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News, November 2014

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Illegal Israeli Settlers Lynch Palestinian Bus Driver, Yousuf Al-Rammouni, in West Jerusalem

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 17, 2014

Yousuf Al-Rammouni


Palestinian Bus Driver Hanged To Death In Jerusalem

Monday November 17, 2014 01:40 by IMEMC & Agencies

The Arabs48 New Website has reported that a Palestinian bus driver, who works for the Egged Israeli Bus Company, was found hanged to death by his bow tie, amidst suspicions that Israeli fanatics killed him.

t said that Hasan Yousuf Al-Rammouni, 32 years of age, from at-Tour neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, was found dead, hanging from his bow tie on one of the bus’s bars.

The Police alleges he committed suicide; the incident took place in Givat Shaul area of Jerusalem.

His body was moved to the Hadassah Israeli Hospital in Jerusalem, and will be transferred to the Abu Kabeer Forensic Center, to determine the exact cause of death.

Palestinian media sources in Jerusalem said signs of strangulation were apparent on Rammouni’s neck, in addition to signs of violence on his body.

Illegal Jewish settlers lynch Palestinian bus driver in West Jerusalem

November 17, 2014


A Palestinian bus driver was hanged to death by illegal Israeli Jewish settlers late Sunday night in the industrial zone Givat Shaul in west Jerusalem.

The bus driver was identified as 32-year-old Yousuf Khamis Al-Rammouni, a resident of Attour neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

Rammouni, who works as a bus driver for the Israeli bus company "Egged," was found physically subdued and strangled with his own tie at the Har Hotzvim bus depot, hanging from one of the bus's interior bars, according to different news reports.

His body was transferred to Hadassah hospital for an autopsy. Pictures of his dead body show clearly bruises on his body and signs of strangulation on his neck.

Soon after the Israeli police hastened to claim that the victim committed suicide, eyewitnesses said they saw a number of settlers fleeing the scene.

Other Palestinians working for Israeli bus companies in Jerusalem said that Jewish settlers recently threatened to kill Rammouni and other drivers.

Extremist settlers have intensified their terrorist attacks lately against Palestinians as the Israeli police usually cover up their crimes.

The incident caused an immediate Palestinian uproar in different areas of east Jerusalem, especially in Attour neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian bus drivers in occupied Jerusalem said they would stage a general strike on Monday in protest at the killing of their colleague.

Clashes with IOF rock J’lem after Jewish terrorists lynch Palestinian civilian

November 17, 2014


A wave of violent confrontations burst out at dawn Monday after a horde of Israeli extremist settlers strung up a Palestinian young man.

The casualty’s body was found dangling in a bus depot in the West Jerusalem area of Givat Shaul late Sunday night.

Palestinian media sources have identified the victim as Yousuf al-Ramouni, a resident of East Jerusalem's Ras al-Amud neighborhood and father of two children.

The Israeli occupation police claimed there were no signs of foul play, dubbing the crime a case of suicide.

By-standers at the scene said Yusuf’s body was found hanged in the bus after he was slain by a gang of six Israeli terrorists.

A flood of violent confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces flared up across Jerusalem city as the Palestinian masses voiced protest at such a heinous crime.

Traces of violence, heavy beatings, and injuries featured on the casualty’s body, corroborated by a set of live-pictures propagated by local media sources.

Jerusalem’s bus drivers announced a general strike in Occupied Jerusalem city in protest at such cold-blooded homicide.

Tension has been running high in the area after the Israeli occupation forces stepped up attacks on holy al-Aqsa Mosque and Islamic sanctuaries.





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