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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Saudi-Led Coalition Air Strikes Continue, as Yemeni Rival Forces Fight in Various Cities

November 12, 2016 


Saudi-led coalition air defense systems intercept Houthis ballistic missile on Mareb, November 11, 2016 Yemeni anti-Saudi forces launch a missile against pro-Saudi forces in al-Jadan area of Marib province, November 11, 2016


The following news stories are from the pro-Saudi website Al-Masdar (  ):


Saudi-led coalition air defense systems intercept Houthis ballistic missile on Mareb


The air defense systems of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition intercepted on Friday a ballistic missile launched by the Houthi militants and forces loyal to the former president Saleh towards Mareb city.  
A local source told Almasdaronline that the missile was bombed on the airspace of Mareb city after being intercepted by the coalition air defense systems.  
It is noteworthy that Houthi militia and Saleh forces have been targeting Mareb city almost daily, but the air defense systems intercept them, and no material damages or casualties were caused.
The ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi and Saleh forces have been trying to target Mareb city and the oil facilities since the expulsion of the Houthi militias and Saleh forces from the areas surrounding the city late last year.

Saudi-led coalition fighters bomb Houthi militias sites in Mokha and Taiz


The fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched five airstrikes on Friday on sites of Houthi militia and Saleh forces in Dhubab and Mokha districts western Taiz Governorate. 
A local source stated to Almasdaronline that the coalition fighter targeted the sites of the Houthi melitia and Saleh forces in Aljadded area in Dhubab and their sites in Al Zaharri area of Mokha.
The source confirmed that some elements were killed and others injured and military vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes. 
It is worth mentioning that the coalition fighters and Apache helicopters are flying constantly over the west coast of Taiz a day after targeting boats loaded with weapons in the port of Mokha, according to the source.

Arab Coalition fighters bomb Houthis and Saleh forces sites southern Sana'a


Local residents in Yemen Capital Sana'a stated on Wednesday that the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched 3 airstrikes on Houthis and Saleh forces sites south of Sana'a city.
The locals told Almasdaronline that the air strikes targeted Alhafa military camp which is the main stronghold of the Reserve Forces, that carries strong loyalty to the former president Saleh.
It is worth mentioning that Sana'a city has been quiet and the airstrikes have stopped since after the two airstrikes that targeted the funeral hall south of the city last month, in which about 140 persons were killed, most of whom were senior officials.


The following news stories are from the anit-Saudi website Al-Motamar (

Army, popular forces hit Saudi mercenaries in Taiz

Thursday, 10-November-2016

The artillery units of the army and popular forces pounded gatherings of the Saudi-paid mercenaries in al-Wazaaih district of Taiz governorate, a military official said. The artillery hit the target directly, causing heavy casualties among the enemies and their equipment. 

Missile forces hit mercenaries `gathering in Marib

Thursday, 10-November-2016

The army and popular forces hit Saudi-paid mercenaries in al-Jadan area of Marib province, a military official said on Thursday. The forces fired Gharad missiles on the posts and groups of the mercenaries in Salb in the same district, killing and injuring dozens.

Army foils mercenaries` infiltration in Nehm

Thursday, 10-November-2016

Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and others wounded in an unique operation carried out by the army and popular forces in Nehm district of Sanaa province, a military official saidon Thursday. The operation was on Wednesday when the mercenaries tried to advance toward Yam Mount and al-Tabab al-Sawd area as the aggression war jets flew over in attempt to back their mercenaries in the same district. The national forces killed dozens of mercenaries and wounded scores, as well bombed a 14,5 caliber machine gun.

Saudi aggression drop cluster bombs on Saada, Hajja

Thursday, 10-November-2016

Saudi war aggression war jets dropped cluster bombs on Saada and Hajja governorates overnight, security officials said on Thursday. The cluster bombs were dropped on al-Ataifain area of Kutaf district in Saada. In Hajja, the Saudi aggression warplanes targeted Muthalath Medi three times with the cluster bombs.

Saudi aggression war jets kill 3 civilians, wound 9 in Sanaa

Thursday, 10-November-2016

Three citizens were killed and nine injured, including four in critical cases when the Saudi fighter jets struck Manakhah district of Sanaa governorate overnight, an official said.

Saudi aggression fighter jets two strikes on Jawf

Wednesday, 09-November-2016

Saudi aggression war jets waged two strikes on al-Maslub district of al-Jawf province overnight, an official said on Wednesday. The strikes caused destruction in citizens` properties.

Army kills Saudi-paid mercenaries in Taiz

Wednesday, 09-November-2016

A number of Saudi–paid mercenaries were killed and others injured when the mercenaries` attack foiled by the army and popular forces in al-Salu district of Taiz province, a military official said on Wednesday.

Supreme Political Council reviews with Prime Minister process of forming new Govt

Wednesday, 09-November-2016

President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Sammad and his deputy Kasim Labuza held a meeting with Prime Minister Abdul Aziz Bin Habtoor. During the meeting, which was held on Tuesday, the officials reviewed the process of completing the formation of a new national salvation government.

Army's artillery targets military locations of mercenaries in Marib

Wednesday, 09-November-2016

The army's artillery targeted military locations of the aggression mercenaries in Hreeb Nehm area of Marib province, a military official said on Wednesday . The artillery forces also shelled Salb mount, killing and wounding scores of the enemies.

Saudi jets raid al-Maslob

Wednesday, 09-November-2016

Saudi fighter jets waged two raids on al-Maslob district of Jawf province on Wednesday morning, an officials said. The raids led to huge damage to citizens' Property


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