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Romney to visit Israel in late July, Showing his Public Allegiance to the Zionist Apartheid State

Editor's Note:

Mitt Romney is visiting the racist, apartheid, Zionist State of Israel late this July. Like his counterparts in the U.S. and EU, he travels to Israel to demonstrate his loyalty to the global Zionist Empire, in its headquarters. Like them, he also uttered the words Zionists require of their loyal subjects, that his rival Obama is "pushing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians" and that he is ""timid and weak in the face of the existential threat of a nuclear war" from Iran." (read below).

Here's just another reminder that American politicians have to pledge allegiance to Israel in order to get the final and public Zionist approval of their candidacy. They usually have a long history of loyalty to Israel, way before they run to public office, such as the case with Romney, who visited Israel four times, and worked with Netanyahu in 1976 (See below).

What's amazing is that these politicians are not scrutinized by the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies for their ties with foreign powers, which puts the U.S. national security and national interests on jeopardy when these politicians hold the highest office !!!

The Zionist mass media, of course, welcomes such shows of allegiance to the Apartheid State, and loves to see more scrambling between rival candidates to do so.

If Bush invaded Iraq and destroyed it for Israel, sinking the U.S. in the current unprecedented national debt, Romney is more likely to attack Iran for Israel, destroying what's left of the American economy.


Romney to visit Israel in late July, meet with Netanyahu

Monday, July 2, 2012, 5:35pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will travel to Israel in late July for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aimed at fleshing out his foreign policy credentials.

Romney will be overseas in late July to attend the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in London. His campaign often promotes Romney's leadership of the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002 as a key part of his biography as he tries to unseat President Barack Obama in the November 6 election.

A former governor of Massachusetts, Romney lacks foreign policy experience. He would like to attract support from Jewish voters who traditionally back Democrats, and he has accused Obama of putting the U.S. relationship with Israel at risk in pushing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians.

A campaign aide said Romney would meet with Netanyahu on his visit. The New York Times said Romney would also meet Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, Israeli President Shimon Peres, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and leaders of the opposition Labor Party in Jerusalem.

Obama angered the Israelis a year ago when he embraced a goal long sought by the Palestinians, that the state they seek in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip should largely be drawn along lines that existed before the 1967 war in which Israel captured those territories and East Jerusalem.

Romney said in a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in December that Obama has proposed that Israel adopt "indefensible borders" and had been "timid and weak in the face of the existential threat of a nuclear war" from Iran.

Netanyahu and Obama have had a thorny relationship and the right-wing Israeli leader has come under pressure in Washington not to take unilateral military action against Iranian nuclear facilities suspected of being part of a project to produce nuclear weapons.

(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)


Mitt Romney will visit Israel later this summer

By Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News

July 2, 2012

The trip has not been formally announced by the Romney campaign, but an aide to the GOP nominee confirmed the trip, which was first reported by the New York Times. The paper cited an aide to Netanyahu.

Romney is expected to meet with Salam Fayyad, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, as well U.S. officials in the region, including Ambassador Daniel Shapiro. The Times also reported Romney will hold a public event during his two-day visit there, but the campaign declined to comment on specifics of the trip.

It will be Romney's fourth trip to Israel—and his third official sit down with Netanyahu, who previously crossed paths with Romney when they both worked at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976. Last year, Romney met with the Israeli prime minister and other officials during a three-day visit to the country, as part of a week-long tour of the Middle East that was aimed at burnishing his foreign policy credentials. The two met again in March in Washington.

While Romney aides declined to comment on the timing of the trip, it is likely to be tacked on to Romney's trip to the Summer Olympics in London later this month. While in London, a source close to the GOP nominee tells Yahoo News, Romney is also expected to meet with other foreign leaders in town to attend the game's opening ceremonies.

The Romney campaign is understandably cautious about the optics of Romney's overseas jaunt. In 2008, Republicans mocked then-candidate Barack Obama for heading overseas during the heat of the presidential campaign.

Romney's trip is likely to put pressure on the GOP nominee to explain the intricacies of his foreign policy as it relates to the Middle East and how he would differ from Obama's approach.

Romney has so far stayed away from specifics about how he would handle the region, preferring instead to keep the focus of the campaign on the economy—an issue aides believe offer Romney a better contrast with Obama.

But Romney has repeatedly cast himself as more pro-Israel than Obama, describing the nation as the U.S.'s "best ally" in the Middle East. Among other things, Romney has come out strongly against a nuclear Iran--which is viewed as a major threat by the Israeli government. And in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier this year, Romney accused Obama of throwing Israel "under the bus" during the Middle East peace process.


Romney on Israel: ‘I would look at the things Obama has done and do the opposite’

That would pretty much be a prescription for success in every field and endeavor.

Washington (h/t Weasel Zippers) —

In hawkish remarks that drew cheers from an audience of religious conservatives, Mitt Romney accused President Obama on Saturday of being more afraid that Israel might attack Iran than that Iran will develop a nuclear weapon.

The Republican presidential candidate, who frequently attacks the administration for failing to back Israel’s government more aggressively, ratcheted up his criticism a notch. He responded with ridicule when asked what he would do, if elected, to strengthen U.S. relations with the Jewish state.

“I think, by and large, you can just look at the things the president has done and do the opposite,” Romney said, to laughter and applause from members of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, an evangelical Christian political organization.

“You look at his policies with regards to Iran,” Romney continued. “He’s almost sounded like he’s more frightened that Israel might take military action than he’s concerned that Iran might become nuclear.”

Those words prompted prolonged applause and cheering from an audience of 250 in the ballroom of a Washington hotel. Romney addressed the group via video hookup from an outdoor site in Pennsylvania, his customized campaign bus parked prominently in the background, during the second day of a six-state swing.

Romney said that, as president, he would “forge a strong working relationship with the leadership in Israel. I would make it very clear that for us, as well as for them, it is unacceptable for Iran to become a nuclear nation and that we’re prepared to take any and all action to keep that from happening,” applause drowning out his next line.

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