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Islamophobia in the US

KY Bill Based on Anti-Islam Legislation, CA Mosque Spying Case Centers on FBI Informant, MO Groups to Show Support for Burned Mosque

CAIR, August 16, 2012


CAIR: Kentucky Bill Based on Anti-Islam Legislation (Cincinnati Enquirer) [W]hile such bills in other states don't mention Islam, many of the bills' sponsors and supporters have stirred anti-Muslim sentiment in public hearings. "They don't mention Sharia or Islam except at the hearings," said [CAIR's] Ibrahim Hooper. "The bill's intent is to stigmatize Islam, which becomes evident when you probe or question the sponsors on why they introduce such bizarre bills."

CAIR-LA: Mosque Spying Case Centers on FBI Informant (LA Times) The lawsuit, filed by [CAIR] and the [ACLU], contends that the FBI illegally targeted mainstream Muslims through its actions, violating their rights.

CAIR-LA: Federal Court Hearing on FBI Surveillance of Calif. Muslims

CAIR-LA: Suit Demands FBI Expunge Files on OC Muslims (OC Weekly)

CAIR: Mo. Groups to Show Support for Congregation of Burned Mosque On Wednesday, August 15, CAIR-St. Louis will take part in an news conference with interfaith and civil rights leaders designed to show support for the congregation of the Islamic Society of Joplin, which was destroyed by a suspicious fire.

CAIR: 'Islamophobia Machine' Encouraging Violent Attacks "Whenever you have people with some measure of respect in society smearing Muslims and Islam, it's going to have a negative impact in terms of these kinds of incidents," [CAIR's] Hooper concluded.

Paul Ryan Featured Alongside Fake 'Former Terrorist'

CAIR-Chicago: Islamic Groups Alarmed by Violent Incidents (Tribune) "That was 11 years ago, and we are now seeing a sudden rise and more hate rhetoric," [CAIR's] Rehab said. "You even hear it from politicians and elected officials. Even though (they) might make a side note that most Muslims are good people, it creates a general atmosphere of hate, and some nut might go out and respond to it."

Video: Chicago-Area Muslim Institution Targeted by Hate

(CAIR) CAIR: Police Probing Attack on Islamic School

(Reuters) Video: CAIR-OK Seeks Added Protection for Mosques in Ramadan

Video: Possible Hate Crime at Oklahoma Mosque

(CAIR) Video: CAIR-LA Asks DOJ to Probe Pig Legs Left at Mosque Site

CAIR: Eight Anti-Muslim Attacks, 11 Days

(Salon) CAIR-LA: Interfaith Witnesses Show Support for Muslim Community

"Only firm action by local, state and federal law enforcement authorities will send the message that bias-motivated attacks on Muslims, or Americans of any faith, will not be tolerated," [CAIR-LA's] Hussam Ayloush said.

NY Assembly Candidate Speaks Out Against Mosque Assembly hopeful Ben Akselrod is railing against the construction of the Sheepshead Bay mosque a hopeless battle political insiders say the former Community Board 15 district manager has no chance of turning around, but will help him pander to Southern Brooklyn conservatives looking to get rid of the Muslim house of worship.

Islamophobia Watch: Calif. Mosque Opponents Target the 'Evils' of Islam After months of arguing over county building codes in an effort to keep the proposed Cordoba Center Islamic mosque and cemetery out of San Martin, the Morgan Hill/Gilroy Patriots are turning the debate to the threat of Islamic presence in the South County with a public event this Saturday.

CAIR-FL: Website Offers Islamic Attire (Miami Herald) Nezar Hamze, director of [CAIR-SFL], said there are about 110,000 Muslims in South Florida. "Some have businesses, from restaurants to tobacco and hookah bars, that are growing quite a bit, and what Yasemin does is just another example [of the growth of Muslim businesses






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