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Where Was the Outrage, When Ilhan Omar Was Under Zionist Attack, for Criticizing Apartheid Israel?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 13, 2019 

Ilhan Omar taking the oath, as the first Muslim woman, whith a hijab, in the House of Representatives, 2019 Ilhan Omar in ten-minute interview in the Daily Show


I stand with Ilhan Omar
I stand in solidarity with Representative Ilhan Omar. Ever since she was elected to US Congress, Israel in its lobby in the US had a total meltdown. At first, they asked her to tone down her criticism for which she refused and then they conflated the charges of anti-Semitism, which are flat lies. Why you may ask? Because it is silly to argue that criticism of Israel is an attack on Jews. As soon as she challenged the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) influence over US lawmakers and criticized Israel's cruel and mistreatment of Palestinians, everyone in Washington went ballistic. That includes the White House and both Houses of Congress, not to mention AIPAC. 
Rep. Omar is a courageous woman who survived the Somali civil war. She is the youngest of seven children who also lost her mother when she was two years old. She was then cared for by her father and grandmother before coming to America in 1995. I guess Congresswoman Omar can take few punches on the stomach but she will not hold her tongue. 
Suddenly, the US Congress passed a resolution yesterday following  Rep. Omar's remarks? After a national outrage about the bias resolution, Congress modified it by symbolically adding hate crime against blacks and Muslims to the original version. No matter how you look at it, the resolution is an assault on freedom of speech as it sends a message to Americans who dare to criticize Israel or AIPAC to either "Shut up or we don't want you here." 
Americans are being asked to surrender their rights to free speech for the sake of Israel. Don't believe it? Look no further than who initially pushed for that resolution: It was the Anti-Defamation League and some Jewish members of Congress who were not happy with Rep. Omar's comments. She was then forced to apologize for exercising her right to free speech and was told that she would be removed from the powerful House's Foreign Affairs Committee if she ruffles "Someone's" feathers.
It is a sad day for Americans when every politician ganged up against this patriotic Muslim lawmaker. The savage attack she has to endure reminds me of the movie The Lion King when a clan of hungry hyenas encircled cub Simba and wanted to make a cub sandwich out of him.
Where is the outrage when Ilhan Omar was under attack?
Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is under attack again. During the Friday (March 1, 2019) West Virginia Republican Day in W.V. State House in Charleston, there was an anti-Muslim poster of Representative Omar equating her to al-CIAda behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11. That display of hatred and fearmongering of showing a Muslim-US lawmaker as a terrorist has led to a confrontation between Republican and Democratic lawmakers. On the same day, Sergeant-at-arms Anne Lieberman, the chamber's principal law enforcement official, resigned after being accused of saying, "All Muslims are terrorists," when challenged about the display. 
The poster featured a picture of planes flying into the World Trade Center with the phrase "Never forget, you said" and then under it, a picture of Rep Omar with the words, "I am proof of you have forgotten," showed Rep. Omar and the burning Twin Tower in New York alongside the words, " Never Forget- You said.  I am the proof - You have forgotten."
The day after Republican Party Chairwoman Melody Potter said the display was not affiliated with the party in any way adding, "The West Virginian Republican Party does not condone or support hate speech. Hmm! Does that apply to Muslim hate or say Islamophobia also! Apparently, no. The ugly truth, Rep. Omar has been under attack even before she was elected. The reasons, you may ask? The answer is 1) she supports BDS, 2) she challenged AIPAC, 3) she is a Muslim woman, and 4) she wears a hijab.
Last month, the world came to a halt after Congresswoman tweeted that AIPAC the pro-Israeli lobby had bought off some member of Congress. Rep. Omar was attacked by both Republicans and Democrats alike and was forced to apologize. Now, this Somali-American Congresswoman who made history is the victim of slander and smear campaign by the Republican party. Where is the outrage? CNN's Breaking News did not pick up the story and Fox News whose logo "Fair and Balance" did not bother to cover it either. I suggest a new logo for Fox New: Fake and Bias.
Chelsea Clinton was quick to rebuke Ilhan Omar last month and told the Congresswoman what she can and can not say! Where is Miss Chelsea when you need her? I guess she went back to her shell. It is ironic that US House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who threatened last month to take action against Rep. Omar, is suddenly shy and has less confidence to defend his fellow lawmaker.
Let us not forget the self-proclaimed good Christian VP Mike Pence who tweeted about Omar last February 12, "@IlhanMN tweets were a disgrace & her apology was inadequate. Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress, much less the Foreign Affairs Committee. Those who engage in anti-Semitic tropes should not just be denounced but should face consequences for their words."  I take it that VP Pense is awaiting permission from his wife to speak in Omar's defense! Last but not least, since 48 hours have passed since the incident, Trump, who shamefully called for Omar's resignation for exercising her constitutional right, has not made a peep. 
Mahmoud El-Yousseph is a Freelance Palestinian writer and retired USA veteran.


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