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Urgent Appeal to Save Palestinian Human Rights Activist, Muhammad El-Qiq, from the Israeli Slow-Death Tactic of Administrative Detention

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 21, 2017

Muhammed El-Qiq's photo before the illegal Israeli administrative detention (above) and after (the video below).

Urgent appeal from the wife, family and friends of Palestinian human rights activist and veteran prisoner Muhammad Elqiq 
To: Human rights activists all over the world.
To: peace and justice-loving people around the world
To: Freedom lovers all over the globe
To: ordinary conscientious people every where.
To: Journalists and media professionals around the globe.
We  appeal to you once again (for the second time in less than a year) to do your utmost to save Muhammad Elqiq from what seems to be another vindictive  Israeli effort to kill Muhammad Elqiq through the slow-death tactic.
Last year, Muhammad survived rather miraculously the macabre 100-day open-ended hunger strike, protesting the callous and inherently inhuman Israeli tactic of the so-called ďAdministrative detention.Ē AD  is only a mere  euphemism for open-ended incarceration without charge or trial for the purpose of humiliating suspected Palestinian activists and breaking their will to resist apartheid and oppression even through totally peaceful and non-violent means.  As it is well known, Israeli intelligence was forced last  year to release Muhammad, fearing that his death would further destabilize chronically volatile conditions in the Occupied Territories.
The Israeli Shabak (SS) didnít forgive Muhammad his legendary but costly  steadfastness and ostensible triumph in the face of might and vindictiveness.
About two weeks ago, SS agents rearrested Muhammad, who is still recuperating from last yearís ordeal, vandalized the home and terrorized the family.
The Israeli court, which is a virtual rubber stamp in the hands of the security service, sentenced Muhammad to six months of administrative detention but without producing any shred of incriminating evidence aside from the vindictive and vengeful desire to punish, torment and kill Muhammad.
In response to this mindless vengeance and hatefulness, Muhammad decided to go on a new hunger strike. Muhammad is not a publicity hound or anything of this sort. He says he simply has no other means of protesting this form of injustice.  As this press release is being written down, Muhammad has entered day-9 in his hunger strike.
Once again, we appeal to you to contact the Israeli government agencies and embassies to protest the renewed incarceration of Muhammad Elqiq and demand his immediate release.  In a few days, Israeli PM B. Netanyahu will be in Washington D.C. to tell President Trump that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.  President Trump should tell Netanyahu that a true democracy doesnít imprison people for years without charger and trial.
Thank you for your efforts
Fayhaa  Elqiq (Muhammadís wife)
Elqiq Family and friends


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