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Donald Trump Speech at AIPAC Policy Conference, on March 21, 2016 and the Israeli Occupation of the American Mind Millions of Americans Are Reeling and in Shock that Donald Trump Is the President-Elect By James J Zogby Is the US Against the World Now, Trump's America and the New Global Order By Francis Fukuyama. Majority of Americans Oppose Any Increase in the US Military Role Overseas By James Petras


Hold on Tight to your Safety Belt for the Roller-Coaster of the Erratic Trump Ride By Uri Avnery Trump won't confront Wall Street, multi-nationals, military-industrial complex or Israel lobby By James Petras US Electoral College System Is Undemocratic and Archaic By Ben Tanosborn Trump May Kill Netanyahu with Kindness By Jonathan Cook.
Civilians Are Left Dying in Mosul By Mariam Al Hijab. Praying for Freedom, Why Is Israel Silencing the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem By Ramzy Baroud Trump's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan, Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution By Ellen Brown OPEC's Bearish Report Provides Little Hope For Oil Markets By Irina Slav


Donald Trump's Moment as Anti-Establishment President, How Long Will it Last By Lawrence Davidson Trump, Is a People's New World Order Taking Shape  By Eric Walberg Trumpism, A Result of Globalization Which Left Working-Class Voters in Despair By Uri Avnery Trump's Election Breaks Chains of Political Correctness, Points to Cataclysmic Misreading by the Polling Industry By Ben Tanosborn.
Trumping the Red, White, and Blew it By Lloyd Griffin Trump Presidency and the Continuous Invasion to Destroy the Arab Middle East  By Mahboob A  Khawaja The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites, An Imminent Split within Fatah By Ramzy Baroud Comparison of Polls Before and After 2016 US Presidential Election By Hassan El-Najjar, November 12, 2016







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