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Zionist-Controlled NATO Intervention in Ukraine Aims at Creation of a Second Jewish Homeland

By Henry D' Souza

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 28, 2015

Petro Poroshenko and Madeleine Albright  

Political Boomerang: Ukraine & Palestine as Case Studies 

            When the US imposed on Russia three tiers of sanctions for opposing Ukrainian independence, Putin showed no fear; in fact, he said that these sanctions would boomerang on the US and its allies.  Boomerang is not tit for tat, but what it means is that the weapons of the aggressors would come back to harm them.  For this defiant stance, Putin was called “Hitler.”  Hillary Clinton thought that he was “arrogant.” The UK ambassador to the US Sir Peter Westmacott declared that “Putin was a thug and a liar.”  Putin’s critics thought that Russia should be isolated.

            But Putin’s counterpart, Barak Obama, did not escape disparaging remarks.  Obama was called a “weakling” for refusing to engage in another war.  As retaliation, Obama was targeted for taking the initiative without consulting a sclerotic Congress on the issue of the Affordable Care Act.  To punish Obama, the Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner was given permission to sue Obama for giving employers a one-year reprieve for offering health coverage or pay a penalty.  This impeachment was a boomerang for “running out of juice” in the Ukrainian and Gaza crises.  The Republicans were up to their old subversive tricks of dislodging the opposition with taxpayer dollars; they did that to Clinton on the issue of an intern.

            It is significant that editor, Nancy Gibbs of Time, should single out Ukraine and Gaza for taking “A Hard Look at War”1 in which the boomerang effect is being displayed more fully.  Let us first consider the problem of Ukraine.

            For the moment, McDonald notes that the Nationalist and the mainly Jewish Oligarchs in Ukraine are in an unstable alliance.2    The nationalist Svoboda Party hold five key positions, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Prosecutor General being the most important of them.  They sport a swastika-like symbol and are therefore referred to as Neo-Fascists.  They praise Nazism and venerate a World War II nationalist Stephen Bandera whose troops collaborated with Hitler.  They would like to purge themselves of Russian culture, abolish the use and teaching of the Russian language is schools, and insist that only Ukrainians could adopt Ukrainian orphans.  When applying for a passport, an applicant had to disclose his roots.  They would dump the idea of joining the EU and the alliance with Jews, if obliteration of national identities were desired.

            The Russians would most likely have accepted Ukrainian independence if the terms were pre-arranged with Moscow.  In fact, Russia wanted the states in its Near Abroad to enjoy independence and rejected their own idea that these states should re-join Russia.  The stumbling block was that Eastern Ukraine had a large Russian population with vested interests in their new homeland.  In addition, Ukrainians held secrets of Russian nuclear capabilities and weapons which meant that they had to work with Russia, not against it.  Russia regarded even the Finlandization of Ukraine a danger: Ukrainians were not as mature as Finns.  Besides, many residents in Donbass have inter-married while many Ukrainians live in Russia comfortably.  Russia and Ukraine had just celebrated the 1026th anniversary of Kiev-Rus conversion to Christianity.

            The other powerful lobby, Jewish oligarchs had staged a coup by ‘deposing’ pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich.3      Yanukovic argued that he was not deposed but had to flee in February, 2014, because his life was in danger.  Inviting Russia to take over Crimea was his “major tragedy.”  Yanukovich blamed the “bandits and radical nationalists” who grabbed power in Kiev.  Yanukovich hopes to negotiate a return of the Crimea through negotiations.4

            Lasha Darkmoon concludes, “So one thing is clear: Jews helped to finance this ‘revolution’ in Ukraine, and Jews benefit mostly from it – notably the wealthy Jewish oligarchs, the new Jewish Prime Minister and various Jewish government officials who have now sprung to positions of power.”  Darkmoon adds, “In essence the Ukraine coup d’état can be seen as a Jewish takeover of Ukraine,” in some ways, more like the 1917 Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.5

            Victoria Nuland, a spokesperson for the US State Department, financed the Ukrainian revolution with $5 billion of US taxpayer money. The surname ‘Nuland’ is a corruption of a Jewish name, Nudelman, and she is married to Robert Kagan, described as a ‘neo-con Jewish war-monger.’6    Kagan is allegedly the founder of  Friends of Palestinians and Israelis (FPI) an extreme Zionist think-thank that promoted war with Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. 

