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August 31, 2012


Text of Mitt Romney's GOP Convention Speech: More American Wars for Israel, August 31, 2012


One Day of Israeli Violations, Killing, Arrests, Distortions and the Palestinian People, August 30, 2012  


Israeli Murderer of American Peace Activist, Rachel Corrie, Acquitted After Nine Years by Zionist Judges, August 28, 2012  


August 27, 2012


Massacre in Daraya Marks Bloodiest Day of Syrian Revolution  

Israeli Apartheid Government Denies Entry to International Activist Heading to Bethlehem, while Allowing Entry to Supporters of Violent Settlers  


GOP to Adopt Anti-Islam Platform Plank Inspired by Zionist  Islamophobe David Yerushalmi  


Islamophobia in the US: New York Anti-Islam Hate on the Rise  


Poll: Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Political Rhetoric Affecting U.S. Opinion


Obama Warns Assad of US Military Intervention If Chemical Weapons Are Moved or Used  


Escalation of Israeli Settler Attacks and Violations Against Palestinians, Condemned by US, the Main Backer of Apartheid State  


Russian Rocket with US Satellite Launched Seaborne, Progress M-15M Spacecraft Sunk in Pacific  


August 16, 2012


2 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan on Friday, 7 on Thursday, August 17, 2012  


Dozens of Striking South African Miners Killed by Police  


UK Threat to Storm Ecuadorian Embassy and Arrest Julian Assange, Wikileaks Press  


Makkah Islamic Summit Aims at Finding Solution to Syrian Civil War, Solidarity with Rohingya Muslims, and Shi'i-Sunni Dialogue  


NUMEC mega-lawsuits could target Israeli gov't if LBJ files declassified - IRmep  


Firebomb Attack on Florida Muslim Family, 8 Attacks on Muslims in 11 Days  


Illinois Muslim School Hit with Acid Bomb, Shooting at Chicago Mosque, Paintballs Fired at Oklahoma Mosque  


KY Bill Based on Anti-Islam Legislation, CA Mosque Spying Case Centers on FBI Informant, MO Groups to Show Support for Burned Mosque  


Ramadan Is the Ideal Time to Quit Smoking


August 14, 2012


Summit of 57 Muslim Nations Convenes in Makkah for Talks About Syria, Jerusalem, and Rohingya Muslims


306 People Killed, 4500 Injured in Iran Twin Earthquakes, August 13, 2012  


U.S. Would Join Israeli Strike on Iran, According to Officials from Obama and Romney Campaigns  


Romney Picks Fiscal Hawk Ryan as Vice President in his US Presidential Race Against Obama  


Egyptian President Morsi Ends Military Rule of Generals, Cancels their Constitutional Amendment, Appoints a Judge as Vice President  


Syrian Troops Overrun City of Aleppo, Conflicting Claims Follow Crash of Military Jet  


Thomas Caffall Kills a Police Officer in Texas, for Serving him an Eviction Notice at his Home, August 13, 2012  


11 Palestinian Civilians Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Illegal Israeli Settlers Poison Herds of Palestinian Shepherds  


Israeli Soldier Who Killed a Palestinian Mother and Daughter Receives Sentence of Only 45 Days in Prison  


Egypt to Reopen Rafah Gate to Gaza Within a Week Easing Travel and Aid


August 6, 2012


NASA's Curiosity Science Rover Lands on Mars  


16 Egyptian Soldiers Killed In Attack Near Rafah by a Group that Entered Israel, Just Days After Haniya's Visit to Cairo  


Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab Defects to Jordan, Joins Opposition  


6 People Killed in Attack on Wisconsin Sikh Temple, Muslim and Arab American Organizations Condemn the Hate Crime and Advice Caution  


Opposing Views About Palestinians Between Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney  


Formidable American Muslim Voting Bloc  


Anti-Islam Agitators Stretch Fight Beyond Murfreesboro Mosque, Tennessee  


US Muslim Groups Declare August 10 Day of Solidarity with the Syrian People


August 1, 2012


ADC Appalled at Republican Party's Continued Spread of Xenophobia, Hate & Ignorance  


CODEPINK Peace Activist Rae Abileah Wins Compensation, Apology from AIPAC Militant Stanley Shulster  


Florida law enforcement comes under scrutiny for repeatedly using anti-Islam trainer Sam Kharoba  


Tennessee Islamophobe Multimillionaire Andy Miller in Crusade to Defeat Representative Dian Black for Rejecting his Anti-Islamic Rants


Islamophobia in the US, July 31, 2012  






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