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Utopia, Nostalgia, and the Jew

By Gilad Atzmon

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 30, 2016

When Chomsky refers to ‘wide general agreement’ you should always expect a lie

Ernst Nolte-The Last German

Utopia, Nostalgia and the Jew

Utopia, the imaginary ideal society, the Eden of collective and universal yearning is at the root of Left and progressive thought. A utopian society is the political and social goal of some leftist and progressive narratives. For others the perfect society is itself the ideological means toward redemption. No left or progressive intellectual narrative is impervious to some sort of utopian ideal. 

But for about half of the American people, utopia is nostalgic.  The return of the ‘American Dream,’ of being great once again – this is the idyllic dream shared by supporters of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The history of ideas has seen this transition before.  The Jewish Cultural Marxists of the 1930s were shocked by a similar development.  Wilhelm Reich and other prominent members of the Frankfurt School were bewildered by the success of National Socialism and Fascism. They couldn’t figure out how was it possible that the German and Italian workers favoured ‘reactionary’ fascism over a ‘communist utopia.’ 

In Germany in the 1930s, as in America 2016, it was nostalgia and romanticism that gave utopia meaning, the yearning for a national rootedness over a ‘progressive’ Shangri La. 

The Jewish ‘Left’ quickly diagnosed what was wrong with the Germans, for Wilhelm Reich it was German sexuality.  He had the ridiculous idea that German women being sexually suppressed was at the core of German inclination towards authoritarianism. The Jewish psychoanalyst must have been convinced that dildos were the key to a communist revolution. A few years later, Adorno improved on Reich’s paradigm, adding a few other criteria to the model of the “authoritarian personality.”  Adorno, Reich and the rest of the cultural Marxists were obviously deluded. Pornography, dildos and the sexual revolution didn’t mature into a political revolution. Quite the opposite, they contributed to alienation, reification and suppression of pretty much every human value.  

The Germans and the National Socialists weren’t too tolerant of Reich and the other members of the Frankfurt School. Reich and the Frankfurt Schoolers had to run for their lives. The Frankfurt Research Institute relocated at Columbia University in New York City from where it devoted the next few years to the destruction of the cohesiveness of the American people. 

Unlike the German people who were quick to reject the Jewish revolutionary progressive school, it took the American intelligentsia half a century to detect the subversive role of the Institute that planted identity politics and political correctness at the heart of America’s academia, culture, media and politics.

And now, in 2016, the Jewish progressive elite is making exactly the same mistake the Frankfurt School made in the 1930s. The reaction of the likes of Noam Chomsky and The Jewish Daily Forward to the American working people is catastrophic and dangerous. Chomsky calls Trump voters “White poor working class”*, The Jewish Daily Forward calls them “White supremacist,” “losers” and “bullies.” And what is the real the crime of all these “White losers”? Simple, they are nostalgic.

Chomsky calls Trump voters “White poor working class”, is he misinformed or just lying?* 

It is noticeable that Jewish progressive institutions and left icons are horrified by “White people” being ‘nostalgic,’ but why? Why are the Jews, a people who are obsessed with their own past, so afraid of other people, say ‘White’ people, being nostalgic for their own past? Ready? Beware; I am about to drop a bomb. 

The progressive Jew grasps that the working class are nostalgic for a pre-Jerusalem Dominated society; a time when American politics weren’t controlled by the likes of Saban, Soros, Goldman, Sachs and other global capitalists who are isolated from production, manufacturing and farming.  The so called ‘progressives’ in Democracy Now, Real News, The Jewish Daily Forward and the other Soros funded outlets can interpret the primaries. They are fearful of being relegated to the ghetto. 

But do they have reason? Has anyone mentioned expelling the Jews? Or curtailing Jewish power? Not at all. The progressive fear of the so-called ‘reactionary’ is fuelled by a deep understanding that the American past was indeed greater than the progressive present - the tyranny of correctness, the identitarian dictatorship and, more than anything else, the lack of a future that is attached to Mammonism - the relentless sick of Mammon for the sake of Mammon. 

On a further note, in historical retrospect, the entire work of the Cultural Marxists, Wilhelm Reich, the Frankfurt school and their contemporary progressive merchants can be trashed. Their agenda has become transparent, they were committed to misleading society about the simple fact that true utopia is nostalgic. They devoted themselves to concealing what is obvious and undeniable: for the working people rootedness is true liberation and romanticism is truly romantic. 