Additional funds came from other organisations, like Freedom House, the German Marshall Fund, the Omidyar Network, George Soros Open Society Institute and its Ukrainian NGO, the International Renaissance Foundation.  Kapner’s web-site offers evidence to show that John Kerry is, himself, a Jew and his State Department is “Jew-ridden.”7    NGOs are a way of tapping government funds.  The technique reminds one of ancient cormorant fishing: constrict the throat and collect the fish that the bird catches.  When applied to government, constrict the government, like impeaching the president, and obtain the funds or desired policies.         

            The Jewish clique in Ukraine wants the country to join the European Union, though its temporary allies, the Svoboda Party, is willing to do without this alliance.  Russia, it appears, would not object to Ukraine joining the EU, but for security reasons it does not want missiles lodged on its borders.  Russia, itself, has invested billions in pipelines to supply 30% of EU’s oil and gas.  And, one of Russia’s goals is to establish a European bloc stretching from Lisbon in the West to Vladivostok in the East.  But Putin wants to be a partner who is treated on equal terms with Atlantic leaders.

            Despite the West pouring $3.2 billion additional funds into Ukraine, the coalition of Prime Minster Arseniy Yatseniuk has collapsed: two out of three parties, Viatli Klitschko’s Udar Party and the Svoboda Party, have withdrawn support for the Prime Minister.  Yatseniuk regretted that “the laws have not been voted on, soldiers can’t be paid, there’s no money to buy rifles, there’s no possibility to store gas,” in spite of the fact that Russian gas pipelines pass through Ukraine.  Cholcolate King Poroshenko welcomed the dissolution of the Veokhovna Rada as it strengthened his position. 

            The instability in Ukraine is so severe that top city officials are being targeted by criminal structures within the country.  Kremenchuk Mayor Oleh Babayev of the Reform party was shot dead on July 26.  A day earlier, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovji’s house was attacked with an anti-tank missile when he was away.  On April 28, 2014, Kharkiv mayor Hernandiy Kernes was shot in the back while jogging.  He was treated in Israel.  The mastermind of this attack was allegedly the Interior Minister.8

            In spite of Ukraine’s weaknesses, Poroshenko, a Jew, launched a mini-war to control Eastern Ukraine. Poroshenko seemed to be following the Rand Corporation’s Action Plan which has three stages: isolate a region and call all local citizens terrorists or sympathizers; “mop up” using air strikes on strategic facilities, use of non-conventional weapons, ground assaults, internment camps, and on the spot execution for anyone resisting relocation; Back to Normal: restoration of power supplies while communities and refugees are to be screened.9

            Should developments spiral out of control, Europe and the US should occupy the Baltic States and be prepared for war.  This was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s recommendation made at the Wilson Centre on June 16, 2014.            10   

A month later, Roberts reported that Washington escalated the Ukrainian crisis to war when 22 Senators introduced Bill S.2277, “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia and for other purposes.” The bill had three parts: Title I dealt with reinvigorating the NATO alliance by increasing ABM bases on Russia’s borders so as to deter Russia’s nuclear threat. Poland and the Baltic states would be given money to improve their defenses, while German troops would be more involved in NATO.  Title II dealt with sanctions and destabilizing Russia from within.  Title III dealt with military and intelligence assistance for Ukraine which, with Moldova and Georgia, would take an active role in NATO.  Europe was to work on less dependence on Russian oil and gas.  Crimea, as part of Russia, would not be recognized.  Money would be used to subvert Russia.11 

            Former Head of the National Security Agency Tom Donilon12 reported that the pacification of Eastern Ukraine was not going well for Poroshenko.  He had secured the northern part after much bloodshed, but the test came with the coal mining Donbass region. A resident of Donbass has more prestige than those of other parts of Ukraine and Russia.  Ukrainian planes were being shot down with sophisticated weapons supplied by Russia.  The most deadly was the Buk missile system, which allegedly and mistakenly shot down a Malaysian plane, MH 17.  Poroshenko, however, managed to sign the Association Agreement with the EU. 

