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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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27 Palestinians Killed, 1400 Injured by Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers

October 13, 2015 


A Palestinian child killed by Israeli occupation forces Palestinian child,14-year-old Ahmed Manasrah, was exposed to appalling abuse by Israeli police officers, paramedics and settlers while bleeding to death

Palestinian Schoolgirl Seriously Injured by Israeli Fire

Israeli predawn abduction-sweep rocks West Bank provinces

New anti-occupation stabbing in Tel Aviv in response to Israeli terrorism

Abdul Fattah Yahya and his Palestinian family aggressively attacked by Israeli troops in Erka, Jenin

2 Israelis killed, 17 injured in two separate attacks in O.J 5 Palestinians injured during fresh clashes at Gaza borders

Palestinian subjected to Israeli Jewish settler attack in al-Khalil




Clashes with Israeli troops kill 27 Palestinians, leave 1,400 injured

October 13, 2015, RAMALLAH, (PIC)--

The death toll of Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli occupation troops since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada has hit 27 at the same time as at least 1,400 more Palestinians have been left wounded.

Three Palestinian citizens, including the child Hassan al-Manasra, were cold-bloodedly murdered by the Israeli occupation soldiers in three separate attacks in Occupied Jerusalem on Monday, bringing the number of Palestinians murdered since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada to 27.

14-year-old al-Manasra was fatally shot by the occupation patrols, who left him bleeding on the ground with an unparalleled nonchalance.

Observers said such scenes, captured on and documented by live video shots, are barefaced proofs of Israelis’ inherently sadistic character and terrorist impulses.

18-year-old Mustafa Aadel al-Khatib breathed his last after he was hit by more than 10 bullet shots by the Israeli occupation officers in southern Occupied Jerusalem as soon as he got out of his car for inspection.

16 Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank and 11 in blockaded Gaza so far.

Health Minister Jawad Awad said 1/3 of those killed since the start of October are children. Eight children were killed by the Israeli occupation army and another baby was killed in the womb of his expectant mother, herself slain in a strike that also took away the life of her two-year-old girl Rahaf Yahya Hassan.

The minister further spoke out against Israel’s preplanned terrorism against Palestinian children and the deliberate targeting of their upper body parts.

He added that hundreds of other civilians have been held in hospitals to be urgently treated for their critical wounds.

According to official data by the Health Ministry, 25 Palestinians were injured Monday by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank provinces of al-Khalil, Ramallah, Nablus, and Tulkarem, 21 among whom shot with live ammunition.

A nine-year-old child fell down and was injured as he had been chased down by the heavily-armed occupation soldiers.

236 have, meanwhile, been left wounded in blockaded Gaza in a week’s time while the number has hit 1,400 in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Video release shows dying boy being abused by Israeli policemen, settlers


Without the slightest trace of humanity, 14-year-old Ahmed Manasrah was exposed to appalling abuse by Israeli police officers, paramedics and settlers while bleeding to death on the ground after he was shot in cold blood in the back of his head on Monday afternoon.

A video recording posted on the Internet on the same day has showed Israeli settlers surrounding the slain boy and verbally attacking him in Arabic and Hebrew, while one of the officers repeatedly pushed the boy down with his foot whenever he tried to stand up.

Israeli paramedics were also watching the boy bleeding and did nothing to evacuate him immediately to hospital.

The incident happened near Pisgat Ze'ev settlement in Occupied Jerusalem. The Israeli police justified the killing of the boy by saying he and another one stabbed and injured two settlers.

5 Palestinians injured during fresh clashes at Gaza borders


At least five Palestinians including a journalist suffered moderate to serious injuries as clashes broke out Tuesday morning with Israeli forces near Erez border crossing north of Gaza.

Medics said that the five injured youths were transferred to hospital, suffering from moderate to serious wounds.

Eyewitnesses affirmed to the PIC reporter that one young man was arrested during the clashes as he approached the Israeli-controlled border crossing.

Live and rubber bullets were intensively fired during the clashes, which resulted in five injuries while several others suffered tear gas inhalation.

Along the same line, Palestinian security sources said that Israeli authorities decided to close Erez crossing due to the continued clashes.

Gaza youths have daily organized peaceful marches over the past few days in support of Jerusalem Intifada in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, which was sparked by a spate of attacks by Israelis against Palestinians and their holy shrines. 

Since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada, Israeli occupation troops shot and killed 16 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and 11 in blockaded Gaza Strip.

236 have, meanwhile, been left wounded in blockaded Gaza in a week’s time while the number has hit 1,400 in both the West Bank and Gaza.  

Palestinian Schoolgirl Seriously Injured by Israeli Fire

Monday October 12, 2015 18:29 by IMEMC News & Agencies

Israeli occupation police, on Monday afternoon, have shot and critically injured a Palestinian schoolgirl who they claimed “tried to stab an officer”.

The shooting took place on the Ammunition Hill in Sheikh Jarrah town, occupied East Jerusalem.

According to PNN, initial reports say that the girl is 15 years old, and was going home from school with her friends.

She was shot while still wearing her school uniform.

A Palestinian guy at the scene was also stopped and arrested after he tried to intervene.

One Israeli policeman was lightly wounded.

This morning, Mustafa Al-Khatib (18) was executed by Israeli police, who claimed he attempted to stab an officer.