*As usual it is hard to figure out whether Chomsky is misinformed or just lying. A quick internet search reveals that Trump’s “voters are better off economically compared with most Americans.” (click here) Trump also enjoys a growing number of educated people (click here). When Chomsky refers to ‘wide general agreement’ you should always expect a lie. Being a linguist, Chomsky has established a manner of non-committal spin culture -- ‘general agreement’ doesn’t have to correspond with truth.


Ernst Nolte-The Last German

An Obituary by Gilad Atzmon 

In his book Heidegger and the Jews, the French philosopher François Léotard contends that history may promise to narrate the past, but what it does instead is conceal our collective shame. American history conceals slavery and genocidal American militancy, Brits attempt to cover their imperial crimes and Jewish history covers the astonishing fact that Jews are uniquely skilled in bringing disasters on themselves. The real historian, according to Léotard, is the one who unveils the shame and exposes it to the light. The real historian is a philosopher - an essentialist who introduces logos to an epoch that initially conveys itself as ‘irrational.’  Like a psychoanalyst, the real historian removes layer after layer of repressed shame aspiring toward reason, coherence and the truth.

Professor Ernst Nolte, who died last Thursday (93), was a real historian. This makes sense, during the Second World War, Nolte was a student of the great Martin Heidegger. 

Nolte was probably the first post war academic to break taboos against equating Nazism with Bolshevism. He was immediately denounced by the conventional academic institutions as an ‘apologist for Hitler’ and a ‘Holocaust denier.’ However, most of Nolte's findings that were revolutionary in the 1960-80s are now accepted by most historians as a valid understanding of German National Socialism. 

Nolte, found himself in a ferocious battle with the academic establishment in 1986 for suggesting that the Germans’ inclination towards National Socialism was a natural response to the ‘existential threat’ posed by Bolshevism.  He also compared Hitler’s brutality towards Jews and other minorities with Stalin’s mass killings. Nolte was correct that Stalin’s brutality towards mass populations predated Hitler’s oppressive measures towards people he identified as enemies of the state.  “Did the ‘Gulag Archipelago’ not exist before Auschwitz?”  Nolte asked in his 1986 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) article.

Nolte attempted to examine German shame in a search for logos in German modern history. In fact, that logos is more relevant now than ever. Nolte realised in the 1960s that fascism was the great anti-movement: it was anti-liberal, anti-communist, anti-capitalist, and anti-bourgeois. It opposed modernity. It is Nolte’s inclination towards logos in understanding fascism that helps us interpret the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Both men are regarded by their followers as a counter force to the mommonite/oligarch establishment. 

Unlike Wilhelm Riech and the Frankfurt School enthusiasts who came to the ludicrous conclusion that Germans favoured National Socialism over Marxist revolution because they were ‘sexually repressed’ and inclined towards authoritarianism, Nolte bravely revisited the past and discovered that it made a lot more sense than most of us were willing to admit at the time.  

As one might predict, being a real historian didn’t make Nolte’s life easy. Immediately after the publication of his FAZ article he became subject to an orchestrated onslaught led by Jewish academics and others.  One of Nolte’s bitterest enemies in Germany was the notorious Frankfurt School shabbos goy Jürgen Habermas who accused Nolte of “grossly apologetic tendencies.” If history were left to Habermas and his Frankfurt School idols we would still blame German sexual repression for WWII and the rise of Hitler.  

Professor Nolte wasn’t an admirer of Hitler.  He consistently condemned Nazism. However, Nolte did react with interest to Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf ‘s reports that questioned the scientific possibility of the homicidal use of the gas chambers in Auschwitz.  If history is there to narrate the past, such a narrative must evolve and shift as time passes, more facts come to light and we can reconsider what happened and rewrite the past accordingly.  

The real historian is a person who transcends temporality and introduces rationality where it has been lacking. Nolte replaced the absurd notion of ‘collective authoritarian psychosis’ with historicity. He did it all by essentialism. Thus, Nolte, the real German Historian was quicker than others to see Israel for what it is.  In his 1991 book “Historical Thinking in the 20th Century,” he referred to Israel as an“extraordinary state” and warned that it could become fascist and commit genocide against Palestinians.

To his last day Professor Nolte was unrepentant, he said what he believed to be true. 



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