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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Paranoid Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill 3 Palestinians and Even a Jewish Israeli, Injure and Kidnap Scores of People

53 Palestinians Killed So Far, in October 2015

October 22, 2015 


Photos: Top: Palestinians killed by paranoid Israeli occupation soldiers, Middle: Palestinians beaten and kidnapped by Israeli occupation soldiers.
Bottom left: Illegal Israeli settlers trespass the sacred Islamic site of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Bottom right: Illegal Israeli settlers guarded by Israeli soldiers throwing stones at Palestinians in Nablus (October 22, 2015).


2 Palestinian youths fatally shot by Israeli occupation forces in occupied Jerusalem

October 22, 2015, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--

Two Palestinian youths were fatally shot by the Israeli occupation troops on early Thursday morning on claims that they attempted to carry out an anti-occupation stabbing attack.

Israeli news outlets provided controversial versions on the crime, claiming the two young men tried to get into a bus to carry out a stabbing attack before they were shot dead by the Israeli occupation soldiers.

However, other Israeli news outlets claimed the youngsters were trying to gain access into the Beit Shemesh synagogue before they were detected and shot by Israeli guards. The same sources alleged that the youngsters were killed after they stabbed and moderately wounded one of the guards.

Observers, however, said the two Palestinian young men were shot in the typically cold-blooded manner Israelis have always murdered Palestinian anti-occupation protesters.

Scores of human rights organizations have accused the Israeli occupation of deliberately slaughtering Palestinian protesters and activists in such a remarkably hysterical and arbitrary manner. Many such instances have been documented by live snapshots and video footage.

Palestinian old man killed during al-Khalil clashes


A Palestinian old man died on Wednesday from excessive tear gas inhalation fired by Israeli occupation forces during clashes that erupted in al-Khalil.

The clashes erupted at Container checkpoint following the funeral of a Palestinian teen who was earlier shot and killed by Israeli gunfire.

The old man was identified as Hashem al-Azzeh. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead after suffering from excessive tear gas inhalation.

Along the same line, a Palestinian young man was seriously injured in his chest during similar clashes that broke out in Seir town in al-Khalil province.

Several Palestinians were injured with rubber-coated steel bullets in Samu town and Fawar refugee camp as confrontations erupted in protest against the killing of a local teen on Tuesday by Israeli gunfire.

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill Jewish Man After “Mistaking His Nationality," Palestinian Killed In Separate Incident

Thursday October 22, 2015 04:55 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

Israeli sources have reported that a Jewish man was shot and killed in Jerusalem, late Wednesday night, by Israeli occupation soldiers who mistook his nationality, believing he was “a Palestinian attacker.” Soldiers also shot a Palestinian dead in Jerusalem; the army claimed he stabbed a soldier.

Israeli Ynet News said the man was only identified through his ID card, and that the soldiers claimed he attacked them, and attempted to grab one of their weapons.

It added that the soldiers “mistook the Jewish man for a nationalistically motivated attacker,” a term used to describe attacks carried out by Palestinians.

The news agency also said that a female combat soldier was stabbed in the neck, suffering a critically injury, earlier Wednesday, near Benyamin settlement close to Jerusalem, and that another female soldier shot the Palestinian attacker dead. Another Palestinian was arrested, and was later cleared and released.

The slain Palestinian man has been identified as Mo’taz Atallah Qassem, 22, years of age, from the al-‘Ezariyya town, east of occupied Jerusalem.

In related news, soldiers injured a young Palestinian identified as Hussein Sufian Tarayra, after ramming him with their jeep, during clashes in Bani Neim town, east of Hebron, during clashes that erupted after the soldiers invaded the town.

On Wednesday at night, soldiers shot and killed a young Palestinian man, at the main entrance of Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

On Wednesday evening, medical sources at the Hebron Governmental Hospital, in the West bank city of Hebron, have reported on Wednesday evening that an elderly man died of severe effects of tear gas inhalation, after dozens of soldiers invaded the Zawiya area in the city.

On Tuesday at night, soldiers shot and killed two children, aged 15 and 17 years old, in Hebron's Old City, allegedly --after they "tried to attack a soldier". The military claimed that one soldier was lightly wounded.

