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Israeli Apartheid Regime Continues Persecution of the Palestinian People, Forcing them to Live Under Its Brutal Military Occupation, September 24, 2017

3 Million Displaced Iraqis, 1.7 Million Refugees from Mosul Alone, as the War on Sunni Muslim Arab Iraqis Continues in Al-Anbar, September 24, 2017 US-Russian-Iranian-Regime War Against Sunni Muslim Arab Areas in Syria Continues with Hundreds Killed Daily, September 24, 2017






8 Americans Killed in Plano, Texas, Raising Number of Gun Violence Victims to 10,720, But to the Disappointment of Zionists, the Perpetrator Is Not a Muslim, September 10, 2017

Palestinians Participate in the Relief Effort to the American Victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, September 10, 2017 Israeli Occupation Soldiers Abduct More Palestinians, Attack Farmers and Students, Raid Commercial Centers, September 10, 2017



Palestinian Raed Salhi Dies of Wounds by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Who Attack Peaceful Palestinian Protest, Injure and Abduct Civilians, September 5, 2017 UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres: Capitulation to Israel and Lip Service to Palestinians, September 5, 2017 Israeli Stooges at the UK Labour's National Policy Forum Propose a Pro-Israel Shift in Party Policy on Palestine, September 5, 2017 



The Carnage Against Iraqi Sunni Muslim Areas Continues by US-Led Coalition, Iraqi and Kurdish Forces, Hundreds Killed, Cities Destroyed, September 5, 2017 Hundreds of Syrians Killed by Russian-Regime Air Strikes, Bombardment, Destroying City After City, September 5, 2017 Killing from Both Sides Continues, by Saudi-Led Arab Coalition Air Strikes and Yemeni Missile Attacks, September 5, 2017



































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