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Opinion Editorials, December, 2016

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Zionists Treat America as an Israeli Colony, Smear Peace and Justice Activists: We Are All Palestinians Now

By Gilad Atzmon

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, December 19, 2016


We are all Palestinians

Theresa May and her prime Shabbos Goy, Eric Pickles, insisted this week that we don’t conflate between Israel and Jews. I wonder why? Is it because they actually admit that Israel equals modern day evil? Or is it because they actually know very well that Israel and the Jews are one?

The vast majority of Jews actually want to be conflated with Israel.  World Jewry supports Israel institutionally. Pickles and May who are subject to constant Jewish lobbying know it very well.  However, more troubling is the fact that the few Jews who openly oppose Israel also operate in ‘Jews only’ cells. So if Israel is wrong for being a racially exclusive society, the Jewish anti Zionists are at least as bad as the Jewish State.

But the real issue is slightly different. By now we, and I mean all of us, except a few oligarchs, are all Palestinians. We are subject to the dirty games inflicted on us by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Soros, Saban, Adelson, and a few others. By now we are all subject to the tyranny of correctness that stops us from shouting out, loudly, that troubling truth which we all see.

By now we are all Palestinians and this even includes the deprived Israelis. We are all Palestinians and this includes the Greek, the Syrians, and the peoples of Detroit and Glasgow. And if we are all Palestinians, we can’t not see the glaring continuum between Athens and Baltimore… between Aleppo and Detroit, as much as we can’t turned a blind eye to the bloody silk road between Wall Street and Tel Aviv.

When we look at it with open eyes, when we examine those ZioCon wars with no end, growing poverty worldwide, we can’t stop conflating between ourselves and the Palestinians for the simple reason that we are one.


A Glimpse into Zionist Trolling Pathology
By now, American people must be accustomed to the humiliating fact that their foreign affairs are shaped by the Israeli lobby. Americans must have also learned to cope with the idea that despite the poverty and deprivation in Detroit, Newark, Baltimore and Oakland their government is sending  billions of dollars of military aid to the Jewish State.  I guess the Americans must be used to the fact that their presidential campaigns are now totally funded by Jewish oligarchs such as Saban, Soros and Adelson. Whether America likes it or not, it has been reduced into an Israeli colony. 
Thus, the sickening idea that The Times Of Israel, an ultra right wing news outlet, terrorizes a church or tells a NYC Jazz club who not to book shouldn't  be a big surprise.
Last week I was informed that a NYC Jazz club has been continuously and relentlessly harassed by one Simon Hardy Butler, a guy who voluntarily decided to take care of my music PR in the big apple.  
“I'm writing this email to call attention to the fact that musician Gilad Atzmon is a virulent anti-Semite”  Hardy Butler wrote to the Jazz club. 
But Hardy Butler didn’t provide a single evidence of me being an ‘anti-Semite’. Why should he? In the solipsistic Times of Israel’s universe, Goyim are there to obey. Let me share the good news with you already, the 'Goyim' didn’t capitulate this time.  
“I urge you to cancel his show. This individual should not be given any sort of attention--let alone positive reinforcement for his musical endeavors, ”wrote  Hardy Butler, whom I believe, never been in a jazz concert in his entire life.

My concert wasn’t cancelled. If Hardy Butler had a few more gray cells in his brain, he would notice that out of the 6 artists listed on the night 3 were Jews and Ex-Israelis (not including myself of course). Not only the night wasn’t an ‘anti Semitic’ or a ‘neo Nazi’ gathering (as he claimed), it was probably qualified for a pro-Palestinian BDS boycott.
When I started to search for some background on my new Hasbara stalker. I gathered that the boy is probably an attention-seeking mental case.  Hardy Butler  is a failure online food critic with zero credentials to his name. In his posts and letters to venues he admits being a Hasbara social media troll, who spends his time attempting to block anti Zionists, which suggests that you want to trace his FB profile and block him. However, his Twitter page is the closet thing I have ever seen to a cyber desert. Hardy Butler publishes tons of tweets yet not one person interacts with t(him), and I really mean not one, not even his Jewish mother.

But then, to my great surprise, I found out that back in October Hardy Butler pestered St. Peters Church, a Lutheran congregation in the center of Manhattan. Again he demanded that they drop my name from their program.
As we all know, Martin Luther had a serious issue with Jews. He wrote The Jews and Their Lies, an openly anti Jewish text. Yet, this fact didn’t stop Simon Hardy Butler calling the Lutheran Church and lie through his teeth. As if this is not enough, Hardy Butler also lied about himself.  He claimed to “represent Baruch College” while also being “Facebook employee.” How do I know? A person in The Church reported to me once he realised who Simon Hardy Butler was and what he represented. 
Let’s get this straight,  Simon Hardy Butler, an anonymous Zionist Jew, an imposter with zero credentials, clout or record in anything attempted to intimidate a Church.  I guess that Hasbara confidence knows no limit. I wonder, does this  Hardy Butler or his bosses at The Times Of Israel believe that such an approach is going to make Jews loved and respected. Is this how they plan to combat anti-Semitism? 
What Simon Hardy Butler doesn’t know is that the Church took him seriously. It decided to look into my work. But what they found there totally contradicted what Hardy Butler told them about me. They discovered  a straight forward call for justice that is consistent with the Christian universal values. When the story broke out earlier this week, the music programmer at the Church sent me a message to call him once I land in NYC. He was embarrassed by his initial own naiveté he wanted to put the record straight and expressed an apology for the statement the church produced under immense Zionist pressure. I guess that Hardy Butler may be upset to find out that my next appearance at the Church will be announced soon.  
Despite Hardy Simon's relentless efforts, I obviously played at the Church in October and will play there again. The concert was a great success, the hall was full.  After the concert many members of the audience came to talk to me.  Many of them identified themselves as Jews, they praised our music but some also mentioned how much they appreciate my work in the course of justice.  
I guess that Simon Hardy Butler and The Times Of Israel are going to stalk me for a while. They are welcome. Foolishly, they managed to make a relatively small Brooklyn jazz gig into a light news item. I, on my part, have always argued that music, art  and Jazz are the ultimate form  a social commitment. How strange it is to find out that it is the Times of Israel that helps me to get this crucial message across.
When I entered the Brooklyn venue a few days ago I saw a man sitting alone with his back to the wall. I recognized the face, it was Simon Hardy Butler. being a man of peace, I wanted him to feel comfortable, I went over to him to shake his hand. This is what humans do, I mean out of the ghetto. The boy flipped out.  As I was approaching him in a friendly manner, he ran away as if I was trying to push him into the sea.


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