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July 31, 2012


Mitt Romney Praises his Israeli Masters for Stealing Palestinian and American Fortunes


Syrian Rebels Hold Out Against Government Forces Offensive in Aleppo


Colorado Suspect, James Holmes, Charged with 24 Counts of Murder, for Killing 12, Injuring 58 in a Batman Movie


July 29, 2012


President Obama Signs the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act  


Romney to Support Israeli Actions Against Iran, Bars Press from Fundraiser in Occupied Jerusalem  


Fierce Fighting Rages in Aleppo as Syrian Rebels Call for Arms  


Escalation of Israeli Violations of Palestinian Human Rights, Confiscation of Lands, Assault on Palestinians, their Homes, and Property  


Israeli Security Mercenary Contractors Registered in US-EU Involved in Armed African Conflicts, Killing Innocent People


July 26, 2012


Illegal Israeli Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, Triggering Clashes in Jerusalem, Condemnations, July 26, 2012


Offshore Tax Haven Clampdown Yields Cash from Hidden  $Trillions, But Secrecy Still Thrives


July 23, 2012


107 Iraqis Killed in Attacks in Baghdad, Other Cities, July 23, 2012  


Syrian Army Ousts Rebels from Two Damascus Districts  


Illegal Israeli Settlers Grab More Palestinian Lands, Occupation Soldiers Attack Protesters, Kidnap Civilians, Demolish Building  


EU to Upgrade Relations With Israel, in a De-Facto Support of Apartheid and Israeli Occupation of Palestine  


Hillary Clinton Warns Iran During a Visit to Israel  


Markets Slump as Spanish Debt Crisis Deepens  


World's Richest Hide at Least $21 Trillion in Tax Havens  


July 13, 2012


200 Syrians Killed in Taramseh, Hama, July 13, 2012  


Kim Jong-Un Attends an American Musical with a 'Mystery Woman,' Sparking Global Curiosity  


Dark Matter Space Superstructures Observed for First Time  


July 12, 2012


16 Palestine Liberation Army Soldiers Kidnapped, Killed on the Aleppo-Misyaf Road, Near Idlib  


20 Yemenis Killed in Sana'a in Suicide Bombing, July 11, 2012  


Thousands of Coal Miners in Spain Protest Cuts in Subsidies  


Palestinian Killed, Several Injured in Israeli Raids on Gaza, Hebron, Nablus, July 12, 2012  


US Threatens To Cut All Aid to the Palestinian Authority if a New UN Membership Bid Attempted  


Russian Parliament Approves Controversial Internet Blacklist Bill  


Siberian Wildfires Light Up Sky in Seattle  


July 9-10, 2012


6 US Soldiers, 29 Afghanis Killed in Attacks, July 9, 2012  


Egyptian Parliament Convenes in Defiance of Court and Army


Annan Concludes Approach to End Violence with Syrian President  


Eurozone Agrees on Softer Deficit Target, First Tranche of Bank Bailout for Spain  


Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Gaza By Land and Air, Kidnap Civilians from Khalil and Jenin  


Merkel-Hollande's Blossoming Friendship and What it Means for Europe  


Putin Eyes Deeper Ties with China, India  


Russian Army Chief, General Nikolai Makarov, Visits the United States for Talks About Missile Defense Plans


Wartime PM takes early lead in Libya election  


To Protect Israeli Assassins, US and France Pressure Palestinians Not to Seek International Probe into Arafat' s Death  


UK Report Condemns Israel's Mistreatment of Palestinian Children in Military Custody


July 2, 2012


Romney to visit Israel in late July, Showing his Public Allegiance to the Zionist Apartheid State






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