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Vietnamese Goods But Western Name, Quality Ta

By Qing Y

VN Express, July 31, 2022 

Vietnamese goods  


Many models are produced by Vietnamese companies, but are named "West" in a monumental way, and the quality is open.

I am in my hometown, most people have just approached to buy online, find the ads very grandiose and cheap, so order. Buy and then use to know that most of the quality is not as advertised, many times they call me to repair and I analyze them to understand.

I see many Vietnamese brands but they name the goods as foreign languages. Because perhaps many Vietnamese people like foreign goods, seeing Korean Japanese characters as preferable to Vietnamese characters. Therefore, airlines often have foreign names, or Japanese, Korean, and American names.

Leaving the foreign language also helps the product reach foreign markets later. This is also not difficult to understand. But whether the quality of Vietnamese goods is commensurate with the "name" is still a long distance away.

Although I really want to support Vietnamese goods, when the economy is not too difficult or the product is not beyond the ability to spend, when buying, I still prefer to use foreign goods. Unless that free goods I have learned and it is good enough, good enough quality.

I will not watch their ads, but see user opinions, judging by the superficial finish, comparing prices compared to foreign products. For example a ceramic pot, which is advertised to have miraculous effects. But essentially, it's also just a pot like other metal pots, it's just that it's made of ceramic. Why is that pot price expensive?

Perhaps because in the past, our people used a pot of earth to store delicious fish, so many people looked to buy it to find the old taste. The point is that it is more than a metal pot that retains heat well, so it is suitable for some stock dishes to simmer and limit burning more if unfortunately to have a big fire.

But it's fragile, heavy, and of course has no big effect. Advertisements such as keeping nutrition intact, enhancing infrared radiation ... it's just that advertising is overdoing it by keeping nutrition or not because the way it is processed is the main one.

In the past, I also used to think that small items such as squash scrapers, knives, scissors, baskets, screwdrivers, pliers ... should choose domestically produced goods, cheap prices that buy, use bored, quit buying new ones, cheap electricity balls are still bright, fire is changed.

But later when the economy is a little more conditional, along with curiosity or learning and then buying better things, Japanese, German.. use, I just found that not only can I use the job, but also use it more like, experience better.

Japanese pickled knives bought at supermarkets cost 40 thousand VND, used for 4-5 years are still very sharp and bright in both the plastic part as well as the tongue. The stainless steel spoon costs several times more but is sturdy for 10 years, it's okay, others have good grip, no sharp edges that cause hand breaks, comfortable screwdrivers do not slip.

Japanese knives hold like, long sharp, sleek, rust-free, used very happily. Then why not spend extra money, maybe 4-5 times more than buying a really good product not only for long-term use but in the process of using a better experience. Why not buy an electric shadow that is twice as expensive, 4-5 times more durable, and still beautiful, but buying a cheap product for a long time has to climb to replace the ball and then the brightness deteriorates quickly?

Vietnamese goods but Western name quality Ta (


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