fanatics as he was standing with a group of Palestinian workers who were detained by the Israeli troops on allegations that an anti-occupation stabbing attack was carried out in the area.

The settler had violently beaten Khdeir and then he stabbed him. Shortly after, the casualty was rushed to a local clinic for urgent treatment.

Talking to Quds Press sometime later, Khdeir said that he was attacked by a mob of Israeli vandals while going back home from his workplace. 

He said the settlers attempted to kill him on the spot but he managed to run away.

Jewish extremist settlers illegally living in occupied Palestine have almost always killed, plundered, attacked with impunity and protection from the Israeli police or army. 

More than 90 percent of settler violence cases presented to Israeli court end without indictment– some are closed on grounds that suggest that the investigation has failed. 

According to Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organization, the percentage of failed investigations is exceptionally high in the case of violence against Palestinians and damage to their property. About 78 percent of violence cases and 93 percent of cases of damage to property were closed on grounds that suggest that those investigations have failed.

Israeli policemen abuse Palestinian minor


The Israeli occupation police aggressively attacked a 15-year-old Palestinian minor during the detention phase before sentencing him to house arrest.

The al-Aqsa and Jerusalem information center said the Israeli police imposed a five-day house-confinement on 15-year-old Majd al-A’war, from Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood and banned him from school.

The child’s father said Israeli special units broke into his family home and kidnapped his son Majd on allegations of stone-throwing.

He added that Majd was locked up for over a couple of hours in an Israeli police car, where he was made to sit on his knees.

Soon as the minor arrived to the Oz detention center, in Jabal al-Mukbir, he was forced to squat until dawn time, while his hands were tightly shackled in heavy plastic chains. An Israeli soldier kept, meanwhile, stomping on his feet for a long while.

The father was reportedly denied the right to accompany his child during the investigation procedure.

Majd was later on released after the occupation police ruled that he pays a 500-shekel-fine and that his father agrees to shell out another 5,000-shekel-bail.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Magistrate’s Court in Occupied Jerusalem extended the remand of the Palestinian schoolgirl Shourouq Dwiyat until Thursday.

Shourouq was shot and injured by an Israeli fanatic settler some 20 days ago while she was walking in Wad Street, in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

The same court extended the detention of the 13-year-old Palestinian child Ahmad Manasra to Friday.

Manasra sustained wounds after he was aggressively attacked by Israeli vandals and occupation officers in the Israeli illegal settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, in Occupied Jerusalem.

Israel’s District Court further extended the detention of six Palestinians, including two children, before Israel’s war minister Moshe Ya’alon ruled to sentence them administratively.

IOF raids homes in Nablus and Salfit, kidnaps young man


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday evening raided several homes during campaigns in towns near Nablus and Salfit cities and kidnapped a Palestinian young man accused of stabbing a Jewish settler on the same day.

Local sources said that the IOF closed the entrances to Murad village between Nablus and Salfit and raided homes in the area.

The Hebrew media, for their part, claimed that the Israeli army arrested the Palestinian young man who stabbed a settler on highway 5 near the settlement of Ariel in Salfit on Sunday afternoon.

The settler was badly injured in his torso, according to the Israeli claims.

Israel arrests 8 Palestinians in West Bank & Jerusalem


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) at dawn on Sunday rounded up eight Palestinians after storming different districts in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In Occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces stormed the houses of and arrested five Jerusalemite men including youngsters. The arrested were taken to Israeli detention and investigation centers in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

While in Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian youngster along with two other minors in al-Obaidiya town east of the city. Three other Palestinians, two minors and an adult, were handed summonses to be questioned by Israeli intelligence forces. 

Israeli troops almost daily storm towns and cities of the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem and arrest Palestinians for alleged security charges. 


Israel expands illegal settlement in Jordan Valley


The Israeli occupation government and settlers have proceeded with the construction of dozens of illegal settlement units near the Rotem settlement in the northern Jordan Valley at the expense of Palestinians’ own lands, Palestinian sources reported Sunday.

Local sources said Israeli settlers from the illegal Rotem settlement in northern Jordan Valley have started construction work to expand the settlement and build dozens of Israeli settlement units in the eastern corners of the area.

The same sources spoke out against the arbitrary and illegal misappropriation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli authorities and settlers as part of intents to stretch the boundaries of the illegal settlement.

Bedouins’ village council in the northern Jordan Valley warned of the escalated pace of Israeli illegal settlement and misappropriation of Palestinian lands along with the demolition of native homes in an attempt to mar Palestinians’ lives and pave the way for forcible deportation.



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