Palestinians detained during ongoing clashes brutally beaten

October 22, 2015, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--

Four Palestinian detainees, who were recently detained during the ongoing clashes across the West Bank and are currently incarcerated in Etzion detention, were subjected to brutal attack and severe beating, rights group said.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said that the prisoner Hisham Namoura, 20, was subjected to severe beating with rifle butts all over his body. He suffered bruises and fractions in his face.

The detainee Jihad Darwish, from al-Khalil, suffered severe foot pains as he is unable to walk after being brutally beaten during his detention.

The prisoner Ammar Rabi was forced to walk for long distance before being transferred to Israeli detention center. He was also subjected to verbal abuse and brutal beatings.

Rabi was arrested from his home after IOF stormed his family home and blew up its door.

The detainee Tareq Ragbi, 23, was also subjected to severe beating and mal-treatment during his arrest.

70 Palestinians kidnapped in predawn abduction sweep by IOF

October 22, 2015, RAMALLAH,(PIC)--

At least 70 Palestinian citizens were rounded up in a mass-abduction sweep launched by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) across the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem at predawn time Thursday.

A PIC news correspondent said the IOF troops kidnapped the anti-occupation activist and Hamas leader Abdul Jabar Jarrar, 52, after they rolled into Jenin city, in over 40 army jeeps and a chopper, and ravaged his family home.

Another ex-prisoner was kidnapped by the IOF from Jenin city.

The IOF further abducted the ex-prisoner Anas Qa’qour from his family home and dragged him to an unknown destination. Mohamed Saba’na and Mousa al-Badaoui were also apprehended in the assault.

The IOF kidnapped more than 18 Palestinians from al-Khalil city.

Scores of Palestinians, including 16-year-old Mohamed Alyan and 17-year-old Mustafa Sharaka, were also arrested in Ramallah’s al-Jalazoun refugee camp. 

Three more Palestinians were nabbed in Silwad and nine others in Nablus, mostly ex-prisoners and Hamas supporters. 

A number of Palestinian youngsters were arrested in Bethlehem province.

The IOF kidnapped ex-prisoner Mohamed Baslat from his family home in Qalqilya and transferred him to an unknown location.

Three arrests were documented in Salfit. Bahaa Saleh and Diaa Saleh were among the arrestees.

The campaign culminated in the abduction of 20 youngsters from Occupied Jerusalem, the Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights reported.

Palestinian woman, children kidnapped as IOF roll into Silwan

October 22, 2015, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) Wednesday evening rolled into Silwan town, in Occupied Jerusalem, and kidnapped a number of Palestinian civilians, including children.

Head of the committee of Jerusalemite detainees, Amjad Abu Asab, said the IOF troops stormed al-Bostan neighborhood in Silwan and kidnapped 11-year-old Mohamed Mahdi Shloudi and 14-year-old Fadi Hamza Shloudi, along with three other youngsters in their 17’s of age.

The Israeli occupation soldiers further apprehended a 33-year-old lady.

The arrestees were dragged to the Ouz detention center in Jabal al-Mukbir, in southeastern Occupied Jerusalem, Abu Asab told the Quds Press.

Palestinian children had reportedly been subjected to heavy beating at the hands of the IOF soldiers who fired sound bombs and rubber bullets on their withdrawal from the area.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli occupation troops abducted 13 Palestinians from Occupied Jerusalem city.

Israeli occupation forces round up 11 Jerusalemites

October 22, 2015, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--

 Israeli occupation forces rounded up at dawn on Wednesday eleven Palestinians from Occupied Jerusalem including three from Mount Scopus, four from the Old City and the rest from towns of the holy city.

Local sources revealed that clashes broke out in al-Sadiya neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem where Israeli forces used tear gas to separate Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces broke into a Palestinian house, spoiled its furniture, assaulted and injured some of its residents.

Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) barred a Jerusalemite man from entering the Aqsa Mosque for five days for the charge of assaulting an Israeli policeman during latest clashes in Silwan town.  

Gunshots fired at Israeli bus

October 22, 2015, Be-er Al-Sab'a, (PIC)--

An empty Israeli bus on Wednesday evening was hit with gunfire in Beer Sheba city, in southern Occupied Jerusalem, Channel 10 claimed.

According to the Israeli Channel 10, the bus was empty when the shooting attack was carried out.

No injuries were reported in the shooting, the same source added.

