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Israeli Jewish Settlers Burn a Palestinian Toddler:

World Must Condemn Jewish Nazism in the Strongest Terms

By Khalid Amayreh

in occupied Palestine

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 5, 2015


I am not particularly eager to hurl the Nazi epithet at Jews. I know that many Jews harbor a great deal of rectitude and would never condone the evil crimes committed in their name.
However, when some Jews think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, we must not hesitate to call the spade a spade, even if the whole world thinks otherwise.
The burning to death last week of an 18-month-old Palestinian child, Ali Saad Dawabsha, at the hands of genocidal Jewish settlers south of Nablus is a Nazi act par excellence.
Therefore, we must not indulge in prevarication or verbal juggling, or make red-herring arguments, in an attempt to dilute the issue or make it look banal.
The incident was by no means an isolated one. A year ago, Nazi-like Jewish settlers burned alive a Palestinian boy after kidnapping him and taking him to a remote place, where they pumped gasoline into his belly before setting him on fire.
Unfortunately, Israeli government officials continued to treat this growing phenomenon as a Hasbara issue rather than a terror issue.
This is why Israeli and Jewish officials are often seen struggling to find extenuating circumstances and excuses in order to mitigate the enormity and brutal ugliness of the crimes.
But this approach ultimately encourages the Judeo-Nazi elements to carry out more heinous crimes against the virtually completely unprotected Palestinian population.
We all know that the Palestinian Authority (PA) can't provide any semblance of protection for the Palestinian people just as the Judenrates (or Jewish councils) under the Nazis didn't provide any protection for European Jewry from the Nazi killing machine.
Israel does have the ability to rein in Jewish terrorists who carry out these evil crimes. But Israel lacks the will and the inclination to stem the tide of Jewish terror against Palestinian civilians.
In fact, one wouldn't exaggerate a bit by saying that the Israeli political and security authorities use Jewish terror in the West Bank as a political tool to expedite sinister Israeli goals and policies.
This is the only inevitable conclusion one would reach in light of the failure of the Israeli government to prevent the perpetration of thousands of attacks and acts of vandalism against Palestinians by fanatical Jewish extremists.
Needless to say, these extremists thrive thanks to a brashly-racist education system permeating through hundreds of Talmudic seminaries in Israel, whereby students are taught that non-Jews are infra-humans or animals walking on two legs and whose lives have absolutely no sanctity.
Hence, the claim that we occasionally hear from Zionist apologists that the Jewish terrorists who commit these Nazi-like crimes represent wild weeds should be taken with not a few grains of salt.
I am not claiming or suggesting that burning Palestinian kids alive is an expression of Jewish morality.
However, we cannot deny the fact that the terrorists have a considerable social base in Israel, including hundreds of rabbis who openly advocate and bless the nefarious acts.
Likewise, we can't ignore the fact that the terrorists and the school of thought they espouse and represent has been part and parcel of successive Israeli governments, including the current one.
The quasi-fascist party, known as ha-Bayt ha-Yahudi (Jewish Home) more or less controls the Israeli government. This is the party of the settlers.
The Israeli state is legally bound by international law to provide protection for the Palestinian people who languish under its occupation.
But as we all see Israel has gravely failed to carry out this task as is evident from the relentless persistence of murderous crimes by Jewish terrorists and Israeli security forces against Palestinians. In fact, Israel excels in and strives to torment and murder the Palestinians, much less tries to protect them.
This is why, the Palestinian people urgently needs a meaningful international protection from the ghoul of Jewish Nazism.
We hear and watch rabbis and other leaders in Israel shamelessly call for sending Palestinians to concentration camps. What is even more shocking is that we see how these genocidal urges fail to raise the eyebrows of the Israeli society.
So what are we really waiting for?
Today, the safety and survival of the Palestinian people in the West Bank in particular depends to a large extent on the good will of the international public opinion.
Should the world, God forbid, goes into a brief moment of slumber, Judeo-Nazi elements could seize the moment and embark on the unthinkable.
We should also remember that the holocaust didn't actually start with concentration camps as Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, and Dachau.
It actually started with incidents very much like what the terrorists are doing to the helpless Palestinians.
The writings are on the wall. 



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