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Opinion Editorials, November 2015

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Traitor Jonathon Pollard Should Have Been Hanged, Not Freed


By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 20, 2015



Jewish American spy Jonathon Pollard was released from a U.S. prison today after serving 30 years for passing America's top secrets to Israel.


I said it 19 months ago and I will say it again, Jonathon Pollard should have been hanged, not freed.  I am revisiting what I wrote about this traitor on April 2014. 


He is responsible for leaking the names of U.S. agents and giving enough top secret U.S. information to fill a 6x6x10 foot room to Israel – for which he got a citizenship to that country – to go free over Passover.


Jonathon Pollard is a U.S. citizen who was nabbed by the FBI outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., in 1985 when he was trying to flee the country. Pollard was a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty to espionage and was sentenced to life imprisonment two years after his capture.


Contrary to his supporters’ claim that the espionage was carried out to help ” a small and vulnerable ally” better defend itself, Pentagon investigators believed that he was only motivated by money. Pollard reportedly offered to sell his information to four other countries, including Pakistan and then under Apartheid South Africa.


According to former CIA Director William Casey, Israel has traded the stolen information with the former Soviet Union in exchange for expedited emigration of more Russian Jews to Israel.


It is poppycock to argue that Pollard stole our secrets to protect Israel. This traitor could have had a chance to move to Israel and enlist in its armed forces, but the truth is, Pollard sold his country’s secrets to finance his drug habit.


It is no wonder why, for the last three decades, every Israeli Prime Minister and every major Jewish American organization in the U.S. have lobbied and pressured the White House for Pollard early release and/or a clemency.


Israel has repeatedly harmed U.S. interests and is not an ally. Who can forget the Israeli assault on U.S. Liberty in which 34 sailors were murdered and another 174 were maimed for life in international waters?


Pollard stole our nuclear secrets, sold them to Israel, and now Israel is using this extortion tactic to have him freed for the sake of not using the Jewish Lobby to block Iran Nuclear Deal. That is what our “special relation ally” offers.


Pollard stole top U.S. secrets, compromised our national security, and exposed the names of all U.S. agents in the former Soviet Union. He should have been hung, not freed.


Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Retired USAF Veteran



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