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Isn't Israel Behind the Anti-Islam Wave of Protests in Germany?

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, January 5, 2015

I don't have hard factual evidence linking Israel to the current wave of anti-Islam protests, now sweeping some German towns such as Dresden.
However, there are many indications that the Zionist state is one way or the other implicated in mobilizing anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe, especially in countries with sizeable Muslim communities, such as Germany, France, Britain and Sweden.
Some of the protesters in Dresden have raised slogans warning against what they called: 'Islamization of the West."
This term was coined by the Israeli Mossad agency several years ago in an effort to generate a phobic fear of Islam among Europeans. The term is routinely used by Israeli media and politicians.
Luckily, Mossad efforts, carried out always behind the scene, failed to turn huge numbers of Europeans against their Muslim countrymen.
Nonetheless, the undeclared but effective message Israel wants to communicate to Europeans with regard to their Muslim compatriots remained unchanged.
It sounds like this: "We all know fascism is bad, but fascism against Muslims may be inevitable however detestable it may be."
To underscore its backing, or at least sympathy with Islamophobic currents in Europe, the Israeli government and Knesset have hosted a number of extreme right wing leaders from a number of European countries.
Among those given high-profile receptions in Jerusalem has been Geert Wilders, who holds Nazi-like ideas about Islam and Muslims. Right-wing Israeli politicians, including current foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, gave Wilders a cordial welcome a few years ago. Lieberman even proposed a close cooperation between Israel and Wilders' Freedom Party.
Behind-the-scene Israeli involvement
There have been numerous indications showing that Israel is more than active in promoting Islamophobia throughout Europe. This writer knows of several Israeli "scholars" who have authored "studies" warning European states against their Muslim citizens. Even today, Israeli daily newspapers are swarming with Islamophobic articles from which the nauseating odor of incitement and defamation is wafting in all directions.
Moreover, Israeli "experts" have been speaking elaborately during conferences and symposia in both Israel and Europe against "the Islamic flood" in Europe.
Moreover, Israeli leaders, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the notorious pathological liar, never lose a chance to incite Europe against the "Islamic peril.” The unspoken words of Israeli leaders and propagandists sound like this: "Kill the Muslims before they kill you, hound them, expel them, don't trust them." In short, it is Nazi propaganda, pure and simple, but instead of Jews being the targeted group, the new target is the Muslims of Europe.
Al Hamdullilah (thanks to God), most Europeans have shut off their ears to black Zionist propaganda and defamation. In several German cities, the number of anti-xenophobic protesters exceeded by far the number of anti-Islam bigots.
On behalf of Muslims worldwide, I salute those humane and brave Germans who wouldn't cave in to the primitive impulses of racism, intolerance and xenophobia.
Nefarious tactics
In addition to instigating right-wing circles in Europe to malign Islam and tarnish its followers, Israel and its numerous tentacles, including in the intellectual communities and media, follow extremely insidious tactics to stir the European public opinion against Islam and Muslims.
Israeli and Zionist circles always strive to keep the Golem of anti-Semitism alive and well. This is Zionism's ultimate defensive mechanism.
In 1995, Jay Lefkowitz, an American government official, told the New York Times Magazine, “Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews— reminds them who they are.”
He added, "If Zionist extremists can’t provoke the desired level of anti-Semitism to advance their goals, they are even prepared to fake it. A 1952 article in Davar, the official organ of Mapai, the party of the then Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, suggested sending a team of saboteurs “to help redeem Jews” from the countries where they are “absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction.”
Now, we all know that Zionist agents were dispatched by Israel to several countries in the Middle East and Europe in order to carry out anti-Semitic acts, including torching synagogues and bombing Jewish businesses. The ultimate goal of these criminal acts was to keep the Jews in these countries in a state of constant fear and to eventually force them to emigrate to Israel.
A few years ago, when a Jewish center in France was torched, the French police, following a meticulous investigation, found out that a local ardent Zionist Jew was responsible for the arson.
The villain didn't tell the police the real reason behind his crime, but all indications showed that he wanted to create an atmosphere of fear among the Jews of France in order to prompt them to emigrate to Israel.
France has hundreds of thousands of Jews and Israel is so eager to get these Jews to emigrate to Israel to outbalance the Palestinian demographic advantage.
But there are more sophisticated plots Israel can be expected to carry out in Europe to make Europeans more distrustful and fearful of Muslims.
The main Israeli espionage agency, the Mossad, could really embark on recruiting some gullible Muslims to carry out serious terrorist acts that would tarnish the collective image of Muslims for years to come.
Israel would love to see something like this happen in Europe since it would incite Europeans in the tens of millions against Islam. This would be Israel's sweetest dream getting fulfilled.
This is why Muslim youths in Europe in particular must be constantly vigilant against suspicious calls to join Jihadist groups or fight the "new Crusades."
To conclude, Israel considers the growing Muslim presence in Europe a top strategic preoccupation. Hence, the Jewish state, probably in close cooperation with the CIA, or anti-Islam local European intelligence personnel, will leave no stone unturned in order to see a strategic Muslim setback in the old continent.
That is why, the Muslims of Europe need to be watchful because their very existence and image are at stake.
Yes be careful of what you say and what you do. Israel and her legions of racists and warmongers hate you and wish you didn't exist. Don't give them a chance. Obey your countries' laws and work hard to earn your living.
May Allah be with you.
Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in Occupied Palestine




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