Eyewitnesses said that Mustafa had no weapons, and that the police shot him for no reason.

Palestinian family aggressively attacked by Israeli troops


The Israeli occupation forces at dawn Tuesday attacked the family of a Palestinian anti-occupation activist after they rolled into their home in Jenin’s western town of Erka, in the northern West Bank.

Local sources said heavily-armed Israeli soldiers stormed the family home of a Palestinian activist who had allegedly carried out an anti-occupation stabbing attack in al-Afoula some three days ago.

The Israeli occupation soldiers came down heavily on Abdul Fattah Yahya and subjected him to exhaustive interrogation on his imprisoned son, Tareq.

The Israeli soldiers further seized Tareq’s personal belongings and took pictures of the family home from all corners in an attempt to pave the way for the demolition of the building as part of a preplanned policy of collective punishment against the families of Palestinians carrying out attacks on Israelis occupation troops or settlers.

The Israeli occupation soldiers reportedly locked up all family members in one single room for long and exhausting hours, wreaking havoc on the building all the way through. 

Israeli predawn abduction-sweep rocks West Bank provinces


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Tuesday rolled into several provinces of the West Bank and kidnapped a number of Palestinian civilians.

Local sources said IOF patrols kidnapped the two Palestinian young men Bakr Qubha and Mustafa Qubha, aged respectively 23 and 22, from their own family homes in Jenin’s town of Berta’a, in the northern West Bank.

Violent clashes with the IOF flared up overnight in Jenin’s western town of Zabouba.

Sources based in al-Khalil, in the southern West Bank, said heavily-armed IOF troops stormed residential quarters and villages across the city before they chased down and arrested a group of unarmed Palestinian protesters, including 19 year-old Mohamed Mokhlis al-Saleyma and Ya’koub Azam al-Ajlouni. 

The Israeli occupation soldiers further broke into and wreaked havoc on a number of Palestinian family homes in Awa village, in western al-Khalil.

Similar assaults and arbitrary home break-ins were launched by the IOF in Akreba town, to the south of Nablus city.

Earlier on Monday, the IOF detained four Palestinian youngsters from Tel town, in western Nablus, while they were picking olives from their own orchards near the Israeli illegal settlement of Yitzhar. The four captives were released only several hours later.  

Palestinian subjected to settler attack in al-Khalil


A Palestinian young man was injured after being subjected to a brutal attack by a group of settlers in al-Khalil in the West Bank.

The local activist Mohamed Awad affirmed that the young man Bassem al-Hawer was brutally attacked and severely beaten by a group of settlers while passing near Gush Etzion settlement.

The injured young man was taken to Beit Jala Hospital in Bethlehem after suffering different bruises all over his body.

Awad affirmed that the settlers’ attack was carried out under Israeli forces’ protection.

Israeli settlers have always been protected by soldiers when they attack Palestinians, and vandalize their homes, vehicles, and agricultural land throughout the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.

2 Israelis killed, 17 injured in two separate attacks in O.J


Two stabbing and car ramming attacks were carried out at separate locations in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday morning. Two Israeli settlers were killed and several others were injured during the attacks.

A stabbing and shooting attack took place aboard a bus in Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. According to Israeli police two suspects carried out the attack. 

Israeli media sources said that two men got on an Egged line 78 bus in Armon Hanatziv and opened gunfire at passengers. Paramedics pronounced two persons dead on the scene. Four additional people were transported to hospital, one seriously wounded and 3 moderately wounded, likely with gunshot wounds.

Israeli police said that 16 people in total were wounded in the attack, the sources added.

In a separate attack in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli police claimed that a driver rammed his car into a bus stop, got out of his car and began stabbing pedestrians. 

The Israeli medical sources pronounced one person dead on the scene and treated another person who suffered light injuries.

Police said that a total of five people were wounded in the second attack.

The attacks came shortly after another stabbing attack in Ra'anana city. In that attack, two Israelis were lightly wounded and the suspect was killed by passersby. A second attack occurred in Ra'anana some 90 minutes later, in which 4 Israelis were wounded. The suspect was then arrested.

The incidents came after 27 Palestinians were killed and 1400 others were injured during clashes with Israeli forces across the occupied Palestinian territories.

IOF soldiers have also launched last night a large-scale raid and arrest campaign in occupied Jerusalem. Ten Palestinian youths were reported arrested during the campaign.

300 Palestinians were detained in occupied Jerusalem in September including 16 women, 104 minors, and 21 students, a rights groups said.

New anti-occupation stabbing in Tel Aviv in response to Israeli terrorism


Two Israeli settlers were stabbed and wounded Tuesday morning in northern Tel Aviv in a new anti-occupation attack carried out by Palestinians in response to Israel’s mounting aggressions.

Israeli news outlets claimed two Israeli settlers were injured, one among whom in critical condition, after they were stabbed outside of the headquarters of Ra’nana municipality.

Municipal guards shot the stabber and arrested him shortly afterwards.

Preliminary investigations identified the stabber as a 22-year-old youth and a resident of eastern Occupied Jerusalem.

Over recent days, a number of Palestinians have been cold-bloodedly murdered by the Israeli occupation army after they tried to carry out attacks in protest at Israel’s mounting terrorism.  


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