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President Trump's Jerusalem Decision:

The End of Hegemony?

By James Petras

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, January 4, 2018 

Nations of the World defeat the Trump-Netanyahu assault on international law concerning Jerusalem, December 21,  2017 Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in Al-Quds, Jerusalem, Palestine


Clearly Trump’s championing of a racist, colonialist, ethnic cleansing state like Israel
is view as a strategic diplomatic disaster. The Manhattan egomaniac has tied the US fortunes
to the whims of a pariah state led by a complete lunatic.


The Trump regime proclaimed that the vote in the General Assembly of the United
Nations regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a strategic US

Both President Trump and his bombastic UN Ambassador Nikki Haley threatened
that all decisions and agreements regarding alliances, loans, aid and diplomatic relations were
at stake.

Moreover, the Trump regime clearly defined the style and substance of US imperial
dictates: All UN member nations (large and small) must grovel in the most abject manner to
his orders. Ambassador Haley demanded that each nation on earth accept Trump’s and the
racist-Zionist Netanyahu’s declaration that the ancient city of Jerusalem is the eternal,
undivided and ethnically managed capital of the Jews. Trump’s message was loud and clear
- he was the great ‘decider’ and the UN votes would identify America’s true friends and
enemies. “We are making a list… and there will be consequences…”

Clearly Trump’s boast of US power and Haley’s assumption that her terrifying
threats would ensure that Washington had a majority vote in the ‘gifting’ of Jerusalem to
Zio-fascism. They believed that US dominance and global hegemony was absolute and
unassailable. The vote proved something else, something very new was happening.

The US suffered an overwhelming and humiliating defeat, one that kept Ambassador
Haley dexterous fingers busy ‘taking notes’: 128 nations demanded that the Trump regime
withdraw its declaration that Jerusalem was Israel’s undivided capital for Jews. Only 9
micro-nations (some mere postage stamps and a few death-squad banana-stans) voted with
the Trump-Haley decision, 35 mendicant-states put their heads down and abstained while 21
timorous ambassadors chose to hide their shamelessness in the toilet stalls rather than show
up for this important vote.

Political Context

First and foremost it is important to discuss the steps leading up to the US suffering
such a crushing debacle. In other words, who was responsible for leading the Trump
Administration by the nose down the blind alley of submission to the dictates of Zio-fascism.
The leader and driving force behind the UN disaster was Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu whose quest to seize Jerusalem and convert it into the ‘eternal’ capital
of the Jews was his top priority. For decades the entire world has rejected Israel’s seizure of
Jerusalem and its conversion into an ethnically cleansed capital for the ‘Jewish’ state. The
UN and international jurists denounced Israel’s colonial conquest and ethnic cleansing of

Netanyahu took charge with the election of Donald Trump as President. Operation
Jerusalem was his first order to Puppet Donald. A number of Israel-First multi-billionaires,
who financed Trump’s electoral campaign, demanded an immediate pay-off from their
puppet: The Administration’s unconditional support for Netanyahu’s agenda. Despite

protests from the rest of the world, especially the US closest European allies, Trump plunged
the nation right into the Zionist soup: a Jewish Jerusalem; the systematic eviction of all
Arabs, Christian, Muslim and secular, and the eventual annexation of all of Palestine; as well
as an increasing military confrontation with Iran.

Real estate speculator, Jared Kushner, Trump’s pampered son-in- law, and a complete
Netanyahu flunky, became the senior advisor for the Middle East. Kushner pressured
Trump’s National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn to intervene with Russia on
behalf of Israel’s take-over of Jerusalem. Flynn was subsequently prosecuted for discussing
global US Russian relations and the ‘good soldier’ is falling on his sword on behalf of the
Zionists. Not surprising, the Congressional Democrats, the FBI and the Special Prosecutor
found it easier to prosecute Flynn for his discussion regarding de-escalating the tense US
Russian relations provoked by the Obama administration than his discussions with the
Kremlin in support of Israel’s seizure of Jerusalem!

Netanyahu’s operational weapons in manipulating US policy involved Jared
Kushner, the billionaire Israel-First donors, the AIPAC and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.
Tel Aviv succeeded in securing Trump’s commitment to the Israeli agenda, despite opposition
from the entire UN National Security Council and the overwhelming majority of the General
Assembly. In the style of a typical authoritarian, US President Trump grovels at the feet of
his ‘superior’, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while tearing at the throats of his
‘inferiors’, the 193 member nations of the UN General Assembly.