Palestinians confront illegal Israeli settlers’ attack on village in Nablus

October 22, 2015, NABLUS, (PIC)--

Palestinians Wednesday confronted illegal Israeli Jewish settlers who tried to attack Madama village in southern Nablus city and confiscate properties of its residents. 

The media activist Mujahid al-Qet revealed that groups of Jewish settlers from Yitzhar settlement threw stones at Palestinians’ vehicles and tried to attack their homes. Palestinians managed to confront the fanatic settlers and force them to retreat. 

A Palestinian girl called Istabraq Nour was injured by moderate wounds after being attacked by Israeli soldiers near the village. She was arrested and transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment. 

President of the council of Madama village demanded an investigation in the settlers’ attack and the arrest of the Palestinian girl who was abducted and abused by Israeli soldiers for an alleged stabbing attempt. 

The soldiers kidnapped the girl while she was close to her home. They assaulted her, put her near Yitzhar settlement and put a knife next to her in order to make the situation look like she was intending to stab settlers, he elaborated.  

Five Israeli soldiers wounded in car-ramming attack south of Bethlehem

October 21, 2015, BETHLEHEM, (PIC)--

Five Israeli occupation soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously, in a car-ramming attack south of Bethlehem on Wednesday night.

A Palestinian driver rammed into an Israeli foot patrol, Maariv reported, adding that five soldiers were hospitalized while the driver was gunned down.

It said that other soldiers at the scene opened fire at the driver and killed him.

Two Palestinians killed on Wednesday; 53 Palestinians Killed This Month, Including 11 Children

Wednesday October 21, 2015 22:32 by IMEMC Staff - IMEMC News

One Palestinian youth were killed by Israeli troops’ gunfire near Jerusalem, on Wednesday, while an elderly man died during ongoing clashes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Since October 1st, 53 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 2000 others injured by Israeli troops, according to Palestinian medical sources. according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health showed that since the start of October, 5500 residents were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation fired by Israeli troops targeting Palestinian protesters.

On Wednesday afternoon, Moa’taz Attalah Qassem, 22, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers outside the illegal Israeli settlement of Adam, near the town of Jaba’ north of occupied Jerusalem. He is From Eazaryia town near Jerusalem.

Qassem was shot dead after allegedly he tried to stab two Israeli soldiers on the Jaba’ roundabout just outside the illegal settlement.

According to witnesses the man was shot with multiple live rounds to the head and abdomen while another youth standing near the incident area was arrested by Israeli soldiers and taken to unknown location. The circumstances of Qassem death remains unknown.

Israeli troops closed down the road, which lead to the nearby city of Ramalalh and the northern part of the West Bank which lead to sever traffic.

Earlier on Wednesday midday, Hashem al-'Azza, 54 years of age, from Tel Romeida neighborhood in Hebron old city, died of severe effects of tear gas inhalation, after dozens of soldiers invaded the Zawiya area in the city and clashed with local youth, Medical sources at the Hebron Governmental Hospital reported.

Medics rushed to the scene, and tried to stabilize his condition, before moving him to the hospital, where he died of the severe effects of tear gas inhalation.

Several Palestinians were shot with live rubber-coated steel bullets, while dozens suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, in Bab az-Zawiya area, and Tareq Bin Ziad Street.

In addition, a Palestinian was shot with a live round in the chest, during clashes with Israeli soldiers invading the Dowwara area, in Sa’ir town, north of Hebron.

On Tuesday at night, soldiers shot and killed two children, aged 15 and 17 years old, in Hebron's Old City, allegedly after they "tried to attack a soldier". The military claimed that one soldier was lightly wounded.

More clashes on Wednesday were reported in Ramallah city central West Bank, Bethlehem and Nablus. In Bethlehem two youth were shot with live rounds. In Ramallah 17 people were injured by Isralei troops live gunfire, rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas.

Moreover, at least 28 Palestinians were kidnapped during army invasions and home searches on Wednesday at dawn, targeting a number of West Bank communities. 21 of those kidnaped were taken from Hebron city, the rest were kidnapped during army attacks on homes in the cities Nablus, Jenin and Bethlehem.

