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Palestinian Prime Minister, Hamdallah, Demands British Apology for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, Which Enabled Israelis to Dispossess Palestinians, October 30, 2017

700,000 Mosul Refugees Still Displaced, Scores of Iraqis Killed Daily in Sunni Muslim Provinces by Iraqi Government and Coalition Attacks, October 30, 2017 Yemen War Continues with Air Strikes and Cross Border Missiles, With Absence of Peace Initiatives, October 30, 2017



Spanish Central Government Moves to Take control of Catalonia After Dismissing President and Parliament, October 30, 2017 Kurdish Leader Barzani Resigns After Failure of his Secession Attempt, Iraqi Forces Control Border Posts, with Few Skirmishes, October 30, 2017 Scores of Syrians Killed Daily in Various Cities by Regime Forces, Opposition, Russian and US-Led Attacks, October 30, 2017



Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Settlers Continue Violation of Palestinian Human Rights, Through Attacks, House Demolitions, and Abductions, October 21, 2017

Hundreds of Iraqis Killed Daily, Destruction of Sunni Areas Continues, Kurdish Front Reopened, October 21, 2017 Scores of Syrians Killed, Neighborhoods Continue to be Destroyed in Various Cities, October 21, 2017




Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Palestinians, Raid Homes, Injure People, Abduct Civilians, Allow Illegal Settlers to Terrorize them, October 11, 2017

US-Iraqi Government Air Strikes Continue the Killing of Sunni Muslim Arabs and Devastation of their Cities and Villages, October 11, 2017 Syrian Holocaust Continues as US-Russian-Regime Air Strikes, and Militia Attacks Continue on Sunni Muslim Arab Cities and Villages, October 11, 2017



Stephen Paddock Kills 50 Americans, Injures 406 in Las Vegas Music Concert, Increasing Death Toll by Gun Violence to 11,652 in the First 9 Months of 2017




98% of Gaza Water Polluted, Palestinians Attacked, Abducted, Prevented to Harvest Olives by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, October 1, 2017

US-Led Air Strikes and Iraqi Forces Attacks on Sunni Muslim Arab Cities, Anbar Refugees Forced Out of their Camps, October 1, 2017 3050 Syrians Killed in September 2017 by US-Russian-Regime Air Strikes and Attacks, October 1, 2017



Kurdistan Referendum on Secession from Iraq Is Illegitimate, Opposed by Turkey, Iran, and the US, October 2, 2017 Catalan Referendum on Independence Declared Illegal by Spain's Central Government, Clashes Between Federal Police and Voters, October 1, 2017 Taliban Claim the Deadly Assault on Afghani Government and Police Headquarters in Maroof District, October 1, 2017















































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