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Immigrants, Immigration, Personal Identities and Social Unconsciousness

By Frank Scott

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 4, 2017 


 The latest tragedy of innocent deaths caused by – depending on level of consciousness control – a maniac, a terrorist, an immigrant terrorist maniac or a maniacal terrorist immigrant, invites more word game therapy by avoiding the substance of a political economic problem. The fact that Trump has supported ending a policy which allows immigrants to enter the country through a lottery doesn’t turn criticism of that capital enriching social policy into a bigoted or anti-human rights position. The romanticized legends and myths about immigrants stand in terrible contrast to the actual history of immigration in America; the historic reality of people dumped on foreign shores for their economic use as cheap labor transformed into heroic tales of them rising from street peddlers to bank owners. In fact, had the latest maniac-terrorist not been allowed to enter this country under this lottery program, those he murdered might still be alive. Unless they turned out to be among the more than 100 slain everyday on our streets and roadways in the American market for private transit profits at public loss of life. Of course, most of those 100 die in accidents while the eight in New York were murdered. But as in every case of maniacal immigrant terrorism or terroristic native born maniacalism, the political economics and foreign policy that are the underlying cause are reduced to charges and counter charges of bigotry, hate crimes, anti-diversity and more psychobabble avoiding confrontation with that primary cause. 
Why do some folks hate us so much they would crash planes into buildings, blow up or gun down people on holiday, and crash vehicles into innocent citizens just taking a stroll? Could it have something to do with our foreign policy which has been destroying nations and slaughtering people in the Middle East for nearly 17 years  - most recently - because they are terrorists acting in revenge for the policy which has been slaughtering and destroying them since long before? In fact, the one thing most Middle East people can agree on whether religious, agnostic, sectarian, diplomatic or every day folk, is that Palestinians have been abused and mistreated by the west since long before 1948, though things got much worse since then and are at the root of all the present problems presented as somehow arising out of a vacuum labeled “islamic terrorism”. 
Rather than focus on that, we are manipulated into accepting “refugees” from places we have destroyed or are still in process of destroying, and calling one another names for being in favor or opposed to such sanctuaries provided, instead of ending our vicious, thoughtless, anti-human policies of treating an entire portion of humanity as lower life forms until our master race of self chosen people rulers convince us to take pity on some of their pain, inflicted by us. 
This is not a problem to be solved by taking meds or seeing a therapist, but by radical transformation of a political economic system that is the root cause of the problem. Which is why we are made to focus on individual identity groups and minorities other than the one most important, which is global capitalist billionaires and their professional lackeys who are not just a “deep state” in america but operate as such for the entire world.
 The empty words, platitudes and sincere if useless pronouncements from gas-bags after each of these horrors is to be expected, but serious actions are what is needed to end the horror inflicted on innocent americans by a relatively tiny population –the terrorists - in response to the awesome murders and destruction visited upon a great mass of humanity by a relatively small population from here – the military - under the control of the smallest population of all – our ruling class rich. Blaming the ongoing slaughters in the Middle East on the military is as dumb as blaming billions of Muslims for the retaliatory blood letting of a minority force of relative amateurs at mass murder. Still, we call them “terrorists”, while our destruction of nations, their leaders and hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Yemenis and Palestinians are rationalized to be supporting democracy, peace, fried chicken, abortion on demand, free circumcision, or whatever other lie that can be safely forced into the minds of innocent people who believe too much of what authority tells them.
When that belief changes to anger at having been lied to for so long, and people are presented with no more alternative than voting for the sub-moron brand instead of the brain dead brand – the lesser evil marketing some still call our democracy – we wind up with a presidential race with the major difference between the candidates of the rich is that one is in their employ while the other is one of her employers. The fact that Trump helped finance campaigns for his alleged arch-fiend enemy and she gladly accepted funds from her arch-fiend enemy, should be enough to cause serious citizens to stop consuming for a moment and think. But legions of decent, sincere and desperately manipulated people voted for one or the other while the policies both support helped induce the new york murderer, as it did all the previous terrorist-maniac- immigrant fiends created by the main terrorist fiends here at Hypocrisy Central.
We need to ask what kind of immigration system makes it possible for a foreigner to get into the country via a lottery that offers as much personal background information as is available about someone who buys a lottery ticket, while other foreigners with education, job and language skills are walled out and sometimes put through a bureaucratic green card hell that lasts for years? Our kind. That system also allowed someone deported five times to re-enter the country five times, and eventually, whether accidentally or not, take an innocent life. These things have almost nothing to do with immigrants, the overwhelming majority being decent, benign, honest, sincere, hard working and only in rare cases criminally inclined, but a corrupt debased system profiting from cheap immigrant labor which is even cheaper when it is illegal. 
Past hordes of immigrants from Europe and Asia had greater distances to travel and couldn’t use illegal routes as easily as current generation immigrants from south of our borders who need merely cross a line that is on maps but non-existent in the material world. The idea of a border wall is neither brilliant nor totally idiotic though it will certainly make illegal entry more difficult. But as long as the economy profits from such immigrant labor there will be doors, windows and underground entrances found in such a wall, many of them attended by capital’s government agents who will provide safeguards greater than those that currently exist. 
How is it possible for people to enter the country illegally and then get a legal driver’s license? That is so they can drive to work and shop like other americans, even if they do not speak the language or earn anything near what some call a living wage, which is becoming more scarce for English language speakers while foreigners, frequently without similar education or skills, gain employment instead of americans who, it is said, want too much money. How much is too much? Maybe a decent legal minimum wage? But an illegally employed person earns less, which means more private profits, more public loss, happy capitalists and unhappy citizens easily driven to actions a more affluent privileged class can, in usually gross over-simplification, identify as bigotry. 
If we truly wish to stop the abuse of human beings and not merely members of one or another special group of human beings, we need to stop the oppressive practices inherent in dependence on something called market forces to govern the creation and use of all that it takes for said humans to survive. As long as some of us are allowed to be reduced to less than human, a few of us will amount to more than human and that is the core of a problem faced by humanity through all manner of civilized (?) societies, from slave to feudal to capitalist. But the problem has become much worse under the last form of social organization which evidence shows is destroying more of our race and the very nature in which we have been created and sustained for much longer than the latest purchase at the mall or the pentagon, or program to sustain capitalism via free market fundamentalism or its lesser evil partner, social democracy. The fact that eight people have combined wealth equal to or greater than that of half the world’s population – 3.6 billion members of our race – should be enough factual, material information to give us all pause to think, then act to end a system that would allow, tolerate, sustain and even laud such a dreadful reality. At that point we will see the beginning of the end of terrorism, profitable poverty and war itself. But not before.

Frank Scott writes  political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate


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