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How the Western Leaders Occupied and Destroyed the Arab World

By Mahboob A Khawaja

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, October 31, 2016


How the Western Leaders Occupied and Destroyed the Arab World

Once the Arabs were leaders in knowledge, creativity, science and human manifestation, progress and future-making - the Islamic civilization lasting for eight hundred years in Al-Andulsia- Spain. But when they replaced Islam - the power and core value of their advancements with petro-dollars transitory economic prosperity, they failed to think intelligently and fell in disgrace and lost what was gained over the centuries. They relied on Western mythologies of change and materialistic development which resulted in their self- geared anarchy, corruption, military defeats and disconnected authoritarianism. The Western strategists ran planned scams of economic prosperity to destroy the Arab culture with their own oil and their own money turning them redundant for the 21st century world. Today, the Arab leaders are so irrational and cruel that they reject all voices of reason for change and human development only to bring more deaths and destruction to their societies.  (Mahboob A. Khawaja, Arab Leaders Count Dead Bodies but Peacemaking is not the Aim.” Uncommon Thought Journal, 2/19/2015)
Arabs Live in Complete Disconnect to the 21st Century Geo-Politics
The US-led forces invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq under a false pretext of war on terrorism. For over 225 years, warmongering has been an integral part of the American political psyche and history. Now, it is the turn of Saudi Arabia an ally and friend, being told by the US Congress either to compensate the 9/11 victims or face dreadful consequences - the hidden congressional political agenda as if Arabs were born in the eye of storm. The paradigm is aimed at confiscating approximately one trillion of Saudi security investments to ensure that House of Saud will have no recourse to take it out of the US financial systems. Ironically, there is no evidence to indicate that Saudi Arabia ever had anything to do with supporting or financing the 9/11 “terrorism” against America. The consequential Saudi chaos and turmoil will benefit the US political interests. These are experimental field tests after killing several millions in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, how the frontline Arab leaders would react to the challenge.  Once the frontline Arab states are destabilized, they will have no choice but to surrender forthwith. This will be most conducive development to support the US-Israel strategic aims in the Middle East. After the UNO failure to protect the civilian population in war zones, America-Russia holds diplomatic talks for ceasefire and peacemaking.  While this bloodstained tyranny is daily shown on the global screen, these hypocritical moves are time killing exercises to allow bombing of the Syrian cities under siege and massive killings of the civilians and destruction of the habitats. Imagine the public reaction if the same massacres of the school children and men and women had happened in America or Russia or Europe? Undoubtedly, they would have rushed to threaten and stop the enemy. The UNO should have taken urgent measures to ensure security and protection of the people in war zones and prevention of sectarian conflicts and war. The UN-Security Council emergency meetings and deliberations are a laughing stock to critical observers. The UN is warning the besieged people of starvation and genocide but failed to act to stop the bombings and transgression. On October 24, Western Alliance members held a defense council meeting in Paris but Iraq and Turkey were not invited. But most Arabs live in a complete disconnect to the foreign defined priorities of the geo-political strategies. America created al-Quaida to fight against the USSR in Afghanistan. When it tuned a liability, it was defined as a terrorist group and the primary object of the war on terrorism. The US-Britain helped to evolve ISIL in Iraq-Syria and armed and used it to create turmoil and sectarian bloodbath to disintegrate the Arab world. Arab leaders could not differentiate between the foes and friends.
The End of Illusion and Arab Leaders are Devoid of Political Vision for Change

