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The   "Creative   Destruction"  of   the   Middle   East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime




Palestinian Killed, Several Injured, Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Forces, Israel to Resume Illegal Settlement Activities Attacks Intensify on Mosul, So Does Death and Destruction, Iraqi Sectarian Government Exiles Sunnis from Salahuddin District, November 21, 2016 Genocidal War Continues in Syria, 105 People Killed in One Day, Civilians Flee Trying to Escape Death, November 23, 2016 As Fighting Continues in Yemen, Iranians Mention Intentions to Establish Naval Base in the Torn Country, November 28, 2016.




Israeli Attacks and Arrests Against Palestinians, Trump-Putin's Show of Support for Israeli Apartheid Regime, November 11, 2016 War on Mosul Intensifies the Humanitarian Tragedy of Iraqis Inside and Outside of the City, November 12, 2016. As Fighting Continues, Syrians Flee Al-Raqqa Countryside for Fear of Being Massacred by Regime and Coalition Air Strikes, November 12, 2016. Saudi-Led Coalition Air Strikes Continue, as Yemeni Rival Forces Fight in Various Cities, November 12, 2016


























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