Khodakovsky, a Russian fighter and top security officer, claimed that the Buk system was supplied by Russia and taken back to remove any evidence.13   Training of Ukrainian Russians and the supply of arms is done from Rostov Oblast and near Khakir Oblast.14  

The turning point in the Ukrainian crisis came on July 10, 2014, when Russian veterans took over from Ukrainian Russians the leadership of top posts.  V. Antynfayev, for example, was named Deputy Prime Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic by Alexander Borodai.  Antynfayev replaced Alexander Khodakovsky, since he had the Georgian experience behind him.  Antynfayev brought tough discipline and ruthlessness to the campaign.  Khodakovsky remained as a fighter, though.  Another local Russian leader, Denis Pushilin, was dismissed.15 

The boomerang is being felt.  Russia banned the imports of Polish fruits and vegetables in retaliation for US sanctions; it is noteworthy that Brzezinski is a powerful Polish-American who favored the imposition of sanctions.  Ukraine is unlikely to have a comfortable winter if its oil and gas supplies are cut by Russia. 

            With so much Russian power, it was irresponsible for the Chocolate King to act on bad advice and follow the Rand Corporation’s Action Plan.  Poroshenko has realized his folly and is willing to keep Ukraine out of NATO, decentralize power, and make Russian an official language in Ukraine.  It remains to be seen if Russia will accept a Finlandization of Ukraine.

            Sayeed Gafurov16 noted that Russia could take advantage of sanctions.  Sanctions were ineffective when the US imposed them on China in 1989, and on India and Iran.  In fact a nimble economist would encourage local industries to flourish and replace items imported.  Senator Bob Corker, who sponsored Bill C.2277, was surprised when the Russian market rose by 23% after sanctions.  Though $100 billion vanished from Russia, the money is being repatriated slowly through incentives.  Europe is facing 35% unemployment, while a comparative figure for Russia is 5%. Russia’s standard of living is higher than many East European countries.  Russia is short of 66,000 workers.  Besides the US would not normally sell sensitive technologies to Russia and most consumer items can be obtained elsewhere at a cheaper rate.  Russia continues to push the fact that sanctions are outside Article 7 of the UN Charter and therefore illegal.

            Some countries benefitted from the financial sanctions.  Russian state banks bought the Hong Kong dollar which is pegged to the US currency.  Hong Kong had to spend $8.4 billion to stabilize its currency.  China is prepared to take over deep-sea drilling if American firms are deprived to taking advantage of Russia’s offer.  Local manufacturers will fill in the gap by producing dual-use technologies that Russia formerly imported. 

            If the US is inciting Russia’s Near Abroad to be independent, Russia feels that it ought to do the same in America’s back door.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had reduced considerably its influence in Latin America.  But in 2014, it has increased: Cuba received $1m for hurricane relief; Russia will renew political, economic and military alliances with Cuba, Nicaragua and other leftist countries.  Cuba is bound to be a missile base for Russia, and it would be a repeat of the Khrushchev policy.  A trans-Atlantic canal in Nicaragua would compete with the Panama Canal. Argentina and Brazil will be aided with nuclear power plants.  GLONASS will assist these countries in tracking troops, ships and armored vehicles.  A deep-water port in Uruguay would be helpful for Russian warships.17

            The American press has ignored these development plans in their backyard which means that the public will be ill-informed of the coming dangers. Shuster has argued convincingly that Cold War II has begun, 18 though Obama diplomatically denies that there is a Cold War.

            The Voice of America and have registered the boomerang effect on the Jews.  Ukraine has 70,000 Jews, the fourth largest in Europe.  Graffiti like “Death to the Jews” and swastika signs across Ukraine are the result of anti-Russian feeling and the economic success of the Jews.19

            When we turn to Palestine we find several commonalities between Ukraine and Palestine, two flashpoints that have erupted simultaneously.

            While Israel is regarded as the first Jewish homeland, Ukraine is being built as their second. Israel has a third in Eastern Russia, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Borobidzhan.  The core principle in Palestine is that the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a state on their land.  No country or institution can legalize this occupation since 1949, not Britain, not the US, nor the UN.  The current war is not against Hamas but against the whole Palestinian people.  If Hamas’ opponents treat them as a “terrorist” organization, the Palestinians regard them as “heroes.”  Israel is winning this current battle, but is losing the war on the international level.       

