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The Financial Times Wages Propaganda War on Venezuela in Preparation for the Violent Seizure of Power by US Political Clients By James Petras Book Reviews of Petras' US Delusion of Empire & Hammond's Obstacle to Peace By Eric Walberg Punishing the Messenger: Israel's War on NGOs Takes a Worrying Turn By Ramzy Baroud The Zionist Dream of Greater Israel Is Being Achieved by the Total Destruction of the Arab Middle East By Uri Avnery
The Clintons' War on Women
The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ By Roger Stone There's No Lesser of the Two Demo-Repugnancy Evil in American Politics By Ben Tanosborn  Utopia, Nostalgia, and the Jew By Gilad Atzmon Muslim Turkey Will Never Be Accepted to the Christian European Union By Abdus Sattar Ghazali.
Khalid Jabara, from a Facebook post by Victoria Jabara Williams.
AKhalid Jabara, Victim of Hate and Negligence By James J Zogby I Remember My Name: Poetry by Samah Sabawi, Ramzy Baroud, and Jehan Bseiso, Reviewed by Hatim Kanaaneh OPEC's Output Freeze, What Has Changed Since Doha By Rakesh Upadhyay Could A Lithium Shortage De-Rail The Electric Car Boom By James Stafford




China's Pivot to World Markets, Washington's Pivot to World Wars, and the Debacle of the Latin American Left By James Petras 2016 Failed Coup in Turkey, 2003 Bush Invasion of Iraq, and 1953 Overthrow of Mossadaq in Iran Are All Hallmarks of  Neo-Imperialism By Eric Walberg Why Do Some of the Best and Brightest Israeli Youth Emigrate to Other Countries By Uri Avnery Some Thoughts About Term Limits in Public Office  By Mazin Qumsiyeh
Why Does the United States Favor Some Autocrats Over Others By Lawrence Davidson The Obama Doctrine of War to Stop War Is Ravaging the Middle East, Libya's Operation Odyssey Lightning By Ramzy Baroud Jewish Choseness from Bernard Lazare to Michael Foster By Gilad Atzmon Muslim Turkey Will Never Be Accepted to the Christian European Union By Abdus Sattar Ghazali.
Trump Reduced the American Political System to the Level of Absurdity, Assisted by the Media and the Two Political Parties, By James J Zogby Democrats and Republicans Failed to Draft a Plan for 21st Century America By Ben Tanosborn Stop Carrying Israeli Wines, End Complicity in War Crimes By Hanna Kawas Saudis Ramping Up Oil Output To Gain Leverage In OPEC Talks By Tsvetana Paraskova




Washington's Strategic Defeat, Erdogan Trumps Gulenist Coup By James Petras Israeli Fascism: Soldier Elor Azaria Becomes a National Hero for Killing the  Defenseless, Wounded Palestinian, Abdul Fatah Al-Sharif By Uri Avnery Global Warriors Are Competing to Destroy the Arab World, Global Rivalries Are Destroying Humanity By Mahboob A Khawaja Today's Downturn Sets Markets Up For A Dramatic Oil Price Spike By Nick Cunningham.
The Change Bernie Sanders Movement Made in the Democratic Party Platform By James Zogby My Response to Bill Clinton, On My Liberty and Your America By Ramzy Baroud Can Jill Stein Carry Bernie Sanders Baton, A Look at the Green Party Candidate's Radical Funding Solution By Ellen Brown Israeli prime minister defended the arrest of children and blamed the native Palestinian victims for their own suffering By Mazin Qumsiyeh




A Discussion of Trump's 10 Main Policy ideas Mentioned in his Acceptance Speech By Hassan El-Najjar Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Lick the Boots of Israeli Soldiers By Uri Avnery An America neither Republicans nor Democrats Dare Show By Ben Tanosborn The 2016 Two US Presidential Election Conventions By James J Zogby
The US Power Keg and Polarization in 2016 By James Petras Farewell to Yarmouk, A Palestinian Refugee's Journey from Izmir to Greece By Ramzy Baroud Renouncing Jewishness, Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon By Eric Walberg Japan's Helicopter-Money Play, Road to Hyperinflation or Cure for Debt Deflation By Ellen Brown







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