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Opinion Editorials, July, 2016

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Israel Is Behind the Militarization of the US Police

By Mazin Qumsiyeh and John Miranda

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 20, 2016

Tactics used by Israeli occupation government police used by American police against American citizens  

The US is at the brink of civil war. The militarization of the US police has been driven largely by Israel touting the need for “counter-terrorism training”. That training in which hundreds (perhaps thousands so far) of senior US police officers travel to our country (Palestine, now under the regime called “Israel”) to train in the same methods used to quell the native Palestinians.

Those “methods” are not too complicated. They rely on two elements: brutality and racism. Jewish soldiers and “police” learn and teach that rights are only for the chosen people and the natives have no rights. So shoot first then if need be you can ask questions later.  The US officers trained by Israeli regime officers go back to the USA and train yet more white officers to be racist.  People are fed-up in the US (now it has the highest incarceration rate in the world and yet is not safer than most Western countries).

The US public needs to be told the truth about what is going on here. The militarization of the US police forces must end and be reversed now. Police should become community policing and reflective of the diversity of the communities they serve. The Israel lobby should be at least registered as foreign lobby and curbed when it undermines US interests. This is the only way to end the precipitous decline of the US.

Israeli training drives US police brutality: Analyst

By John Miranda

Press TV, Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:53AM

PressTv User John Miranda says the increase in US police brutality can be pointed towards the Israeli training some officers receive.

Police brutality in the United States is directly linked to the training some American officers receive in Israel, says a political commentator in Kentucky.

John Miranda made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday when asked about the death of an African American woman while in police custody.

Sandra Bland was found dead in a prison cell at the Waller County jail in Texas on July 13.

Miranda pointed to the circumstances surrounding Bland’s arrest on July 10 by a Texas state trooper for failing to signal while changing lanes with her vehicle.

“That these people are being taken out of their cars is 100 percent illegal. The only reason a person should be taken out of their car is if the officer thinks some other crime or something illegal has happened, but obviously as we can all see from dashboard camera from Sandra Bland that this is not what happened,” he said.

Police said that an autopsy has confirmed an initial finding by a medical examiner that Bland’s death was a suicide.

However, Miranda said “the story that police gave to the press conference just does not add up.”

“As for the increase in police brutality within the United States,” Miranda said, “I think this definitely can be pointed towards the Israeli training that the Department of Homeland Security is giving all of American police officers.”

“This is not a myth, this is actually happening. I know this first-hand from friends of mine that are police officers,” he continued.

“Some police officers are actually being flown to Israel for the training, not all of them but some, and then those that are flown to Israel, they come back home and they train the head officers in the training that they’ve gotten in Israel,” he explained.

“All these incidents, it is not just happening to African Americans,” Miranda said. “Police are literally being brutal with all Americans.”

The deaths of Bland, as well as two others - Rexdale W. Henry and Kindra Chapman - who were both found dead in their prison cells a few days after they were arrested, are the latest in a series of suspicious police-involved incidents that have sparked protests in many cities across the US.



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