Israel’s claim to their land is based on the assumption that they are the “sons of Abraham,” their father, who settled in this ancient kingdom.  However, DNA research in Israel by Eran Elhaik and Harry Ostrer suggests that the Ashkenazin in Israel originated in Khazaria near Kiev, not Palestine.20   Hence the desire for a homeland in Ukraine.      

Another theory, the ‘Rhineland hypothesis,’ suggests that the Jews fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest in the seventh century and settled mainly in Germany, and later in Eastern Europe.

There is yet another theory that needs attention. The original settlers in Palestine were Dravidians and Indians from central India, which explains why some Ethiopians practiced the Jewish faith.21

We can conclude temporarily that the Jews have contingency plans, seeking a second homeland, Kazaria 2.0,22 in case they have to migrate from Palestine, Kazaria 1.0.  Many, if not all, Israelis shield themselves with dual citizenship.  By their own admission, they live from day to day.  The Jewish oligarchs around the world have promised Ukraine military assistance, troops, equipment, and new military bases.  The Israelis have realized that each round of Palestinian conflict yields a greater number of Israeli deaths:

Some Human Damage in Palestinian Conflicts23

2012: 6 Israeli deaths, 2 soldiers; 158 Palestinian deaths, 75% of them civilians.

2008-9: 10 Israeli deaths, 7 soldiers; 1400 Palestinian deaths, 86% civilians.

2014: 53 Israeli deaths (Palestinians: 90), 32 soldiers, 1 captured; Palestinian deaths: 1600, more than 75% civilians.

Source: Professor Adam Sabra; CBC news.       

            There’s only one message from the rocket fire launched by Hamas.  Marwan Bishara notes that the clever Israelis are fast learners, but they have not learnt the most valuable lesson of colonial asymmetric wars, that they should pack up and leave.  Algeria took a decade to evict the French who lost 30,000 men while between half and one million Algerians lost their lives.24    It is pretty obvious that Israel underestimated Hamas whose backs were to the wall and they were forced to fight for their rights.  UN Messenger of Peace since 2007 Jordanian Princess Haya Al Hussein noted that the latest Operation Protection Edge was closing the door for peace.25

            In both war zones, one notices the ruthless application of the Rand Action Plan: in the second “mop up” phase there should be destruction of strategic facilities and ground assaults.  The Israelis therefore destroyed the electric grid, bombed the oil storage depot and even threatened to destroy a newly-built hospital.  Gaza, as it is, is an open-air prison with its imports being monitored so that Gazans would live on a subsistence basis, and that too, at the pleasure of the Israelis.  The next phase would be reconstruction, as a philanthropic gesture.

            Israelis also implemented the strategy that they wanted to implement in Germany after the Second World War, but General George S. Patton stopped it as it went against Anglo-Saxon values:  the Kazar Jews wanted to evict Germans from their houses and given to the Jews; they wanted to get rid of businessmen of German ancestry; and they wanted those with non-Jewish origins to be thrown out of their jobs.  Patton argued with success that throwing out a German from his home without due process of law was racial and went against Anglo-Saxon values.  Gazans are deprived of their land, water and resources so that they remain poor, beholden to the Jews, and accept any peace treaty that is laid out before them.26

            Marrs explains how the conquest of Ukraine and the pacification of Hamas is facilitated.  “In 2007, three American professors, James Petras, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt reached the conclusion that American foreign policy is now dominated by the Israeli lobby.”27         The Jewish lobby control both Houses.

            Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and a self-acclaimed dissident, Chicago professor Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has gone further by saying that Jews control America.28      Though this is common knowledge, an opinion from an American in high places carries considerable weight.

            This explains why Secretary of State John Kerry, who is a Jew with an anglicized name, has spent so much time voicing Netanyahu’s position, 1967 borders with adjustments to acknowledge illegal settlements, and an internationally supervised Jerusalem.

