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Israel Wants Neither Palestinian State Nor Palestinians

By Khalid Amayreh

in Occupied Palestine

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 11, 2016

Israeli theft of Palestinian lands 1947-2016  

 Opposition leaders in Israel have been accusing the recalcitrant Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of effectively exposing Israel to an existential danger. They are alluding to the apparent liquidation by Israel of any remaining chances for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.
Israel has erected hundreds of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem which pundits, both Arab and Jewish, contend are rendering the realization of a viable Palestinian state impossible.
The Israeli Jewish opposition is by no means altruistic about opposing Netanyahu’s Lebensraum policies.
They are only worried about Israel becoming a bi-national state due to “a disproportionate” Palestinian demographic growth. In the final analysis, Zionism is meaningless if Israel has a non-Jewish majority. This is the ultimate nightmare facing Zionism.
Netanyahu knows well what his critics have in mind.
The Zionist opposition is never really worried about the usurpation of Palestinian rights. This is the very last thing that would worry Zionists.
The Zionists are actually worried that the Palestinian demographic growth within mandatory Palestine (Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip) will eventually make the region (between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean) “Predominantly Palestinian” with a decisive or marked Arab-Majority, which would revert the situation to what it was before the creation of Israel when Jews were a small minority of the overall population.
Indeed, the latest demographic calculations seem to justify these worries. According to Israeli demographers, there are already more Arabs than Jews living within the proscribed region.
Israeli official circles strive to dilute demographic data by manipulating tactics and denying reality.
But can Israel hide reality from herself-and the world forever?
Netanyahu is thoroughly aware of the problem, or more correctly the existential nightmare haunting Zionism, especially in the intermediate and distant future.
But he refuses to come to terms with the fact that with every day passing, Israel-Palestine becomes more Arab and less Jewish in terms of the population. Instead, he adopts “denial” as ultimate policy and discourse,
But denial will take Israel nowhere; yes it might enable the Zionist state to effect some immediate policy tactics. But in the long term, denial could be very costly, self-defeating and even fatal for the Zionist enterprise.
In recent months, Netanyahu  received encouragement from Bashar Al-Assad’s successful policy of murdering, maiming and expelling  millions of refugees (mostly Sunni Arabs) in the hope of creating a new demographic formula  in the erstwhile predominantly Sunni Arab country.
Hence, the rationale being entertained by Netanyahu is “If Assad could do it with virtual impunity by the international community, why can’t Israel?”
Needless to say, this is the thrust of Netanyahu’s thinking. This is also the gist of Israel’s ultimate strategy toward the Palestinians.
Netanyahu may be an evil man, a murderous thug and professional liar who wouldn’t hesitate to embark on the unthinkable to reach his goals, however unethical and diabolical these goals might be. But Netanyahu is not stupid. Hence his genocidal designs must never be taken lightly or underestimated.
The Israel PM calculates, probably correctly,  that neither the US nor Europe or any other world powers would be in a position to prevent Israel from doing the unthinkable to the helpless Palestinians if the latter became a real and immediate threat to the Jewish identity of Israel and its fascist infrastructure.
In fact, this is the main reason behind Netanyahu’s incessant demands that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Netanyahu would invoke the big lie that Israel is also a democratic state.
But a big lie is a big lie as Israel can never be democratic and Talmudic at the same time as there is an eternal contradiction between halacha and democracy.
More to the point, Israel calculates that since the use of military force by the West against Israel is unthinkable, given Israel’s awesome military power, including the Jewish state’s nuclear arsenal, as well as the leverage Jewish circles have on Western governments, especially in US, Britain, Germany and France.
Hence, Israel would ensure that a final solution of the Palestinian problem would be executed with as a few lasting destructive effects on the Jewish state as possible.
Undoubtedly, Israel would embark on a vigorous propaganda campaign to control or minimize subsequent damage following a possible genocidal onslaught on the Palestinians.
In this context, Israel would probably voice willingness to allow certain categories of the expellees to return home, such as people above the age of 50 or 60, or paying compensation and showing gestures of “good- will” in order to cover up the genocidal act and make more palatable in the eyes of the world.
There’s no doubt that the US and Europe would take no concrete action to prevent Israel from carrying out the genocidal act especially in light of their acquiescence to the ongoing holocaust in Syria which has so far killed and maimed millions.
In light, it is imperative that Palestinians adopt a salvation strategy based on consolidating their steadfastness vis-à-vis Israel whereby Palestinian national assets are bolstered as much as possible and national liabilities are eradicated as much as possible.
Khalid Amayreh is a veteran journalist and current affairs political commentator living in occupied Palestine


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