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Why Are Israelis and Palestinians Stabbing Each Other?

By Gilad Atzmon

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, October 12, 2015


Israelis and Palestinians Stabbing Each Other

Those who were naive enough to buy into the idea that the Israeli Palestinian battle is a ‘political conflict’ must revise their perception of this matter. The images of religiously motivated Israelis and Palestinians stabbing each other with knives and screwdrivers reveal a simple and undeniable truth -- we are witnessing a colossal religious and ethnic conflict. Unlike ‘political disputes,’ religious and ethnic disputes are rarely resolved, at best; such disputes can be temporarily suppressed. The current conflict in Israel is violence at the most personal level. Tragically, this phenomenon is a persistent theme throughout Jewish history.

The Jewish State was born, in part, to provide a safe haven for the Jews. In the 1930-40s European Jews were brutally harassed in the streets and murdered with impunity. Zionism promised to remedy the situation; it also vowed to reinvent the Jew, to make him and her into a lovable civilised being by means of ‘homecoming’. Yet, the bankruptcy of Zionism has become increasingly obvious. Not only has Israel failed to provide the goods; Israel is the only place where Jews are chased in the streets and stabbed merely for being Jews. Furthermore, Israel, that promised to present the world with a primary and exemplary case of Jewish ethical collective existence, has proven to be the complete opposite. Israel is a radical manifestation of Jewish racism.  It is a humongous amplification of the Jewish symptom. Israel’s legal system is racially driven and inherently supremacist. Israeli policies are often criminal and verge on genocidal. And Israeli secular politics are consistent with the most radical interpretation of Judaic tribal chauvinism.   

While the political is commonly realised as an institutionalised attempt to advance particular ideas or goals, in Palestine we currently see the opposite - a final expression of fatigue of the political and the politicians. Young people, Jews and Arabs, are stabbing each other.  While the political aims to channel personal aspirations into a collective mode of thought, the individualisation of violence is a symptom of exasperation with the political. The young Palestinian shaid (martyr) sacrifices his or her future and sometimes life on the altar of the ultimate liberation – emancipation from hopeless reality imposed by Jewish racism.

Frankfurt School graduates and Identity politics merchants may interject at this point and offer their favourite cliché: ‘the personal is political.’ The reality in Palestine suggests the opposite. For the Palestinian, the personal is a dead end and an end in itself. The simple private act of violence is both the end and the means and has little to do with the political. It is a total repudiation of the political – the violence offers a heroic redemption from futile politics that lead nowhere.

 From a Palestinian perspective, stabbing provides martyrdom. It is as heroic as it is lethal. But Israelis and Jews should ask themselves how did this happen once again? Why are they stabbed in their streets? Why did they fail to become lovable? Why is anti Semitism rising again?

The answer is simple. For Zionism to succeed Jews had to emancipate themselves from Jewishness (tribal supremacy); but could they? Could they form a Judaic entity devoid of Jewishness? Could they liberate themselves from themselves?  Apparently, the answer is categorically negative. Israel was doomed from the day of its inception and all of the other forms of Jewish political grouping, Zionist as well as ‘anti’ are not in such great shape either.

On Jews and Criminality

Reported by Gilad Atzmon

The Jewish Chronicle revealed today that the “number of Jews in prison has increased by 82 per cent since 2002, nearly four times more than the national rate.” The most common crimes Jews were convicted of were violence against another person, sex offences and drugs.

But, some good news - according to Rabbi Michael Binstock, director of Jewish Prison Chaplaincy, “the figures undermined the stereotype that Jewish offenders were more likely to be guilty of so-called white-collar crimes.” The Jewish assimilation project has at last prevailed. As Rabbi Binstock asserts “the myth is they’re all there for fraud, which is untrue. We have a lot of sex offenders, paedophiles and abusers, and several serving life for murder — the full gamut of crime, in fact.”

It seems that in spite of the huge leap in the number of Jews behind bars, Jewish criminals are not over represented in British jails.  The most recent census in 2011 showed that Jews make up 0.47 per cent of people in England and Wales, while Jewish inmates constitute 0.38 per cent of the prison population. And this is a relief, because the Jewish Zio-con elite is vastly over-represented in our media, finance and political lobbying. They are advocating and pushing our kingdom into more and more immoral interventionist wars. Their efforts are making our entire society into a criminal collective.

Britain is holding its breath for the trial of Lord Janner who allegedly fiddled with orphans in his marital bed at the time he was the official representative of British Jewry (as the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1978-1985). The new findings confirm that there is a serious issue with sex crimes within the community of the chosens- “though Jews committed proportionately much less theft than the wider population, three times more members of the community were convicted for sexual offences.”

Maybe one way to resolve this embarrassing surge in the number of Jewish sex offenders in the UK is to make an exception for the Jews; accepting that members of their community are slightly more titillated and should be exempt from laws against sex offences. I am sure that the forceful Conservative Friends of Israel (CFOI) together with its twin lobby group, the Labour Friends of Israel, know how to push for such a change in British law.  After all, the vast majority of British MPs are affiliated with these two ultra Zionist lobbies and committed to Jews and their interests.   

Seemingly, the Palestinians, who have been seen their homeland robbed for more than a century, are not alone: twice as many Jews (in comparison with the rest of Brits) are imprisoned for robbery (theft by means of force or fear).

One may have to accept that the reality of the Jewish State is not at all remote from the reality of the Jewish State of being. Though not all Israelis are convicted criminals, it is hard to miss the fact that an Israeli ex-president is a convicted sex offender. Another Israeli prime minister is a convicted fraudster. The Israeli Knesset has always been a shelter for Israeli and Jewish criminals.  Most Israeli political and military leaders are war criminals awaiting conviction.  And when it comes to the robbery and theft of Palestine, the entire Jewish state and the vast majority of world Jewry are complicit. I guess that the statistics published today by the Jewish Chronicle help us to grasp the Jewish cultural continuum.



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