            From the sidelines, one notes that the plan is to isolate both opponents of Israeli strategies.  Russia already faces three levels of sanctions with a threat to increase the severity should Russia occupy East Ukraine.  Another declaration is to isolate Russia from the world community, which is extremely difficult.

The Dutch suffered most from the downed Malaysian MH17 plane; almost 65 % of the 298 who died were Dutch.  But the Dutch find it difficult to impose sanctions since 95% of the $27.3 billion (2012) Russian oil and gas imported is re-exported to Europe. Russia, in return imports $7.2 billion worth of office equipment.

France is manufacturing two Mistral-class helicopter ships for the Russia military.29   Holehouse30 notes that sanctions would hurt British finance, but not doing anything would hurt Britain more.  Britain has about 30,000 mostly rich Russian émigrés who boosted property sales, but would now spend less.  Boris Yelstin’s daughter, Tatyana Dyachenko, bought a palatial home in St. George, near London.  Roman Abramovich owns a 420-acre estate in Rogate, 2 flats in London, and the prestigious Chelsea (Soccer) Club.  Boris Berezosky bought a £20.5 million estate after seeing it from a helicopter.  Dyatikovich, who supplied this data, wonders whether such wealthy Russians would leave Britain.31

Hamas too is being officially isolated.  America and Israel treat these democratically elected leaders of Gaza as “terrorists’ though they are a resistance movement, more like the French Resistance.  The Arab League has so far offered minimal assistance.

Whereas Russia might want to re-absorb the whole of Ukraine, Israel has threatened to re-annex Gaza, another similarity.  Israel’s formal policy is to separate Gaza from Fatah led by the meek, Mahmoud Abbas.  Palestinians note that Israel sometimes complain that they do not have a united opposition, and other times they want Hamas and Fatah to split.

Oddly in both cases, war could have been avoided.  Russia and the US had a workable Budapest Agreement that guaranteed Ukraine’s independence.  But the US was goaded into demanding more concessions from Russia.  According to the Wolfowitz Doctrine the US should have no rival.  In the case of Palestine, Israel should have accepted the two-state solution proposed by Hamas.

In both instances, the aggrieved are recording the atrocities in case there is an International Criminal Court hearing.  Russia has a White Book in which the atrocities for four months, from December 2013 through March 2014 are recorded.  More than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled to Russia.  The Palestinians started their recording from Day One.  Abbas and Putin have yet to go to ICC to secure redress.

Should Ukraine replace Israel as Zionism’s ancestral home, the Middle East would be more peaceful than it would otherwise be.  Ukraine is Russia’s bread-basket and it holds the key to peace in Russia’s Near Abroad; arm Ukraine, as the US seeks to, then the US’s backyard in Latin America will be volatile and a danger to the US.  Over 12 years, Russia’s arms exports to Latin America amounted to $14 billion, 80% of which went to Venezuela.  Commentator Robert observed that the slaughter of civilians in eight countries should have led to War Crimes Tribunal warrants for Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and many officials in their regimes.32

            Many historians like Professor Artyom Lukin from Vladivostok see events in 2014 resembling events that led to World War I.  “It takes two grand alliances to unleash a world war,” Lukin observes: a hundred years ago, the triple entente of France-Russia-Britain faced off against the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungarian Empire and Italy.  Today, the West is prodding the Sino-Russian entente towards war.33  

            If the US wants to be the world’s policeman it has to act positively all the time.  The recipients of America’s largesse will decide whether America’s contribution was beneficial.  Afghanistan’s Presidential candidates Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani both praised America’s contribution in making the country stable: the US got rid of Soviet occupation; Kerry brokered a deal between the two contestants when there was a dispute about rigged elections and they agreed to form a national government irrespective of who won.34

            Since the end of the Second World War, 2014 is a pivotal moment in world history.  War clouds are on the horizon and the hawks are poised for a kill.  The Muslim world has just begun to wake up in support of Hamas’ fate.  Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said it was a duty for all Muslims to help Hamas. Saudi Arabia offered Hamas SR 100 million for its health needs.  Others are likely to follow.


[This chapter appeared in the author’s book, The Age of Neo-Imperialism. The chapter is necessary to understand the next article on, A Turning Point in Syria?]





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August 3, 2014.


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