Netanyahu’s vitriolic bar room threats against the entire membership of the UN prior
to the vote ensured the repudiation of all Security Council representatives with the exception

of his South Carolina puppet, Ambassador Nikki Haley. Trump and Haley backed the
blustering Netanyahu by issuing gangland threats to all UN representatives who dare to
oppose Washington’s dictates.

In this way, Prime Minister Netanyahu secured the greatest diplomatic and political
success of his career – the total submission of the US to his agenda, at the risk of a major
humiliation in the UN. This, in effect, formalized Israeli hegemony over Washington, for the
world to see.

In contrast to Netanyahu’s beaming success, the US suffered a historic diplomatic
defeat: Fourteen times as many nations voted against the demands of the US President over–
Netanyahu’s grab of Jerusalem.

What makes the defeat even more striking is the fact that all major allies and most of
the biggest aid recipients openly defied the US threats. Eight of the ten biggest US aid
recipients voted against Trump–Netanyahu–Haley. This bizarre troika is now left with an
enemy list circling the entire globe, and a few timorous allies in the South Pacific and among
the death squads of Guatemala.

Trump’s total and puerile embrace of the raving Netanyahu has exposed and widened
fissures in US global hegemony.

Apart from ‘capturing’ Netanyahu’s vote, the other pro Trump nations included a
handful of insignificant Pacific islands (Marshall Islands, Palau, Micronesia), Togo, a corrupt
African mini-state and two banana-sized ‘death squad democracies’, Honduras and

Guatemala. The latter two regimes hold power via stolen elections backed by narco-thugs in
the pay (dubbed ‘foreign aid’) of the US.

All of the leading Asian and Western European countries voted against Trump. They
openly rejected the crude blackmail of the US-Israel duet. Subservient regimes in Eastern
Europe, corrupt regimes in Latin America and some horrifically impoverished nations in
Africa and Asia chose to abstain or excuse themselves to the bathrooms of Times Square.
Narco-neo-liberal regimes in Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama and the Dominican
Republic abstained. Even rightwing Eastern European regimes, which usually give
unquestioned support to all US demands, like Romania, Bosnia, Poland and Latvia defied
Nikki Haley’s ‘name taking’ by abstaining. The ‘no-shows’ (hiding in the toilets) included
US puppets like Georgia, Samoa, St Kitts and Tonga.

An openly humiliated UN Ambassador Haley was left with the task of thanking the
abstainers and ‘no-shows’ for their courage and preparing a few bags of goodies (matzos,
Mogan David wine and discounts to the brothels of Tel Aviv) for the torturers of Honduras
and half-drowned ‘leaders’ of Palau in gratitude for such loyalty.


Clearly Trump’s championing of a racist, colonialist, ethnic cleansing state like Israel
is view as a strategic diplomatic disaster. The Manhattan egomaniac has tied the US fortunes
to the whims of a pariah state led by a complete lunatic.

Trump’s decision to demonstrate total loyalty to his Zionist billionaire campaign ‘donor
owners’ and his Israel-First son-in-law in his first major foreign policy decision failed to
impress any of the influential nations of the world – East or West. Indeed, it showed how
fractured and dangerously dysfunctional the US Administration had become.
Most important, Trump’s proclamation of a unipolar world based on his notion of the
US’s economic power has collapsed. Israel, despite Haley’s bluster and list-taking, has no
legitimacy. It’s continued Mossad assassinations of leading Palestinians and others and the
increasing IDF slaughter of the spontaneous Palestinian civilian resistance has failed to
improve its international standing – except among Guatemalan torturers.

However, it is not clear that the US has lost its big power influence regarding other
regional conflicts. The subsequent UN Security Council vote in favor of Washington’s
demands for added sanctions against North Korea demonstrated Trump’s power to intimidate
the oligarchs and leaders of China and Russia.

In other words, limits on US power still depend on the issues, the allies, the
diplomatic appeals, the adversaries and the distribution of benefits and costs.
In the case of Jerusalem, Real Estate Mogul Trump’s bizarre decision to hand an
entire city over to the Zionists alienated all Muslims and Christians the world over, as well as
the secular Western liberal nations and emerging powers, like Russia and China. The US tied
its prestige to the whims of a paranoid nation arrogantly flaunting its racist superiority
complex, backed by groups of immensely wealthy overseas dual citizens.

Diplomatically, Israel’s vituperative responses to any legal criticism from world
bodies undermines its chances of coalition building.

Finally, Washington’s support for Israel’s perpetual and overt violation of
international law and its bombing of humanitarian missions makes Israel a very costly ally.


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