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Opinion Editorials, November, 2016

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Trumping the Red, White, and Blew it

By Lloyd Griffin

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 12, 2016

Trump and his supporters  

The American voters have stunned the world today and handed Donald J. Trump the keys to the White House.  

The alleged billionaire has claimed one of the most unlikely presidential victories in history, on the back of hate speech and clichéd nationalist nonsense.

The post-ambush analysis suggests that Trump polled very well with “everyday Joes” and the temptation and the fantasy of “change” was too much for some punters to resist. Donald’s legions of fans believe he will deliver them economic growth, jobs and a strong foreign policy coupled with effective border control.

The ironic thing is, Donald Trump is currently building his luxury branded hotels and golf courses in Dubai using exploited migrant labour – the very thing he will allegedly stamp out in the US by building his Lego wall of idiocy on the Mexican border.

How exactly does a man with a questionable business record and shady employment practices relate to, or provide for, the working class citizens of America?

It’s not the first time a draft dodger with a rich daddy (Don Don inherited his father’s businesses) was catapulted into the role of Leader of the Free World, but it is the first time a person who openly spews hate speech, lies, creates paranoia and boasts of misogyny has seized power to the surprise of well, everyone on the planet. Even Putin must be asking if he has been “Punk’d”.

Donald Trump’s election is a colossal setback for just about every social “ism” that exists: racism, feminism and activism most disturbingly. Young women around the world, who were hoping for common sense to prevail and for the US society to make a stand by showing Trump that ignorance and misogyny will not be tolerated, have the right to feel betrayed by their fellow voters today. Treason is not too strong of a word here.

President-elect Trump did not pull himself up in life by any boot straps, unless you are referring to the footwear worn by his underpaid and mistreated “alien” employees. This curious mess of a human being has somehow pulled off the biggest political ambush the world has ever known.

Trump is not “here for the people” as he passionately declares, he is here for some people. He is in your corner, so long as you are a white, racist, delusional lemming that wants to wrap themselves in fear and blame minorities for the systemic social problems plaguing the United States of America.

One has to hope, that much like other puppet leaders (Berlusconi, George W Bush etc) Trump won’t actually have much say in running the country. Financial backers and campaign contributors shape public policy in the US, as they do in most first-world countries. Let’s hope for all our sake however, that Trump has someone pseudo-sane in his team that gives him dummy nuke codes and no real input into anything that matters. His strategy was moronically simple and devoid of any substance – but it worked. The Trump wagon of toxicity has just irrevocably changed the way politics is played and come up, cornily, Trumps.  


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