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I am Palestine
A New Israeli Law Allows Illegal Settlers to Steal Palestinian Land Anywhere By Uri Avnery Israel's West Bank tourism drive makes Palestinians invisible By Jonathan Cook. Conspiracy vs Conspiracy, 911 Truthers Sue Government By Frank Scott. Not So Prolific, US Shale Faces A Reality Check By James Stafford.
Theresa May - friend of Israel     
UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, Renews Vow of Servility to Israel By Nureddin Sabir  Zionists Treat America as an Israeli Colony, Smear Peace and Justice Activists, We Are All Palestinians Now By Gilad Atzmon  American Zionist Media Beat Drums of Hate Against Russia and  Putin By Ben Tanosborn Haider Jamal, the Russian Muslim Peace and Justice Activist will be Remembered as a defender of Islam and Palestine
False Prophets in the Media, Politics, and Academia Trapped in their Own Worldviews By James Petras.      



Delegitimizing Israel, Nobody does it better than the Israelis themselves By Stuart Littlewood Fascism, Politely Called Populism, Spreading from Israel to the US and Britain By Uri Avnery Fat'h, Hold Your Applause, Palestinian Body Politic Rotten to the Core By Ramzy Baroud Israel National News Against Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon
Castro Lived and Died as a Hero in Cuba but his Death was Rejoiced by Cuban Americans By Lawrence Davidson Amended HB 476:Ohio Bill Encroaches on US Federal Government and Violates International Law, Including the Geneva Convention By Marcelle Rose Anthony Arab Leaders and Aleppo, Insanity Overtakes Humanity By Mahboob  A  Khawaja The Consistent Pattern of Shattering of Consensus in Pakistan By Zeenia Satti
     Nuclear power plant
Neo-McCarthyism, US Senate Passes a Bill Scrutinizing College Campuses for Criticism of Apartheid Israeli Regime By James J Zogby 2016 US Presidential Election, Racism, Capitalism, and Denialism By Frank Scott More Thoughts on Trump's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan By Ellen Brown Trump Could Fuel A Nuclear Energy Boom In 2017 By James Stafford



PYM Caravan at Standing Rock (Photo: Awad Yasin)
Less Symbolism, More Action, Towards Meaningful Solidarity with Palestine By Ramzy Baroud Netanyahu's Son Proposes a Bill to Prohibit the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem, in Another Anti-Islam Provocation By Uri Avnery The Crisis of Gaza Displaced Families and Demolished Homes Continues Two Years After the Israeli Savage War of 2014 By Ibrahim Natil Palestinian Americans Participate in North Dakota Standing Rock Protest, as the Struggle for Justice is One By James J Zogby
The Ongoing Cold-Blooded Massacres of Arabs in the Middle East World, For and By Whom By Mahboob  A Khawaja The 'Worker President' and the Banker Regime, Brazil under Lula DaSilva 2003-2010 By James Petras Muslim Turkey abandoning hopes to join Christian EU By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Human Rights Watch and FIFA Test Middle East Fallout of Trump's Election By James M Dorsey















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