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Massacre in Daraya Marks Bloodiest Day of Syrian Revolution

August 27, 2012

Syrian American Council



Massacre in Daraya Marks Bloodiest Day of Syrian Revolution




[Washington, DC, 8/26/2012] - Saturday marked the bloodiest day in Syria since the revolution began on March 15, 2011 with the death toll reaching a record high of 440 in one day.  Over 200 people were massacred in the Damascus suburb of Daraya. Most were reported to have been killed by Syrian troops "execution style" on Saturday, including 156 people shot in the basement of a mosque.  


Daraya is famous for having held the first peaceful demonstrations in which participants carried roses and gave out bottled water to security forces. The regime's offensive against Daraya began on August 20th, with the regime relentlessly shelling the town. The tally for the Daraya massacre may be even higher since activists have not been able to reach many of the areas where dead civilians are believed to be.  Many others are seriously injured, with nowhere to get medical treatment since the town is still under siege.


SEE: Daraya, Syria Violence: More Than 200 Dead In Suburb Outside Damascus, Activists Say - Reuters   


It is no coincidence that the bloodiest day in Assad's crack-down followed President Obama's speech in which he warned Assad not to cross the red line of using chemical weapons. This was actually a green light to the Assad regime to use every other weapon in their arsenal to continue killing, wounding and maiming Syrian civilians.  Once again the world has allowed yet another massacre to take place due to inaction and impotence.


SEE: Obama warns Syria over chemical weapons - Aljazeera


Feras Alhlou, national director of PR for SAC emphasizes that, "The world has yet to send a strong message in the only language that Bashar al-Assad understands that murdering innocent civilians, men, women and children is not, cannot and never will be acceptable to the global community. The Syrian opposition is not asking for anyone to give up their lives to defend them, but only to give them a fair chance to defend themselves, not only against Assad's well equipped army and shabiha, but against the weapons and support provided by Iran, Hizbollah, and Russia. The Syrian opposition asks only for a safe haven for humanitarian and logistical reasons, and access to arms that can truly make a difference against the Assad regime's airplanes, helicopters and tanks. Nothing short of this is going to stop Assad's killing machine and rising atrocities. As with the Bosnian genocide 20 years ago, it took the courage and foresight of officials in the Clinton administration to push for a policy that truly backed up the ideal of 'Never Again.' We are asking for nothing less than this from the Obama administration."

The Syrian American Council (SAC) was founded in 2005 to mobilize Syrian Americans to strengthen civil society in Syria, to promote friendly relations between the Syrian and American peoples, to engage civic and governmental organizations to advance civil liberties, human dignity and democracy in Syria. The organization has represented Syrian Americans to the U.S. State Department, Congress, and in international meetings and councils. 

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CONTACT: SAC Communications Director Rashad Al-Dabbagh,, 626-375-2537.  


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