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Netanyahu and Bennet Are Taking Israel to the Abyss of Open-Ended Conflict By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 11, 2015

Israel heading to the abyss

As a member of the independent Elders Group of global leaders, former US president Jimmy Carter made some interesting remarks during a brief visit to the West Bank (during the first week of May 2015).
The group, founded by former South African President Nelson Mandela in 2007 and  includes former presidents from several countries, was barred by Israel from visiting the Gaza Strip, thoroughly devastated by a sustained Israeli bombing campaign last summer, which lasted for 53 days.
Much of what Carter said was actually regurgitation of past platitudes repeated ad nauseam by the former American president.
He urged Palestinians to hold elections in order to end the de facto division between the West Bank and Gaza, as if holding elections in occupied Palestine or even ending the rift between Fat'h and Hamas were the mother of all problems.
Likewise, Carter didn't comment on the likelihood that Israel (and probably the PA as well) wouldn't accept the outcome of any elections in case Hamas, the Islamic liberation group, emerged as the main winner.
Not malicious, but naÔve
I am not accusing the man from Georgia of ill-will or harboring any malicious intentions. But I do think that the former president is being overly naÔve, too trusting and probably a little misinformed.
I believe it is imperative that Carter and his colleagues ought to have an accurate prognosis of the situation on the ground. They ought to understand that Israel has effectively killed any remaining chances for the two-state solution. The ubiquitous proliferation of Jewish settlements in every part of the West Bank, especially in East Jerusalem, has irreversibly eradicated any remaining possibility for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.
It is really mind-boggling that this outstanding fact is being ignored or belittled by people who are supposed to be intelligent and wise.
Is this a conscious or subconscious effort to retain a semblance of hope for peace lest people suddenly find themselves face to face with a reality they never wanted to see?
No Room left for Palestinian state

Well, the world at large, including Muslims and Jews, ought to be courageous enough to come to terms with reality, namely that there is no room left for a Palestinian state and that alternative solutions need to be sought.
But, unfortunately, there are not many alternatives to be sought for resolving the seemingly perpetual conflict.
Indeed, with the two-state solution practically eliminated, there are only two alternatives left.
First, the establishment of a unitary state between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean in which Jews and Arabs live together in peace and equality. But such an idea is anathema for Zionism as it constitutes its ultimate antithesis.
A unitary state, irrespective of the name, would effectively put an end to Israel as it has been since its creation in Palestine 67 years ago. Moreover, the clear Arab demographic advantage over Jews in mandatory Palestine (Israel and the occupied territories) would eventually lead to a state with a clear if not overwhelming Arab Muslim majority in a matter of few decades.
Zionist strategists are aware of these prospects, but they seriously lack the means (or ideas) to defer or circumvent these prospects.
They propose perpetual apartheid, application of more repression against the Palestinians, narrowing their horizons, economic pressure, even forced emigration, as "suggestions" to save the Zionist enterprise.
But these suggestions, which express frustration on the part of the Zionist movement, could cause Israel to face even more existential perils endangering Israelís very survival. Apartheid is not easy to sustain, and ethnic cleansing on a wide scale would be tantamount to genocide. Would the Jews, the victims of Nazi Germany, seek to emulate their former tormentors and grave-diggers in order to achieve goals that differ little from those of the Third Reich, namely maintaining an ethnically and religiously pure state? 
I have no doubt that Zionist leaders will miss no opportunity to trigger wars, hunt for "opportunities," create alibis, spread chaos and turbulence in the region and beyond in order to seize the chance to expel the Palestinians, or most of them, using a combination of  mass murder and  mass terror.
But that would be the ultimate Holocaust. It would also be an act of suicide as well for Israel and Jews alike.  Indeed, Israel, already a pariah state, would become the object of intense hatred and vilification by the rest of the world and Jews everywhere in the world would suffer the consequences of their state's folly.
Similarly, millions of Muslims around the world would become suicide bombers targeting Jews and their supporters. IS would grow and expand a thousand fold, with governments and security agencies utterly unable to stem the tide of millions of youths joining its ranks.
I am not a prophet of doom and gloom and I don't see into the future. However, from the intensive experience of 50 years of closely observing Israeli behavior, I honestly believe that such scenarios are not outside the realm of possibility. They could happen. History does repeat itself, if only because most men don't learn from their blunders. And Israeli leaders are not driven by wisdom or morality, but rather by arrogance and evil millenarianism, very much like Hitler was. We know the rest of the story.
Open-ended conflict

The alternative to establishing a unitary state in Palestine/Israel is open-ended conflict. I think this is what will eventually be the case. This is sad, but inevitable. But it does mean that Israel will have to live by the sword for eternity. Israel is not a small isolated state living by itself in a remote region. Israel is in the heart of the Arab world, and within a few decades, will be surrounded by 600 million hostile Muslims, seething with hatred and indignation for everything Zionist.
In short, all future scenarios facing Israel are negative if not nightmarish, which means that Netanyahu, Bennet, et al, are taking Israel to the abyss. 

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and current affairs commentator living in Occupied Palestine


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