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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

EU to Upgrade Relations With Israel, in a De-Facto Support of Apartheid and Israeli Occupation of Palestine

EU to Upgrade Relations With Israel

Monday July 23, 2012 14:03 by Circarre Parrhesia - IMEMC & Agencies

UK daily the Guardian, is reporting on Monday that relations between the European Union and the State of Israel are to be upgraded. The EU is to offer improvements on both trade and dimplomatic relations, including upgrades on migration, energy and agriculture.

The move follows Israel's inclusion to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in late 2010 and is a revival of plans to upgrade relations between Israel and the supra-national body that were suspended following Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip in December 2008 - January 2009.

The Guardian reports that the details of the agreement are not as significant of an upgrade as the previous initiative, and that Catherine Ashton has delegated attendance at Tuesday's meeting to Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Foreign Minister of Cyprus.

Ashton, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has been a vocal critic of Israel's suppression of non-violent activism, settlement construction and Israel's general policies towards Palestinians.

Despite this, Ashton recently received criticism for refusing to speak out against, and clearly state the illegality of, Israel's policy of Administrative Detention, whereby Palestinian's maybe detained without charge or trial indefinitely.

Administrative Detention orders are renewed every three months by the Israeli military, who are not required to present evidence as to the reasons for the order. Any justification is held in a sealed file which neither the detained or their legal representation may have access to.

Erekat Appeals to International Community

Thursday July 19, 2012 15:55 by Kelly Joiner - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group & Agencies

Saeb Erekat, Chief Palestinian Negotiator, dispatched a letter to the international community urging them to “examine their bilateral agreements with Israel to ensure that they are not unwittingly supporting Israel’s occupation,” WAFA news reported on Wednesday.

He asked that foreign governments “extend bilateral recognition to the State of Palestine on the 1967 border” in order to “preserve the two-state solution that is fast becoming impracticable.”

He expressed the serious concerns of the Palestinian leadership regarding a series of recent Israeli statements. Most provocative, is the assertion by Israelis that they have jurisdiction over the Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem which he decried as “illegal and dangerous.”

The recent findings of the Israeli government-appointed Levy Commission were also at issue. The commission recently attempted to legitimize Israeli settlements that have repeatedly been found to be violations of international law. Erekat commented that “this report clearly exposes Israel’s determination to further entrench the occupation, continue violating its obligations under international law and, in effect, make the current unacceptable status quo of occupation, aggression, and land grab an irreversible reality.”

Numerous UN Security Council resolutions, the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, and the Fourth Geneva Convention all condemn the Israeli settlements and occupation.

He called on the international community to assume their legal and moral responsibilities in support of peace in the region and the inalienable human rights of the Palestinian people by ending the continuous violations committed by Israel against Palestinians and their land.

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