Could the history repeat itself as it happened during the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution that Arab people might rise over the agony of intolerable limits of lost freedom and bloody authoritarianism? The suspicious petro-dollar run economic prosperity is close to its transitory cycle of unthinkable catastrophic end as it is happening in Venezuela. The society is engulfed with social, economic and political crises that it cannot find workable remedies to diagnose the outpouring problems. The so called Arabian islands of unimaginable splendor and prosperity for aristocrat class of princes, princess and kings, who like the multi-millionaires corporate presidents, found it hard to relate to the common people. While Islam professed and emphasized “shura” - public consultation on major public discourse, the Arab leaders flouted moral and intellectual inputs from the learned and educated people. Many Islamic scholars take backseat and pretend to be moderate activists. Consequently, Arab people are fast becoming victims of their own pitfalls of self-destruction. The real issue of the freedom of Palestine and normalization of relationship with Israel are sidelined or completely discarded. Western strategic interests and priorities were exclusively linked to commerce and trades and hegemonic political domination of the Arab world. The unending war agenda leading to widespread deaths and destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, parts of Saudi Arabia, increasing instability and political confrontations in Egypt, have all darkened the societal culture to its ultimate destruction. The self-deceiving illusion is fast coming to end if it has already not happened after witnessing the displacement and killings of several millions people in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen and the daily cluster bombing and chemical attacks in Aleppo and Baghdad. Imagine, how the world leaders enjoin insanity and free hand to annihilate the mankind by the same weapons they appear to oppose.
Why the Arabs are targeted enemies?  Western strategic thinkers found it convenient to engage the feuding Arab leaders and create fertile grounds to test the effectiveness of new and destructive weapons and to keep the armed forces in readily available operational infrastructures. That is where the marriage of convenience took shape to ensure the Arab tribal leaders of continuous Western support for authoritarianism as long as they followed the US-led Western dictates. America’s list of nameless enemies is open-ended and not specified. William Boardman (“A Country At War With An Illusion.” ICH: 8/19/2013) is a reputable American author, journalist and political activist shares a critical insight:

“We are waging war on terrorism even as we embody terrorism. No wonder we seem sometimes to be at war with ourselves, and have been for most of the 21st century… No American Under 12 Has Lived In A Country At Peace…. We have now been at war for well over a decade…..So who are the enemies of the United States? Officially, in the President’s words, “the United States is at war with al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their associated forces….. America’s Main Enemy Is Nameless, Shapeless, “Associated Forces….. And who are these “associated forces”?  The government won’t say.  The country may be at war, but most of the names of our enemies are classified, and subject to change without notice….. The American Enemies List Is Decided Anonymously and Secretly
Could the Global Community Stop the Military Intransigence and Insanity against the Arab People?

More than 10 millions have been displaced and made refugees across Europe and killed and continuously bombed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. If the television pictures of the innocents school children and men and women killed and tormented do not represent complete insanity, what else could be defined it rationally. Both America and Russia along with European allies need a formidable challenge to stop the bogus war against humanity. Their pretension for diplomacy and dialogue to end the war is nothing more than a hypocritical perversion to commit genocide in Syria after Iraq. Arab leaders show no sensitivity to these horrible crimes against humanity as if they have obtained the Divine immunity to accountability. Most Arab leaders hate and fear words of truth and wisdom coming from intellectuals and religious scholars. American and Russian leaders pretend to be doing something to bring peace and order to the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere. The daily massacre of the civilians continues under their watchful diplomatic eyes. They conveniently agree to disagree and want the Arab world to undergo strategic surgery and submit by dictum to the servitude of the world powers. Arab leaders have no rational minds and public institutions to think of a navigational change to protect the people and their freedom and futuristic sustainability. The crimes against humanity go on unabated and without any challenge from the global community.

“If the human nature is in part wicked and in part foolish, how can human beings be prevented from suffering from the result of their wickedness and folly?”  C.E.M. Joad (Guide to Modern Wickedness), the 20th century proactive thinker offers a rational context to the prevalent global affairs:
“Men simply do not see that war is foolish and useless and wicked. They think on occasion that it is necessary and wise and honourable, for war is not the work of bad men knowing themselves to be wrong, but of good men passionately convinced that they are right.”
(Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja is an academia in global affairs and has spent more than a decade in Saudi Arabia and led international teamwork to develop two new liberal education universities and taught the new generation. He specializes in global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including: Global Peace and Conflict Management: Man and Humanity in Search of New Thinking. Germany, May 2012), and a forthcoming publication - One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Security, Peace and Conflict Resolution).


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