The names of those killed by the army in October:

West Bank and Jerusalem:

1. Mohannad Halabi, 19, al-Biereh – Ramallah. Shot after allegedly grabbing gun and killing two Israelis. 10/3
2. Fadi Alloun, 19, Jerusalem. Israeli claim of 'attack' contradicted by eyewitnesses and video. 10/4
3. Amjad Hatem al-Jundi, 17, Hebron.
4. Thaer Abu Ghazala, 19, Jerusalem.
5. Abdul-Rahma Obeidallah, 11, Bethlehem.
6. Hotheifa Suleiman, 18, Tulkarem.
7. Wisam Jamal Faraj, 20, Jerusalem. Shot by an exploding bullet during protest. 10/8
8. Mohammad al-Ja’bari, 19, Hebron.
9. Ahmad Jamal Salah, 20, Jerusalem.
10. Ishaq Badran, 19, Jerusalem. Israeli claim of 'attack' contradicted by eyewitnesses. 10/10
11. Mohammad Said Ali, 19, Jerusalem.
12. Ibrahim Ahmad Mustafa Awad, 28, Hebron. Shot at protest by rubber-coated steel bullet in his forehead. 10/11
13. Ahmad Abedullah Sharakka, 13, Al Jalazoun Refugee camp-Ramallah.
14. Mostafa Al Khateeb, 18, Sur-Baher – Jerusalem.
15. Hassan Khalid Manassra, 15, Jerusalem.
16. Mohamed Nathmie Shamassnah, 22, Kutneh-Jerusalem.
17. Baha’ Elian,22, Jabal Al Mokaber-Jerusalem.
18. Mutaz Ibrahim Zawahra, 27, Bethlehem. Hit with a live bullet in the chest during a demonstration.
19. Ala’ Abu Jammal, 33, Jerusalem.
20. Bassem Bassam Sidr, 17, Hebron.
21. Ahmad Abu Sh’aban, 23, Jerusalem.
22. Ibraheem Dar-Yousif, 46, Al Janyia village Ramallah( Killed while harvesting olives)
23. Fadi Al-Darbi , 30, Jenin – died in Israeli detention camp.
24. Eyad Khalil Al Awawdah, Hebron.
25. Ihab Hannani, 19, Nablus.
26. Fadel al-Qawasmi, 18, Hebron. Shot by paramilitary settler, Israeli soldier caught on film planting knife near his body.
27. Mo'taz Ahmad 'Oweisat, 16, Jerusalem. Military claimed he 'had a knife'. 10/17
28. Bayan Abdul-Wahab al-'Oseyli, 16, Hebron. Military claimed she 'had a knife'. 10/17
29. Tariq Ziad an-Natsha, 22, Hebron. 10/17
30. Omar Mohammad al-Faqeeh, 22, Qalandia. Military claimed he 'had a knife'. 10/17
31. Mohannad al-‘Oqabi, 21, Negev.
32. Hoda Mohammad Darweesh, 65, Jerusalem.
33. Hamza Mousa Al Amllah, 25, from Hebron, killed near Gush Atzion settlement near Hebron.
34. Odai Hashem al-Masalma, 24, Beit 'Awwa town near Hebron.
35. Hussam Isma’el Al Ja’bari, 18, Hebron.
36. Bashaar Nidal Al Ja’bari, 15, Hebron.
37. Hashem al-'Azza, 54, Hebron.
38. Moa’taz Attalah Qassem, 22, Eazaryia town near Jerusalem.

Gaza Strip:

39. Shadi Hussam Doula, 20.
40. Ahmad Abdul-Rahman al-Harbawi, 20.
41. Abed al-Wahidi, 20.
42. Mohammad Hisham al-Roqab, 15.
43. Adnan Mousa Abu ‘Oleyyan, 22.
44. Ziad Nabil Sharaf, 20.
45. Jihad al-‘Obeid, 22.
46. Marwan Hisham Barbakh, 13.
47. Khalil Omar Othman, 15.
48. Nour Rasmie Hassan, 30. Killed along with her child in an Israeli airstrike. 10/11
49. Rahaf Yihiya Hassan, two years old. Killed along with her mother in an Israeli airstrike. 10/11
50. Yihya Farahat, 23.
51. Shawqie Jaber Obed, 37.
52. Moahmed Ehmeed, Age unknown.
53. Ahmad al-Sarhi, 27.


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